Membership Marketing By and For Your Members


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This presentation was recently given at ASAE MMCC 2013. Dave Martin and Scott Oser collaborated to share details on how you can use your members to talk about the benefits of the products, services and other items you market and offer to your audiences. Case studies and examples are included.

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Membership Marketing By and For Your Members

  1. 1. Membership Marketing By andFor Your MembersTuesday, June 4, 201310:15 AM – 11:30 AMHub Tag: #MMCCon LO36Dave Martin, Electronic Retailing AssociationScott Oser, Scott Oser Associates
  2. 2. Membership Marketing By and For Your MembersAGENDA• Brief Introduction• Membership Roles– Content Provider– Distributor• Interactive Discussion• Questions and Answers
  3. 3. Membership Marketing By and For Your MembersContent Provider—Any group, business,organization, or individual that provides Webpages, entertainment, or documents to theWorld Wide Web or Internet. ( Provider—Any group, business,organization, or individual that providesinformation that helps an associationdemonstrate the value of the product orservice covered by the content. (Scott &Dave)
  4. 4. Video
  5. 5. Content Providers• 2013 ERA D2C Convention• Government Affairs Fly-In• Solar Power International
  6. 6. Content Providers• Video– Government Affairs Fly-In
  7. 7. Content Providers• Video– Solar Power International 2010
  8. 8. Social Media
  9. 9. Content Providers• ASAE Guest Tweeter• ASAE Guest Blogger
  10. 10. Testimonials
  11. 11. ERA Brand Clarification CampaignGoal: Clearly communicate ERA’s brand triangle/valueproposition to its constituents
  12. 12. Strategy and TacticsStrategy1. Let members do the talking (SupERAchievers)2. Content is king (member success stories)3. Targeted communicationsTactics1. Print ads in industry magazine2. Member success stories3. Membership Brochure4. Email campaign5. Slides for website home page and sub-pages6. Signage onsite at annual convention
  13. 13. Print Ads
  14. 14. Member Success Stories
  15. 15. Email Campaign
  16. 16. Website
  17. 17. Membership Brochure
  18. 18. Signage at Annual Convention
  19. 19. Annual Convention Member Endorsements• Campaign for the 2013 ERA D2C Convention– Strategy• Let members do the talking• Emphasize ―The ONE Show‖• Endorsements• Selection criteria– Members– C-level– Marketers– 2012 Show Alumni– Industry Leaders– Lower budget (no photo shoots)– Delivered across multiple platforms
  20. 20. Print Ads
  21. 21. Attendee Brochure
  22. 22. Show Website
  23. 23. Printed Materials
  24. 24. Content Providers• Testimonials– National Association of Gifted Children• Diverse target audiences• Audiences have different needs
  25. 25. Membership Marketing By and For Your MembersDistributor—a person or business who givesout or sells goods or services to customers orother businesses. (—Any group, business,organization, or individual that gives out orshares information that helps an associationdemonstrate the value of the product orservice covered by the information. (Scott &Dave)
  26. 26. Email
  27. 27. Distributors• Forward to a Friend– Attendee Acquisition Emails– Attendee Retention Emails
  28. 28. Subject: Save $250 TODAY!
  29. 29. Subject: Remind Your Colleagues to by July 1!
  30. 30. Distributors• Forward to a Friend
  31. 31. Face-to-face
  32. 32. Distributors• ASAE Greater Washington CommitteeAmbassador Program– Attend local association events– Ribbons at events for identification– Make attendees feel comfortable andwelcome– Talk to attendees about ASAE as isappropriate
  33. 33. DistributorsHearth Patio and Barbeque Association (HPBA)Membership categories:•Manufacturers•Distributors and Manufacturer’s Reps•RetailersGoal: Increase membership in a tough to reachmembership category—Retailers!
  34. 34. DistributorsSteps Toward Implementation•Enlist help of Membership Committee•Review internal resources•Complete research•Develop strategy and implementation plan•Define roles and responsibilities•IMPLEMENT!
  35. 35. DistributorsImplementation Plan•Develop direct mail lists and materials•Develop targeted brochures•Organize communications around nationalcall day•Get volunteers, make calls, distributematerials, send results for tracking
  36. 36. Distributors
  37. 37. Distributors
  38. 38. Open Discussion&Q&A
  39. 39. Contact UsDave MartinVice President – Marketing &ContentElectronic Retailing Associationdmartin@retailing.org703-908-1031@davemartin_eraScott OserPresidentScott Oser