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Ann Rich: The Slow Hunch - Cultivating Customer Centric Acceleration through Collaboration


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The Adobe Hive accelerates customer centricity through collaboration. We break silos. We build trust. We get customers in the room. We give teams stories needed to move the needle. Learn about the journey to build a capability, team, and scalable methodology with C-Suite visibility.

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Ann Rich: The Slow Hunch - Cultivating Customer Centric Acceleration through Collaboration

  1. 1. The Slow Hunch: Cultivating Customer Centric Acceleration through Collaboration Ann Rich Sr. Mgr. Accelerated Innovation & Design Adobe Inc.
  2. 2. About Me Ecology Design Business Why I am here.
  3. 3. accelerates customer centricity through effective collaboration
  4. 4. Oh Happy Day…
  5. 5. Wait, What?!
  6. 6. The Hive inspires people to work differently. We help teams build the foundation to get the right work done and the relationships to sustain momentum. We do this through specialized facilitation which accelerates the strategic work of Adobe and execution of top corporate priorities. About
  7. 7. Team Space Methodology
  8. 8. 1 Day + 25 People + 1 Dedicated Space
  9. 9. 9.5/10 Recommend to their peers 60+ Sessions to date 2-3 Months Saved per session
  10. 10. So, the Hive delivers workshops?
  11. 11. The sessions are the catalyst for culture change.
  12. 12. “Aface behind the spreadsheet. ” Hive Design Team Member, 2016
  13. 13. “We want to define our vision, strategy & requirements.” Hive Session Owner, 2015
  14. 14. “Listening felt like open heart surgery. ” Hive Participant, 2017
  15. 15. “We want to be Hive Certified. ” Hive Session Owner, 2018
  16. 16. “The Hive is where you go to be surprised.” Hive Participant, 2017
  17. 17. How we do it.
  18. 18. Organizational Culture Change Mindset Build alliances Give it away Be patient Ship your ideas
  19. 19. Design Meetings Frame and derisk work and session Living Beyond a Day Relationships Trust is leveraged beyond the day. Executive Sponsorship Lasting visibility for work, teams, and the Hive.
  20. 20. Process Overview Application / Ask Session Owner Briefing Stakeholder Interviews Design Meeting 1 Design Meeting 2 Design Meeting 3 Walkthrough Understand the Problem Understand the Motivations Objectives/ Outputs/ Outcomes Day Design & Inputs Assignments Experience
  21. 21. Suite of Modules: Be a Mixologist 1 2 3 4 5 6 Design Thinking Google Design Sprint Service Design Accelerated Solution Design Jobs to be Done Business Model Canvas
  22. 22. Slow Hunches.
  23. 23. “Both evolution and innovation thrive in collaborative networks where opportunities for serendipitous connections exist. Great discoveries often evolve as slow hunches, maturing and connecting to other ideas over time. Steven Johnson, “Where Good Ideas Come From”
  24. 24. The Journey to Today An Idea
  25. 25. The Journey to Today An Idea Pilot
  26. 26. The Journey to Today An Idea Pilot Build or Buy
  27. 27. The Journey to Today An Idea Pilot Build or Buy Brand
  28. 28. The Journey to Today An Idea Pilot Build or Buy Brand CX Hive
  29. 29. The Journey to Today An Idea Pilot Build or Buy Brand CX Hive Scale Skills
  30. 30. What it actually felt like.
  31. 31. Sponsorship Balance Surprises Hackers Top Challenges
  32. 32. Impact of Intrapreneurship.
  33. 33. Ideas are incubated through the Hive.
  34. 34. Lab82 is a physical prototyping space used to test technology, ways of working, furniture, and space. +
  35. 35. Building Lab82
  36. 36. Building Lab82
  37. 37. Building Lab82
  38. 38. Building Lab82
  39. 39. Key Takeaways Build Alliances – changing culture is not an individual sport Give it away – You need activators Building in a large company requires patience It doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective Physical Space Ways Of Working Technology 1 2 3 Adoption of design mentality and new full time roles High ROI on prototype model Wins roll out globally Lab82 Impact
  40. 40. Integrate.
  41. 41. Solution FocusedMatrixed Creative HarnessYour Culture
  42. 42. ?? ? HarnessYour Culture
  43. 43. AsYou Build 1 2 3 4 5 6 Nurture slow hunches Build allies Be a mixologist Give it away Leverage existing process Make progress & iterate
  44. 44. Thank you! Ann Rich LinkedIn: annrich7