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Comm 303-50 Final


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Comm 303-50 Final

  1. 1. Communication Technology in 2022
  2. 2. What is Communication Technology?• Communication technology facilitates communication between individuals or groups who are not physically present at the same location. Systems such as telephones, telex, fax, radio, television, and video are included, as well as more recent computer-based technologies, including electronic data interchange and e-mail.
  3. 3. Communication Technology Today  Smartphone/PDA  Video Games  Tablets  YouTube  Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  4. 4. What will the Future Hold?
  5. 5. Changes in Human Interaction
  6. 6. Changes in Human Interaction• With the advances in Communication Technology, the need for human interaction will be less.• We can communicate via text message, video chat, Skype, or the seemingly old fashioned phone call.• People will feel connected to others without actually seeing them.
  7. 7. Changes in Human Interaction• People will become more connected and involved in the lives of others through social media.• Communication through technology rather than in person will result in anxiety when you speak with someone face to face.• We will rely on Communication Technology to interact with others.
  8. 8. Social Learning We Learn by Observing Others Theory•The Social Learning Theoryproposed byAlbert Bandura hasbecome perhaps the mostinfluential theory oflearning and development.While rooted in many ofthe basic concepts oftraditional learning theory,Bandura believed thatdirect reinforcement could • When we spend our timenot account for all types of communicating and interactinglearning. through technology, what behaviors are we learning?
  9. 9. Advances in Advertising
  10. 10. Advances in Advertising• Facebook is starting to track businesses, pages, and products that users “like” to gear specific advertisements towards them.• Every website will feature information about the people you care about. What they read, what they bought, where they went, what they think.
  11. 11. Advances in Advertising • Display advertising as we know it today will die. Banner ads will die. Because TV is also going to dramatically change in the next couple of years, standalone 30 second TV spots will die.
  12. 12. Advances in Advertising• TV advertising will become geared towards items we use, like, and want in the future.• Our Televisions will be more like computers by remembering advertisements watched rather than fast forwarding through.• Through these specific ads, you will be able to purchase items through your television.
  13. 13. The Theory of the Long Tail• The theory of the Long • People can use the TV Tail is that our culture and economy is to buy items geared increasingly shifting away towards them in the from a focus on a future with the click of a relatively small number of "hits" (mainstream button. Purchasing new products and markets) at things gives most an the head of the demand improved sense of self. curve and toward a huge number of niches in the tail.
  14. 14. The Theory of the Long Tail•The demand for items not in retail environments is increasing.•Companies are able to gear products towards their niche market, no matterhow large or small that market is.
  15. 15. WWW- World Wide Workplace
  16. 16. WWW- World Wide Workplace• Skype and video conferencing will become more common in businesses.• Businesses will continue to expand overseas causing the majority of the meetings to be over the internet.• Companies with small locations will conduct interviews and hire new individuals via video conferencing.
  17. 17. WWW- World Wide Workplace• New technology has been injected into the workplace at an exponentially increasing rate over the last few decades. Many companies see new technology as the means to increase profit margins and to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
  18. 18. Diffusion of InnovationsMuch has been made ofthe profound effect ofthe “tipping point”, thepoint at which a trendcatches fire – spreadingexponentially throughthe population. The idea • Once larger companiessuggests that, for good show success with usingor bad, change can bepromoted rather easily video conferencing, hiringin a social system from over seas via Skype,through a dominoeffect. others will follow suit.
  19. 19. Conclusion• Communication Technology will constantly evolve. Most everyone is looking for the newest, most innovative thing.• We will communicate almost completely through video chat, text messaging, or Skype.• Our TV’s will become “smart”, only showing us the advertisements that fit our lifestyle.• The workplace will be run by people across the globe through video conferencing.
  20. 20. I’m ready for 2022, are you?
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