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Stefan Moritz: Humanzing the Future of Work


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According to recent research, companies that create and sustain a culture where employees thrive are three times more productive than those that do not. Research also suggests that staff turnover may cost a company as much as 50 to 400 per cent of an employee's annual salary (depending on skill level) in lost productivity and re-recruitment alone. As it turns out, that second company focused on employee experience - a key tool that helps companies deliver better engagement, performance and growth capabilities. In the past, operational principles whipped industrial organizations into shape to drive productivity. Currently, leaders are focusing on digitization to create competitive advantage. We believe that humanization, or a focus on people and reimagining how we want to work in the future, is the next frontier.

Published in: Design
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Stefan Moritz: Humanzing the Future of Work

  1. 1. HUMANIZING THE FUTURE OF WORK Stefan Moritz Veryday / McKinsey Design
  2. 2. #sdgc18 dublin #ex #servicedesign @st_moritz HUMANIZING THE FUTURE OF WORK
  3. 3. The future of work The robots are already here
  4. 4. Amelia
  5. 5. The future of work Live infographic
  6. 6. The real problem People are not engaged at work 86% 64% 65% 68% Europe Africa Asia America Source: Gallup
  7. 7. We are wasting human potential. 72% NOT ENGAGED AT WORK ~25% PRODUCTIVITY LOST
  8. 8. 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 5 2 0 2 5 Operationalize Digitize Humanize Shaping the future of work
  9. 9. Banks The ATM opportunity
  10. 10. Critical thinking Humans are amazing Our competitive advantage is our humanity Compassion Creativity
  11. 11. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. E L E A N O R R O O S E V E LT
  12. 12. Four barriers Holding us back from delivery
  13. 13. COMPLACENCY SILOS Stuck in silos with a lack of urgency where business seems still ‘good enough’ not to change. B A R R I E R # 1
  14. 14. From Silos to Coalition Singapore Government
  15. 15. HUMAN RESOURCES Industrial and utilitarian view of workforce as assets creates disconnect with employee needs. B A R R I E R # 2
  16. 16. From Resources to Potential Global Tech Company
  17. 17. Artificial boundaries – one career, rigid hierarchies and separation of work & home – are no longer valid. B A R R I E R # 3 OLD JOB MINDSET
  18. 18. From Jobs to Life Global Bank
  19. 19. Skill needs keep evolving which creates anxiety and confusion. Many good initiatives don’t deliver due to lack of focus and agility. B A R R I E R # 4 GETTING STUCK
  20. 20. From Fixed to Fluid Spotify
  21. 21. Four shifts to humanize the future of work From Silos to Coalition Creating a shared purpose and alignment From Resources to Potential From Jobs to Life From Fixed to Fluid Understanding what matters to employees Developing holistic employee experiences Constantly daring to learn and grow 1 2 3 4
  22. 22. HU G H HE RR Redefining Human Potential
  23. 23. Lets create the future we want to work and live in. #sdgc18 dublin #ex #servicedesign @st_moritz
  24. 24. Twitter: st_moritz Stefan Moritz Global VP Customer Experience Veryday / McKinsey Design