Blended Learning Models


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  • Welcome, Introductions
  • See what learned from resources sent, what is blended learning. I know there was some concern of that blended learning is flipped classrooms. This is not the case. Blended learning is the incorporation of technology. Some teachers have chosen to flip their classroom, doing lecture online so that they could do more one on one and project based learning in the classroom, but this does not have to be the case. There are lots of ways to blend a classroom…
  • Students using email to collaborate, using videos or other web resources online, using a learning management system- Brainhoney, collaborating by using google docs or google hangoutLMS- Brainhoney, Moodle, Schoology, Edmodo, Blackboard
  • Students work at own pace, what they learn driven by data.. Did they pass the assessment, if not, go back and reread, redo, reassess
  • This is from the rise to the top grant.. And education Elements.
  • Every classroom is different. There is no one-size fits all. Pod is not mentioned here.. This is school within school with many teachers teaching different pods.. Explained in vimeo movie from LA.
  • This could work for many types of classrooms. Some students using computer to learn basic knowledge, another group working with the teacher in a group having a discussion and applying the knowledge with direct instruction, a third group creating a project. This can be rotated as needed.Give examples of how this could work for Math, How could work for foreign Languages… ask if anyone can discuss how this might work for them?
  • Discuss how this could work with world languages…. If working with two different levels of French or Spanish for instance, could split the class up this way. Spanish I on computers learning content, basic practice and writing, Spanish II working with instructor.. Then switch.
  • This will help you think about what resources you may need and how to set up the classroom
  • So in part, teachers should work with department and admin on what type of classroom layout might work. You may have to try a few layouts to see what you are comfortable with. Then go through resource to see what will help you. I am giving out a list of some resources today for you to look at. The implement some of these resources, layouts in classroom as you are comfortable. Seek feedback/ assistance from admin, others using blended learning etc. Soon you will be operating a blended classroom!Make this a wordle.
  • Blended Learning Models

    1. 1. Blended Learning21 Century Learning Course BVSD
    2. 2. What is Blended Learning?“Blended learning is anytime a student learns atleast in part at a supervisedbrick-and-mortar locationaway from home and atleast in part through onlinedelivery with some elementof student control overtime, place, path, and/orpace.”Innosight- Rise of Blended Learning
    3. 3. Blended Learning Can Be…. • Email Communication • Videos/Simulations • Web 2.0 Resources • Google Docs, Google Chat, E- portfolios • Podcasts/Screencasts • Discussion Boards, Class Wiki’s Depends on your needs in and out of the classroom… • Any use of technology**Using a Learning Management System (LMS) to store and manipulate content may help
    4. 4. Advantages of Blended Learning • Individualized Learning • Personalized Learning Support • Independent and Collaborative Learning • Increase in Student Engagement • Accommodates SeveralAdapted from Debra Marsh- Cambridge University Learning Styles
    5. 5. Middle School Model Rogers Foundation James Madison Middle School, Oakland CA
    6. 6. Teachers Role in Blended Classroom• Help to guide students• Manage their activities• Direct their learning• Help develop their skills Teachers are essential in the success of the classroom
    7. 7. Setting up your Blended Learning Classroom• 1. Identify the learning outcomes for your classroom lesson.• 2. Identify the activities for student to do in class.• 3. Identify the activities for students to do online before class.• 4. Identify the activities for student to do after class. Really similar to what you may do now!
    8. 8. Blended Learning Resources