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Service Design Award 2017 – Winners' presentations


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The pecha-kucha style winner presentations on November 3 were a big hit with the audience, consisting of service design practitioners, enthusiasts and professionals, revealing key insights into the process, learnings, challenges and outcomes of 5 award-winning, world class service design projects. We look forward to sharing the footage of these best practice cases in the coming weeks and are proud to congratulate and showcase the 9 finalists and the 5 winners for their exceptional projects.

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Service Design Award 2017 – Winners' presentations

  1. 1. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Kerry Bodine | Head of the Jury and Kerry Bodine & Co. The Service Design Award 2017 Winner Pecha Kucha Presentations
  2. 2. #ServiceDesignAward2017 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Featured in Upcoming Annual
  3. 3. This is the title of my presentation: Here is the subtitle of my presentation Name | Company 5 International, Award Winning Projects Bridgeable | Canada Ella Walding | Malta Muzus | Netherlands Shera Hyunyim Park, Culainn Boland-Shanahan, Jaehyun Park | UK DMA | Australia #ServiceDesignAward2017 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  4. 4. Award Category: Professional, Commercial WINNER FOR BEST COMMERCIAL PROJECT Redefining the TELUS Renewals Experience Bridgeable Client: TELUS Chris Ferguson | @chrisferg Everton Lewis | @evertonsquill Marie Serrano @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Dan Epstein Willy Morgan Josh Greenhut
  5. 5. Congratulations Bridgeable and client TELUS 2017 Winner for Best Commercial Project Judy Mellett Director, Service Strategy & Design TELUS Chris Fergusen Founder and CEO Bridgeable #ServiceDesignAward2017 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  6. 6. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Award Category: Professional, Non-Profit/Public Sector WINNER FOR SYSTEMIC CHANGE IN EDUCATION Design In Schools Australia - a design and education collaboration Design Managers Australia (DMA) Client: Macquarie Primary School Mel Edwards | Justin Barrie @DMA_Canberra
  7. 7. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Design In Schools A collaboration borne of a joint passion for inquiry
  8. 8. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork 30 years of passion with literacy and inquiry... SORTING OUT Analysing information, looking for patterns, reviewing thinking, making meaning, expressing new understanding GOING FURTHE R Personal and small group pathways of investigation taking learning further, personalising SYNTHESISING & REFLECTIN G Reviewing earlier thinking, identifying changes in understanding, making connections between ideas, identifying what has been learned ACTING & APPLYING Sharing new learning with others, making a creating/constructing/doing TUNING IN TO STUDENTS’ THINKING Establishing the ‘known’, connecting to students’ lives, sense of purpose for inquiry first thinking, first invitation for questions FINDING OU T Gathering information from a range of sources, working as researchers, continuing to raise questions, learning skills of investigation PHASES OF INQUIRY EXPLORE people, experience & information SYNTHESISE analysis, data, insights & concepts results, solutions & recommendations CLARIFY intent, scope & approach With Our Clients Stakeholders The best available evidence To Confirm & understand Generate, explore, uncover Create themes & innovate Through Collaboration Prototyping Iteration For Discussion & consideration Planning & testing Implementation & evaluating DEFINE ...meets 20 years of service design practice
  9. 9. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork The car park project Solving a social issue through design, and developing an education approach
  10. 10. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Researching the car park Destroying myths Creating insight
  11. 11. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Looking for options Trying out solutions
  12. 12. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Let’s get physical
  13. 13. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Let’s get disruptive
  14. 14. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork And in the end, a professional, comprehensive design solution Sign Zones VIPs (Very Important Presence) Speedbreaker The Great DivideRepresentation and Reality
  15. 15. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Implemented Still making change
  16. 16. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork The car park design was really only a part of Design in Schools
  17. 17. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Sharing what we learned
  18. 18. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork As for our team, how was it for them? 23 October 2017
  19. 19. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork And, we are evolving the teaching model at Macquarie Wendy Cave, 2017
  20. 20. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork We are about to embark on design AS education
  21. 21. #ServiceDesignAward2017 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Justin Barrie Co-Principal DMA Congratulations Design Managers Australia (DMA) 2017 Winner for Systemic Change in Education
  22. 22. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Award Category: Professional, commercial a 217 million euro shift by Muzus for the Municipality of Rotterdam Neele Kistemaker Jorik Hepworth WINNER FOR ORGANISATIONAL IMPACT IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR
  23. 23. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  24. 24. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  25. 25. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  26. 26. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  27. 27. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  28. 28. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  29. 29. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  30. 30. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  31. 31. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  32. 32. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  33. 33. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  34. 34. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  35. 35. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Veeleisende Zorgvrager Bij deze doelgroep is sprake van mentale, fysieke en zintuiglijke beperkingen. Door de meervoudige Rechtlijnige Denker Gehinderde Zelfstandige Prikkelbare Structuur behoeftige Impulsieve Avonturier Veeleisende Zorgvrager onzelfstandig in het vervoer zelfstandig in het vervoer regelmaat variatie MATRIX VAN VERVOERSBEHOEFTEN 18- Gehinderde Zelfstandige Deze doelgroep is door een lichamelijke of zintuiglijke beperking niet in staat om zich zonder Impulsieve Avonturier Deze doelgroep vind het erg leuk om anderen te ontmoeten maar is ook snel afgeleid en impulsief. Prikkelbare Structuurbehoeftige Voor deze doelgroep is het volgen van een vaste structuur De matrix toont de behoeften van kinderen en jongeren met betrekking tot het doelgroepenvervoer, alsmede die van hun ouders. Deze zijn gebaseerd op diepte-interviews met de doelgroep. De behoeften zijn samengevat in het model hiernaast, waarin vijf persona’s op twee assen zijn uitgezet. De horizontale as geeft aan in hoeverre de doelgroep behoefte heeft aan structuur en regelmaat in het vervoer. Aan de linkerkant bevinden zich de doelgroepen voor welke een vast stramien van essentieel belang is, aan de rechterkant is er meer ruimte en zelfs behoefte aan variatie. De verticale as geeft aan in hoeverre de doelgroep zelfstandig is in het vervoer. Onder in de matrix bevinden zich de doelgroepen die (zeer) veel begeleiding behoeft. Bovenin de matrix bevindt zich de doelgroep die het een en ander zelf kan en slechts op bepaalde vlakken / momenten ondersteuning nodig heeft. Hieronder is een eerste introductie van de persona’s te lezen. De complete persona’s worden op dit moment (april 2017) ontwikkeld.
  36. 36. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork explore envision enable
  37. 37. Congratulations Muzus 2017 Winner for Organisational Impact in the Public Sector Neele Kistemaker Founding partner Muzus #ServiceDesignAward2017 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  38. 38. Award Category: Student Flo: Smarter Black Cabs Hyunyim Shera Park Jaehyun Park Culainn Boland Shanahan @SDGC17 @SDNetwork STUDENT WINNER FOR BUSINESS INNOVATION IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR
  39. 39. Congratulations Shera Hyunyim Park, Culainn Boland-Shanahan and Jaehyunyim Park 2017 Student Winner for Business Innovation in the Private Sector Shera Hyunyim Park PhD Researcher MA Graduate, RCA Culainn Boland-Shanahan Freelancer MA Graduate, RCA #ServiceDesignAward2017 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  40. 40. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Award Category: Student Servizz Design Ella Walding Service Design MA, Royal College of Art Client: Government of Malta Ella Walding | STUDENT WINNER FOR ORGANISATIONAL IMPACT IN GOVERNMENT
  41. 41. @SDGC17 @SDNetwork The context
  43. 43. Interviews Observation CITIZENS SERVIZZ.GOV GOVERNMENT OF MALTA Departments Call centre Head Office One stop shop agents Director General Principal permanent secretary Permanent secretary @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Research
  44. 44. Understanding the problem @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  45. 45. Mission How might we develop the tools and skills needed for and departments to work together to improve quality and outcomes for citizens and staff? @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  46. 46. Co-designing & implementing solutions @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  47. 47. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS A clear strategy @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  48. 48. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS Balanced scorecard @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  49. 49. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS Balanced scorecard @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  50. 50. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS Balanced scorecard @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  51. 51. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS Balanced scorecard @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  52. 52. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS Toolkit for creating change @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  53. 53. LONG TERM SOLUTIONS Toolkit for creating change @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  54. 54. Learning @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  55. 55. #ServiceDesignAward2017 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork Congratulations Ella Walding 2017 Student Winner for Organisational Impact in Government Ella Walding Service Designer Innovation Unit MA Graduate, RCA #ServiceDesignAward2017 @SDGC17 @SDNetwork
  56. 56. Thank you to the 2017 Service Design Award Winners! Award Sponsor @SDGC17 @SDNetwork