SDCN13 -Day2- From Products to Services by Paul Thurston & Andy Mudie


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From Products to Services by Paul Thurston & Andy Mudie - PDR/Nuaire

What happens when a traditional product business ventures into the world of service provision? To better understand the value of service design in traditional manufacturing businesses PDR set out to build a support programme that would stimulate the local economy and help businesses build a service design capability. Nuaire are one company that have benefited from this programme and will jointly present a recent project with PDR, providing insight into the value of service design from an established manufacturing business.

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SDCN13 -Day2- From Products to Services by Paul Thurston & Andy Mudie

  2. 2. PAUL THURSTON Head of Service Design at PDR ANDY MUDIE Marketing Director at Nuaire @p_thurston
  3. 3. SME
  4. 4. 59% private sector employment in UK
  5. 5. PDR is a world-class research unit based at Cardiff Metropolitan University
  6. 6. We deliver commercial projects, funded programmes and cutting-edge research across 8 research groups
  7. 7. “From £50 fans to £1000 installs”
  8. 8. This is a story about service design in a product focused SME manufacturing business.
  9. 9. Nuaire is a private equity backed company since 2004. Currently ~ £50M Turnover We employ over 420 people Manufacturing in Caerphilly, South Wales Multiple International sales locations
  10. 10. Nuaire
  11. 11. What is service design to Nuaire?
  12. 12. There’s no R&D team for services
  13. 13. Initial benefits are linked to our high growth areas; Gaining market share in residential ventilation. ‘Ventilation per dwelling’ increases rapidly on new build. Delivering products and services that will make a difference to housebuilders. What services do national housebuilders need from a manufacturer like us?
  14. 14. Traditional view of ‘service’? - People default to ‘customer service’ and a call centre. - Next service association is to after sales or maintenance. - People can move from products to services.
  15. 15. But we put £3m ‘at risk’ by not focusing on services
  16. 16. Basics first
  17. 17. Basics first
  18. 18. Nuaire Eliminate the risk Innovative products First time & every time Lowest total installed cost. Vent Axia Largest, most comprehensive choice Understand our customers How they live and work Comfortable and straightforward as possible. Best in the industry. Innovation in product Innovation in service
  19. 19. Company Unique Service Service Service Plan Product performance tool Product selector tool Information on products Building service Specialized MVHR products Local contacts/sales reps Local stockists Showroom FAQ’s/Glossary Loyalty Scheme for installers On-line planning tool Technical support service Paid BPEC course Free BPEC course Training courses Building regulations advice Online shopping service Social media for technical support Free filter replacement service Social media for comms Video of MVHR system Online payments Commissioning service Delivery service Installation service Quotation service Request a brochure Downloadable brochures Product information pages Diverse product range Paid design service Free design service Guarantee Service Attribute MVHR SERVICE PROVISION: COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Solarcrest DEALEC Airflow Green Building Store Tinton Polypipe VentAxia Paul Nuaire Worcester BOSCH Solo Installers Itho created by:
  20. 20. “From £50 fans to £1000 installs”
  21. 21. “I’ve been doing these wrong for years, f**k knows what’s coming out of the systems i’ve installed” Independent ventilation installer
  22. 22. Protecting £3m Up to £2M of ‘fans’ Now more than £4M on new units Sales potential 100% increase with ancillaries All from reviewing ‘Service’ too
  23. 23. Protecting £3m But, we are now close to £5m
  24. 24. Products to service to product
  25. 25. Thanks. Questions?