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SDPSSNGO- Activites


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SDPSSNGO- Activites

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SDPSSNGO- Activites

  1. 1. ORGANISATION PROFILEName of the Organization : Salem District People Service Society (SDPSS)NGOWeb- www.sdpssngo.orgAddress : Field office: 1/21, Kamatchiamman kovil st, Peramanur, Salem – 636 007. Tamilnadu,India. 77-A, Bharathi Nagar, Chinnathirupathi, Salem – 636 008.Contact person & position : R. Sakthi Chandran, Founder & secretaryLegal status : Regd.Under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act (27) 1975 of No.17/2002 Dated-19.2.2002Income Tax : Regd. under 12A and 80G for tax exemption of 1961 Regd. For PAN of Income Tax FCRA. NO. 076000140Our Auditor : CA. S. P. Arunmozhi Varman,M.Com., F.C.A.,DISA (ICAI), CA. S. P. Chakravarthy, B.Com., A.C.A., Chartered Accountants, 91-427-240 2612
  2. 2. Staff Details S. No Name Qualification Position 1 J. Sam Devadurai B.A (Eng Lit)., (PM)DOM,MDPM Project Manager 2 R. Kandhasamy M.A., M.Ed., MIS co-ordinator 3 s. subramani M.Com ., DOA Accountant/Admin 4 P.P. Ganesh B.Sc.(Mis Biology) , C.M.L.T MIS(Manager Information System) 5 S. Metilda DIP(GNM)General Nursing Health workers Midwifery 6 T. Tamil Selvi +2 Field Staff 7 V. Kavitha PUC Field Staff 8 D. Kasthurai +2 Field Staff NGO Consultant cum TrainerTrainer name Qualification Position held Previous Experience OrganizationA. Sundar Raman MSW., MBA., MMM Livelihood specialist ADRA INDIA (Adventist Trainer Tsunami Project development Relief Agency) (cuddalore & Pondicherry) World Vision India ( Tsunami Project)
  3. 3. R. chandran( Founder & sectary) J. sam Devadurai(Programme Manager)Secretary ProfileThe SDPSS Organisation has an insightful Manager Profilehistory. In the course of serving the community before founding and As a Programme manager I have solid eight Yearsregistering the organization R. Chandran, Secretary of SDPSS has Experience in Community Development officer inidentified some underlying problems being faced by the vulnerable World Vision Indiacommunities and initiated the idea of formally starting andregistering a society to elevate the community in terms ofLivelihood, awareness creation health and education.Honorable Responsibilities held by the Training Attend WORLD VISION INDIA-Secretary of SDPSS – Past and Present Chennai BASIC CONCEPT OF MICRO ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAME Southern Railway advisory committee member (2000- Selp help group formation and evaluation methods, Monitering 2002) methods BSNL Telephone Advisory Committee member(1999- APAC-CCOORR(Christian Council for Rural Development and research Centre) (world vision India) 2000) Capacity Building Training Program on HIV/AIDS/STD/councelling methods BCR committee member 2002-2010 APAC-CCOORR(Christian Council for Rural Development and research Centre ) (world vision India) SC/ST Tribal committee member 2002-2010 Communication skills Development & Training Program on HIV/AIDS/STD Bonded labors District Committee member 2002-2010 GANDHIGRAM INSTITUTE OF RURAL HEALTH AND District vigilance & Anti corruption 2002-2010 (Salem) FAMILY WELFARE TRUST(world vision India) Training on peer educators for industrial Recipient of the Salem District collector’s honor for best intervention(APPAC) work to down trodden society in Salem and give award PROJECT CONCERN INTERNATIONAL (world vision India) for honor.2006. Communication Skills development. Basic Counseling Breavement Counseling. Best Social work Award Given By south Indian social Sustainable Livelihood through Fair Trade" SIPA and Cultural Academy-Chennai 2011 Madras School of Social Work (MSSW) (ADRA INDIA Cuddalore) SAFRG Institue of Fundraising-South Asian Fund Raising Group- Fund Raising Work Shop
  4. 4. Award Award receive from MITRA – Austrilian ngo) for best performance in ADRA India {TSUNAMI PROJECT} Chief GUEST- Selection commity for Award Mr-Gagan Deep sing Bedi -IAS Director Rural Development Mr- Mr-pounsuing –IPS- Police administration officer Mr- IPS- Mr- Aminur Rahman - Counsul –General and rade Commissioner Australian consulate. Commissioner Mr- Mr-Dr. T. Ilanchezhian, Ph.D. Director – Programs AIDS Ilanchezhian, Prevention and Control (APAC) Project,Recipient of the Salem District collector’sMr.Mathivanan IAS honor for best work to down Voluntary Health Services (VHS),trodden society in Salem and give award for Mr- Terence - ADRA Director Mr-honor.2006. AND Austrian team members.
  5. 5. ABOUT USSALEM DISTRICT PEOPLE SERVICES SOCIETY [SDPSS] is a registered Non-Government, Non-Profit making voluntaryorganization working for the upliftment of our underprivileged society..SALEM DISTRICT PEOPLE SERVICES SOCIETY [SDPSS] is a grass roots, child-focused, development agency, serving the poorwithout regard to religion, caste or gender, operating in Salem (Tamilnadu).Our Programme Activities-#Care and Nutrition Support for HIV Infected and Affected Children’s a Women’s.#Environment and Climate change Programme among youth and community People.#Entrepreneur Training for Marginalized women community in village and HIV Infected women’s.#Support Education Center for below poverty line children (Improve Their education)#water and sanitation programme for schools and community people.#Tobocco Awarness for youthProgramme in Details-Care and Nutrition Support for HIV Infected and Affected Children’s a Women’s.Nutrition support for PLWHA- Our society provide nutrition support for every month PLWHIV( positive Living with HIV/ AIDS)Childrens and womens in salem 12 Blocks.Nutrition Bag contains following iteam.1.Ragi powder 2.Roasted Gram 3.millet 4.Jaggery 5.Grountnut 6.Green Gram7.Dates 8.Casuist nut 9.DettolProgramme Notice-
  6. 6. Nutrition Things will following ChartNutrition Things Nutrition Facts Benefit Of Nutrition Green Gram 1KG Iron, Weight Increase, Raagi Powder 1KG Caluicium, Memory Strength, Grout Nut 1 KG Phosphours, Blood Cells, Bengal Gram 1KG Zinc, Bowel Function, Red Gram 1 KG Vitmin A,B1,B2,B6,B12,C,D & Folic General Health Longevity Acid Date Fruits 1 KG Project Goals will Touch Two Type of Beneficiaries here we derived HIV Infected Women’s HIV Infected& Affected Children’s Ensure self-reliance and create job opportunities to Give Spiritual counseling and Nutrition Counseling for HIV the HIV infected women beneficiaries Infected& Affected Children’s and Their family members and Care Givers Create self-employment for their sustainable HIV Improve their Health condition Through Nutrition support infected women livelihood. Program me. Provide practical skill development training on Due to the ill Health, Most of their children’s are school sewing and tailoring Dropout. we monitor This children’s and help him to continue their Education Bring about a behavioral change on womens Regular Medical Checkup, To Identify participation in income Generating Activities the children’s (CD4 count cells) and Their Health condition. Provide the groups with sewing machines for self- Provide school bags and Other Education support Material reliance of their members. to continue their Education To start Tailoring unit.
  7. 7. #Environment and Climate change Programme among youth and community People.Environmental Programme: Every year we celebrate the grand and public mass Programme during the environmental day June 5th. We identify the places related to the environmental issue. We do the following points in that area.The campaign includes the following programmes: i) Padayatras involving school children ii) Public rallies involving women and social worker iii) Inviting participation of youth associations/NGOs and encouraging them to contribute slogans on the theme. iv) Printing posters, education material, pamphlets and utility items for the distribution to social partners and targeted people. v) Free distribution of saplings to the women, schools, educational institutions, youth organizations and NGOs and encouraging them to plant in their premises. vi) Holding painting competitions to the young children in schools as the subject theme and picking a few best paintings out of all entries and reproducing them as it is on publicity material with catchy slogans. 150-Tree Plantation in school campus
  8. 8. #Entrepreneur Training for Marginalized women community in village and HIV Infected women’s.Women Empowerment Programme: Through our organization field staffs identify the drop out women from the family and widows potential women who dotheir own business. We select this woman’s from SC/ST groups and give income generation activity training for their women’s.More than 420 women’s were trained through this programme. Every year we contacted 4 Batches for income generation training.We follow the following steps a) Group identification b) Motivational campaigns c) Entrepreneurship development programmes d) Activity identification e) Launching
  9. 9. #Tobocco Awarness for youth“Tobacco Consumption is Injurious to Health - Say Goodbye Tobacco” Awareness is a valuable method in helping to raise thegeneral level of expectations and desire in society, particularly the school children. Company workers, the human resources,potential and the future citizens of our country, about safe and healthy living
  10. 10. #Support Education Center for below poverty line children (Improve Their education)Support Education Centre : Around the Salem area we identify the 12 Blocks in rural area. We select the 143 children’s from tribal area all thesechildren’s come from economically weaker section of the community, Our society give the following items. Quality Education Nutrition Health care Education Supporting Material In 12 Blocks we setup evening tuition centre for sponsor child.
  11. 11. Our society is focused on individuals around the Salem Area we have introduced a variety of innovationsin a variety of settings: • new approaches to helping people gain access to TB diagnosis and treatment • advances in integrating TB care into health systems • new approaches to providing support from members of the community to people affected by TB • innovative ways of raising awareness about TB