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SDGC18: Service Design Award Winner Presentations


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On October 11, 2018, during the Service Design Global Conference in Dublin, Head of the Jury Kerry Bodine and President of SDN Birgit Mager took the stage to co-host the Service Design Award Ceremony and announce the finalists and six winners selected by the international jury of service design experts.

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SDGC18: Service Design Award Winner Presentations

  1. 1. Project Phoenix: Service Design for Tesco Bank Professional Modern Human
  2. 2. Anders Hakfelt Dominic Quigley Kostja Paschalidis Patti Aldermann Developing a Police Forces Digital Experience for Citizens Professional Non-Profit/Public Sector Giulio Fagiolini Nour Diab Jappreet Kitty Emma Gervasio Marjo Kaszonyi Kathrin Dimai Tom Holloway James Robertson Lisa Williams Lily Sinclair Nicholas Panayi Emma Cooper FJORD
  3. 3. How to better serve citizens, than with a phone number? PROJECT BRIEF
  4. 4. How do you listen to, and solve, the problems of 2.8 million citizens? RESEARCH CHALLENGE
  5. 5. interviews with Police, Partners, and Citizens + RESEARCH METHOD
  7. 7. 42 DATA-VIZ AS A TOOL
  8. 8. crime report vs anti social behaviour
  10. 10. The research, with the data, transformed numbers into stories.
  11. 11. PROTOTYPES
  12. 12. The research, with the data, transformed numbers into stories. Stories that are changing people’s lives.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Background In 2015, TAIWAN became one of the only two Asian countries to pass the Zero Euthanasia Policy.
  15. 15. Crowded dogs Terrifying bark Bad smell Difficult Situation 213% ratio of space usage
  16. 16. Research About staff 47% owners return their adopted pets 20 dogs per staff
  17. 17. lack of clear instruction in shelters, life education and post-adoption assistance Research About adopters
  18. 18. Research About volunteers 25,000 likes Facebook fan page Gap between online and offline