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Sarah Wylie: Services versus systems


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Time and again it seems that thoughtfully designed services fail to be implemented, whether becoming tied-up in commissioning or defeated by stakeholder habits, busy schedules and the lassitude of legacy institutions. This talk addresses the issue of systems versus services. By looking at a series of case studies using a System Dynamics lens it explains how service design and delivery are embedded in complex systems which can subvert or conceal even the best design. It also explores the dynamics which prevent great design from becoming contagious and spreading to other services. Finally, it addresses the dynamics of growing & nourishing the service design profession by highlighting lessons learned from a 60 year history of system dynamics modellers seeking to mainstream their methodology.

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Sarah Wylie: Services versus systems

  1. 1.      Services  vs  Systems:        the  dynamics  of  implemen5ng    change          Sarah  Wylie  |  System  Dynamicist  |  @iLab_NI    
  2. 2. @iLab_NI   Northern  Ireland  Public  Sector  Innova5on  Lab   Rebecca  Walsh   @ink_consultancy    
  3. 3. System  Dynamics  meets  Service  Design  
  4. 4. The  origins  of  System  Dynamics  modelling  
  5. 5. The  whole  is  different  than  the  sum  of  the  parts  
  6. 6. System  Dynamics,  the  study  of  how  things  change  over  5me.  
  7. 7. Feedback:  think  of  buffers  and  of  snowballs.    
  8. 8. Stock-­‐flow  thinking   Stock inflow outflow
  9. 9. Myth  and  Archetype  /  Stray  Dogs  in  Bangkok  
  10. 10. Myth  and  Archetype  /  Stray  Dogs  in  Bangkok  
  11. 11. Prigogine:  dissipa5ve  structures,  complex  systems,  and   irreversibility.  
  12. 12.   Pop  quiz,  sea  turtles:  protect  eggs  or  protect  adults?  
  13. 13. Sea  Turtles,  the  lifecycle  model   Eggs Hatchlings Juveniles Adults hatching growing maturing dying naturallylaying eggs eggs dying hatchlings dying juveniles dying adults dying unnaturally fractional laying rate egg death and poaching rate hatchling death rate juveniles death rate adult death rate
  14. 14. Systems  thinking  &  adap5ve  design    
  15. 15. The  dynamics  of  5me  and  percep5on  delays.  
  16. 16. 60  years  of  System  Dynamics  
  17. 17. Strategies  for  scaling   Teach     Train  trainers     Evangelical  approach     Focus  on  impact  
  18. 18. How  do  you  remake  the  world  in  your  own  image?  
  19. 19. Legacy  services  and  crea5ng  readiness  to  accept   change:  the  role  of  myth   Stock inflow outflow
  20. 20. @iLab_NI   sarahmegan.wylie@finance-­‐   Sarah  Wylie   System  Dynamics  Modeller   Northern  Ireland  Public  Sector  Innova5on  Lab   Your  picture  here