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Well-known and Undiscovered Tips for Good Customer Service

Tips and tactics that any organization can implement to make sure that they are providing top-notch customer service.

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Well-known and Undiscovered Tips for Good Customer Service

  1. 1. Well-known and Undiscovered Tips for Good Customer Service September 30, 2009
  2. 2. • Human Resources • Preparation • Communication • Handling Concerns and Complaints Agenda
  3. 3. • Customer Service is everyone’s job. • Keep all employees informed. – What new products/services are you offering? – When will they be available? – What kind of advertising will be taking place? – What are the hot topics people might call about? Human Resources
  4. 4. • Good quality customer service begins with you. – Set a good example (no “do as I say not as I do”) – Teach others about good customer service in your daily interactions. – Don’t pass the buck, customer service is everyone’s job – Make eye contact and smile at co-workers you are talking to. – Address a person by name whenever possible and appropriate. Human Resources
  5. 5. • Put yourself in your customers shoes • Ask yourself questions – “Do our customers like what we're doing?” – “Would our customers like this type of promotion?” – “What would our customers think about this?” – “Is this fair to our customers?” – “How can we serve our customers better or differently?” • Study your competition’s customer service • Always be thinking of ways to exceed customers expectations. Preparation
  6. 6. • Study your competition’s customer service • Always be thinking of ways to exceed customers expectations. • Develop a script or outline for responses to frequently asked questions. Preparation
  7. 7. • Watch Your Tone--Wrong tone can completely throw off your meaning • Avoid the use of slang or acronyms • Speak Steady and Project: No mumbling! • Don’t just speak, listen. Take genuine interest in your customer and take time to listen to them to find real need. Communication
  8. 8. • Anticipate Your Customers Needs--Think what other things your customer might want or need to achieve their goal and suggest them. • Don’t be a know-it-all • Ask for the customers name and phone number so you can call back if disconnected. Communication
  9. 9. • Ask if there is anything else you can help with while they are on the phone. • Make sure all concerns are addressed before hanging up. • Have An Attitude of Gratitude--Thank your customer for contacting or choosing you to do business with. Communication
  10. 10. • Encourage complaints—well handled complaints leads to trust and loyalty. • Encourage customer pickiness—picky customers force you to achieve a high level of achievement. • Don’t make excuses or blame others, simply resolve the issue. Handling Concerns & Complaints
  11. 11. • Pay attention to product returns or requests for refunds – Product was faulty – Marketing misrepresented product or service • Be patient and compassionate. Customer called looking for help, not for attitude. • Know what you can offer to solve problem – Refund – New product – Discount due to complaint Handling Concerns & Complaints
  12. 12. Questions? Comments? Scott Oser Phone: 301-279-0468 Email: