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Tim Lucey: Delivering Meaningful Results For Citizens


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Cork County Council delivers over 500 public services to a population of c. 416,000 citizens. The diverse and evolving needs of our citizens pose challenges for us as an organisation and to individual staff on the frontline of service delivery. In our experience, embarking on a process of organisational introspection alone is not enough. Reaching out to our customers and truly understanding their needs was the catalyst for holistic reform in how we design and deliver our services.
This talk charts the establishment and empowerment of a dedicated Service Design Centre in Cork County Council. It demonstrates how this, in turn, has led to an environment where innovation thrives and customer-focused, design-thinking is not only becoming the cultural norm; but is delivering meaningful and measurable results for our citizens.

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Tim Lucey: Delivering Meaningful Results For Citizens

  1. 1. Centre for Service Innovation URL of CSI | @twitterhandle or name Service RePublic Delivering Meaningful Results For Citizens Cork County Council Tim Lucey Chief Executive
  2. 2. “I am not a service designer”
  3. 3. 1,100km coastline 210 access points9,000 houses 2500 staff Half way to Dublin & still in Cork600 services Cork, Large & Complex Project > €0.5m totalling €803m 100 locations
  4. 4. Centre for Service Innovation URL of CSI | @twitterhandle or name Service RePublic Channels of service delivery are diverse and often unseen or not readily recognised.
  5. 5. The public realm is a Touchpoint
  6. 6. Centre for Service Innovation URL of CSI | @twitterhandle or name Service RePublic CORK can!
  7. 7. Centre for Service Innovation URL of CSI | @twitterhandle or name Service RePublic We are not afraid anymore
  8. 8. Reputation is Critical 8 PUBLIC = PRIVATE We all are in the same game ultimately
  9. 9. Chief Executive can never delegate Obstacle + Strategy + Machine Prioritisation = Resource allocation to the machine Structure of the organisation Culture = it’s about how we treat each other. 9
  10. 10. Key factors that must exist as a basis for innovation and transformation “It must be personal” 10 Recognition Leadership Acceptance Confidence
  11. 11. “ What is your Psychological Contract? Who is it with? 11
  12. 12. Do you understand the heartbeat of the your organisation? “How strong is the pyschological contract of your staff with your organisations heart”
  13. 13. Perceptions as an influencer of attitudes, values and beliefs 13
  14. 14. Have you turned the spotlight on yourselves? Are you afraid to? How powerful can it be to do so? 14
  15. 15. A crisis of confidence
  16. 16. Perceived negativity 16 10% Residents Businesses 18% Staff 59%
  17. 17. Imagery of organisation Residents % Business % Staff % Improving 61 72 49 Professional 65 72 45 Positive 60 68 22 Confident 63 60 20
  18. 18. Less than 33% of staff believed the public valued the service provided
  19. 19. Service Delivery review Website Snapshot 58% accessed by desktop 32% by mobile device 10% by tablet 70% indirect access through online search facility Time spent per webpage 73% of users dwell on webpage for 1 minute or less 19 Business & Citizens Expectations 40% of customer contact is to obtain information 27% is to report an issue Greater accessibility to services 24/7 – timely information
  20. 20. Service Design CCC established a centre for Design in Jan ‘17 Aim to create better services (Citizens & Staff) Active Engagement with people Unique Approach – 1st in Ireland New, Innovative, Future Focused, Outcome Driven Partnership with CIT Dedicated Office on County Hall Campus 6 specially trained staff Excellent feedback on pilot projects (Community Funds, Housing Representations) Engaging people including staff in developing solutions
  21. 21. Centre for Service Innovation URL of CSI | @twitterhandle or name Service RePublic Service rePublic Timeline March 2013 First CIT Service Design Project 2014-2017 Six Service Design Projects at CIT March 2015 Service Design Master Class In Cork sponsored by Irish Design 2015 2015 Cork County Council Perceptions Survey May 2016 Conversation between CIT Vice President & CCC Deputy Chief Executive July 2016 Customer Transformation Team established in CCC November 2016 Discussions between CIT and CCC Launch of May 2017 Launch of Service rePublic September 2017 International SD Conference in Fota October 2017 Special Purpose Award CIT January 2018 Internship Programme Between CIT & CCC October 2018 Sponsoring Global Service Design Conference
  22. 22. reImagine reDesign reEngage reStart rePublic
  23. 23. Building the Team People + Skills + Attitude + Place + Platform
  24. 24. 36,800 online service requests 60% logged by citizens themselves 120+ online services
  25. 25. Results Community Fund Measure Pre Service Design Post Service Design Service Databases 8 1 Total Applications 609 756 Channel Choice 3 4 Channel Shift 609 hard copy 143 hard copy (81% shift) Response rate 3+ days Immediate User Satisfaction Anecdotal - Immeasurable 70% excellent 5/5 22% very good
  26. 26. Results Housing Service Queries
  27. 27. Measuring the Outcomes ● Hard and soft data ● BI reports ● Dashboards ● Service assessments to senior management
  28. 28. Insights Vision and support at top of organisation is vital Transformation needs space -physical, strategic, psychological and emotional Partnership can allow you to scale quickly Create an environment for learning and teaching together - this is real sustainability Get the right people involved - look beyond traditional skills and competencies Leverage the assets, skills and networks you already have
  29. 29. Service Design movement has been a powerful enabler of innovation. Innovation exists everywhere. It’s about enabling it to flourish, and utilising a SD approach to reach excellence in service delivery.
  30. 30. Achievements Local Authority Housing Department of the Year 2015 First LA in country to achieve EMAO ISO50001 Energy Accrediation 2016 Excellence in Communication Public Relations Award 2018 Water Quality Lab – secured INAB 17025 accrediation 2015 Wastewater Laboratory, accredited 25th year in succession 1st LA to achieve OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System 2017 Appointed Lead LA nationally for: ● Waste Enforcement for Southern Region ● Climate Change Adaptation Planning for South West Ireland ● Public Lighting for entire retrofit of network nationally
  31. 31. Meaningful results for Citizens 92% residents believe Cork is a great place to live 86% feel a sense of pride in the area 86% are happy with their employment and work life balance 83% are satisfied/very satisfied with life in general