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Blended Learning Models


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Blended Learning Models

  1. 1. Blended Learning21 Century Learning Course BVSD
  2. 2. What is Blended Learning?“Blended learning is anytime a student learns atleast in part at a supervisedbrick-and-mortar locationaway from home and atleast in part through onlinedelivery with some elementof student control overtime, place, path, and/orpace.”Innosight- Rise of Blended Learning
  3. 3. Blended Learning Can Be…. • Email Communication • Videos/Simulations • Web 2.0 Resources • Google Docs, Google Chat, E- portfolios • Podcasts/Screencasts • Discussion Boards, Class Wiki’s Depends on your needs in and out of the classroom… • Any use of technology**Using a Learning Management System (LMS) to store and manipulate content may help
  4. 4. Advantages of Blended Learning • Individualized Learning • Personalized Learning Support • Independent and Collaborative Learning • Increase in Student Engagement • Accommodates SeveralAdapted from Debra Marsh- Cambridge University Learning Styles
  5. 5. Middle School Model Rogers Foundation James Madison Middle School, Oakland CA
  6. 6. Teachers Role in Blended Classroom• Help to guide students• Manage their activities• Direct their learning• Help develop their skills Teachers are essential in the success of the classroom
  7. 7. Setting up your Blended Learning Classroom• 1. Identify the learning outcomes for your classroom lesson.• 2. Identify the activities for student to do in class.• 3. Identify the activities for students to do online before class.• 4. Identify the activities for student to do after class. Really similar to what you may do now!
  8. 8. Blended Learning Resources