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Social Media Project-HOT6ix Facebook Fan Page

  1. 1. <Social Media Project> HOT6ix anpage Sooah Shin New Media Professor: Jang Ho, Moon
  2. 2. Contents 1. INTRO  HOT6 2. SITUATION ANALYSIS   HOT6 fan page Competitors‟ fan page -Red Bull & Monster Energy  HOT6 SWOT Analysis 3. RECOMMENDATIONS   Recommendations Sample Contents
  3. 3. hundred million 1357 estimate 756 540 2012 2013 2015 HOT6ix is a highly caffeinated energy drink by LOTTE CHILSUNG BEVERAGE CO., LTD. It had been released in Korea on March, 4, 2010. It had gained explosive popularity among young people and sales of it are increasing rapidly in Korea.
  4. 4.  An energy drink is a type of beverage containing stimulant drugs, chiefly caffeine, which is marketed as providing mental or physical stimulation. They may or may not be carbonated, and generally contain large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants, and many also contain sugar or other sweeteners, herbal extracts and amino acids. Coffee, tea and other naturally caffeinated beverages are usually not considered energy drinks. (from Wikipedia)  American sales of energy drinks were $8.6 billion in 2012, about 12 times their level a decade earlier, according to Euromonitor, a research firm. (Sales in western Europe more than tripled, to $5 billion, over the same period.) Red Bull is America‟s leader with 36% of sales. Monster has 29%; Rockstar, 8%. (from The Economist)  Energy drink market scale of Korea is about 200 billion won. And now no.1 of energy drink market is HOT6ix in Korea. Lately It released „HOT6six Light‟ and „Fruit Energy‟ and kept leading energy drink market in sales in Korea. (from Sports seoul)
  5. 5. Overall Observation of HOT6ix fan page Frequency: Hot6 usually updates once or twice every other day. (At least once every three days) POSTS JUL AUG SEP OCT 40 22 27 POSTS 11 (OCT/1st-16th) 0  Like a page 50,340 people, People talking to this 1,907 people Language: Korean Tone: informal & friendly 20 40 60
  6. 6. Overall Observation of HOT6ix fan page Formats: text, photo and video Feedback: HOT6‟s fan page always interacts with its followers and respond to their questions and comment. (OCT.1st-16th, Hot6 posted 11 posts and responded to 7 posts)
  7. 7. Analysis of HOT6ix fan page Promotional Event HOT6ix updates many events, promotional posts and followers like those posts the most. It does not just provide free coupons or samples. It has people actively participate in HOT6 fan page. Followers play a game, write down their funny episodes on comments, solve the quiz and join in UCC contest. And then, they can get free HOT6 or tickets For the concerts. It, also, supported new semester party of university students as an event. It provided two boxes of HOT6 to 100 teams. To win, lots of students wrote comments and shared with their friends. It was the effectively promotional event.
  8. 8. Analysis of HOT6ix fan page Interactivity HOT6 fan page always tries to interact with people by talking about casual subjects, and using informal and friendly tone. It usually talks about Mother‟s day, Rose day, rainy day, people‟s today, the vacation and other casual things. It easily gains the sympathy and attention. The fan page responds to people‟s comments a lot. People would feel close to HOT6 and get some interests.
  9. 9. Analysis of HOT6ix fan page Also HOT6 can be tagged in the photos and videos that people upload. People who got free HOT6 or got any gift uploaded their pictures for certifying that they got free HOT6s from an promotional event. Then, HOT6 tries to interact with customers by commenting on or likes it.
  10. 10. Analysis of HOT6ix fan page The Best effective contents Three most popular marketer-generated posts based on number of Likes: Three most popular posts have a common thing; event and reward. Three most popular posts are about promotional events. People can participate in by Like, comment and game. And people who participated in could win the events and get free HOT6. Event posting attracts people easily.
  11. 11. Analysis of HOT6ix fan page  No connection As I said at „Good example‟, interacting with consumers by casual subjects is HOT6‟s good point, but HOT6 sometimes uploads casual things too much, even, not be connected to Hot6. Of course, a casual subject is good for increasing people‟s attention, but people cannot get any message or effect from it.
  12. 12. Analysis of HOT6ix fan page One of the worst effective contents based on number of Like is a post about making advertising film. Actually, this post has no problem. However, why does it have low Likes and comments? On the contrary, People tends to highly have a attention on posts about events and casual talk. I think it means HOT6 is not communicating a brand message to people effectively on the fan page. People seem to not be interested in HOT6 itself. When HOT6 posts about events and casual topic that are not related to the brand, people focus on what it said.
  13. 13. Overall Observation of Competitors  Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional beverage providing various benefits. Its effects are recognized throughout the world by top athletes, busy professionals, college students and travelers. (from Red Bull fan page)  Frequency: Red Bull updates frequently; twice a day (at least once every other day)  Like a page 40,583,759 People talking about this 380,963  Language: English, Korean Formats: text, photo and video
  14. 14. Overall Observation of competitors  Monster Energy is an energy drink, launched by Monster Corporation in 2002. The regular flavor comes in a black can with a green tear-shaped M logo, implied to have been torn by the claws of a "monster". The company is also known for supporting many extreme sports events such as BMX, Motocross, skateboarding and snowboarding, as well as eSports. (from Wikipedia, Monster Energy)  Frequency: Monster Energy frequently updates its fan page, sometimes several times a day (at least once a day)  Like a page: 23,641,984 people talking about this 147,180  Language: English, Korean  Formats: text, photo and video
  15. 15. Analysis of Competitors Image-Making Red Bull is known for sponsoring extreme sports like skydiving, paragliding, motorcycle and car racing, so it always updates extreme sports pictures. Red bull reminds people of extreme sports by posting consistent messages. People can check sports schedule which Red Bull supports, videos, photos and message. It makes people feel excited, hot and something young when they think about Red Bull. Also, people want to share the cool pictures with their friends.
  16. 16. Analysis of Competitors Monster Energy, also, sponsors extreme sports like Red Bull, so Monster Energy posts their exclusive content such as news, sporting event, promotional content of the concerts, photos, videos and athletes who they sponsor. It targets towards people who is young and active. these image making makes the brand wilder. If I have to find a difference from Red Bull‟s extreme sports, Monster Energy more focus on athletes they sponsor. Red Bull and Monster Energy‟s extreme sports strategies are good for making brand image and enable to have a lot of fans.
  17. 17. Analysis of Competitors Entertaining Contents Red Bull Facebook page has Red Bull games and TV app. These are not just a game and TV. Red Bull games are related to their brand-extreme sports, for example, racing game. TV app, also, shows extreme sports. These entertaining contents not only make people stir up interest and surely remind people of their brand image which is sponsoring the extreme sports. Moreover, these contents make people stay on Red Bull page for a long time.
  18. 18. Analysis of Competitors  Promotion Monster Energy has sponsored various people. Monster Energy supports and sponsors music, party, gaming and military, so Monster Energy has various its pages and holds events at concert, party and gives information to fans. Gaming fans, militaries and music fans would be drawn in Monster Energy. Red Bull, also, sponsors many athletes and the music bands. Red Bull holds global events and fans can check for the schedule on the page. It’s informative.
  19. 19. Analysis of HOT6ix fan page  One-Way Red Bull and Monster Energy hardly post about on-topic conversation or ask casual questions to their fan. In short, there is lacking in interaction between the brands and fans. I know Monster Energy and Red Bull provide good contents, but, on their Facebook pages, I cannot find any posts which interact with fans in previous a few months posts. It seems like the brands secretly prohibit writing anything on the walls. Also I could not find any responds and feedback. I could see it on Monster Energy Gaming page, not Monster Energy.
  20. 20. Conclusion of Analysis Similarities ① HOT6ix and competitors frequently update their new content, and actively use Facebook fan pages as marketing and promotion. ② They use various formats like game, video, photo, Youtube link and Instagram. ③ Progressing promotional events-Red Bull often provides information of big sports events and promotes it on the page. HOT6ix usually holds a surprise event for free tickets and free HOT6ix on the page. Differences ① Red Bull and Monster Energy send and communicate a consistent message to their followers on the page. They emphasize and show that they support and sponsor the extreme sports and music, so they settle their brand image. However, HOT6ix don‟t send a consistent message. HOT6ix often updates posts which are not related to the brand. ② HOT6ix actively interact with the followers and respond to them with very friendly tone. On the contrary, Red Bull and Monster Energy don‟t respond to their followers. ③ Red Bull and Monster Energy don‟t focus on the drink itself.
  21. 21. Conclusion of Analysis Insight Facebook fan page is kind of a place for communication between the brand and customers. In this case, HOT6ix is excellent in interacting with followers with discussing on-topic and engaging content. HOT6ix almost respond to follower‟s all questions and posts. It makes followers feel close to HOT6ix. Indeed, lots of followers like its casual posts and get some interested in it, but those contents are sometimes not related to HOT6ix. HOT6ix needs to send their brand image through posts. HOT6ix has to make fans, not temporary followers for free HOT6ix on the page.
  22. 22. SWOT Analysis of HOT6ix SWOT Analysis of HOT6ix on Facebook platform Strengths Weakness Engaging questions & on topic post Active responds-Interaction Various formats Promotional Events No brand image& message Some posts are not related with HOT6ix Opportunities Threats Increasing fans of page followers want to share HOT6 events with their friends. Comical content-game, characters and Videos Followers consider HOT6ix is No.1 energy drink in Korea Other Korean energy drinks use Facebook pages Temporary fans of the page for an event
  23. 23. Recommendation for HOT6ix Brand Image -Like Red Bull and Monster Energy, HOT6ix needs the brand image. Currently, I cannot find any brand image on its Facebook. HOT6ix promotes that it‟s good for „overcoming fatigue‟ on the page. Already, there are many other Korean energy drinks promotes like that, so it feels like that HOT6ix‟s image is vague and nothing special. If HOT6ix supports extreme sports or just sports, It make a difference from other Korean energy drinks. And Sports fans can be HOT6ix fans. I think HOT6ix doesn‟t need to sponsor famous athletes like Red Bull and Monster Energy. Rather than, it would be nice to support normal people who try extreme sports at first time and enjoy exercising everyday, and more focus on Hot6ix‟s product itself than Red Bull and Monster Energy. And then, followers would like that HOT6ix updates sports, hot, active and young text, photos and video. Also it is HOT6ix‟s current character and logo using on the Facebook page. However, I cannot feel any intense power, energy or strong from that logo. It looks like a character from other soda. HOT6ix needs to make new logo. HOT6ix followers are enthusiastic about active and young design, not a cute character. HOT6ix needs to make more intensive image and design.
  24. 24. Recommendation for HOT6ix Consistent message HOT6ix frequently updates new posts, but an important thing is What does it communicate (which message), not how often does it update. HOT6ix usually updates about it‟s events, promotion and casual posts. Casual posts are good because followers are drawn in those things easily and interact with them, but it sometimes updates statues/ posts are not related to the brand. It could create confusion and look discursive, so statues and posts on HOT6ix page should be related to HOT6ix. HOT6ix updates pretty funny and comical contents. Followers would like it and want to share with their friends. However, this page is not a page for humor or comic, so it should be related to HOT6ix. For example, this post would be better to be instead written, “These are features who people don‟t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Is it you? How about going out tonight and having a fun after drinking HOT6ix? If you like it or comment on it, we send free HOT6ix coupon randomly!”