SDNC13 -DAY1- From Big Data to big business by Maria José Jorda Garcia


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From Big Data to big business!

Nowadays, only 5% of the data generated in the cities is utilized for something it wasn’t created for. Using an underground trip card “only means” you are allowed to travel, we discard information that could let us optimize routes, lines, waiting times, etc. In 2025 billions of sensors will invade our cities trying to make our life easier, sensors in traffic lights, parks or streets. Can you imagine?
At BBVA the future is now so we found an alternative approach to Big Data, based on people rather than sensors. This is the story of how we were able to transform a large number of financial transactions into actionable innovative services.

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SDNC13 -DAY1- From Big Data to big business by Maria José Jorda Garcia

  1. 1. From Big Data to Big Business SDNC13 - Cardiff, UK 19th of November 2013 Maria José Jordá García BBVA Innovation Director @mariajosejorda
  2. 2. The World
  3. 3. Russia Turkey China Brazil México Indonesia Egypt India Emerging and Growing Leading Economies
  4. 4. Para ver esta película, debe disponer de QuickTime™ y de un descompresor .
  5. 5. 5  
  6. 6. The Data
  7. 7. Particle Physics Large Hadron Collider 15 PB Human Genomics 7000 PB (1GB/person) Internet Archive 1PB Annual Email Traffic No Spam 300PB+
  8. 8. Big Data 90% of stored data has been created only in the past 2 years
  9. 9. The Meta - World
  10. 10. 26Million Transactions a day
  11. 11. 15% 40%
  12. 12. Average Transactions - Gay Pride week
  13. 13. Expenses increase compared to a normal week Dark green = increment of more than 900% !
  14. 14. Pulse of the city during the Gay Pride week
  15. 15. Data into business opportunities
  16. 16. How much do merchants know?
  17. 17. New business we can create or design
  18. 18. Designing the future together
  19. 19. Innovation Center
  20. 20. Innovation Center
  21. 21. Design thinkers Open Innovation Model Co-Development Spin Off Knowledge - Ideas - Technologies External platform Co-Branding Venturing
  22. 22. Open Platform Developers Apps API s (Actives Exposition) Digital Assets User s
  23. 23. Innova Challenge
  24. 24. @mariajosejorda