Natural Graphite Industry World Map 2012


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Production & Exploration for Natural Graphit at the start of 2012.

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Natural Graphite Industry World Map 2012

  1. 1. Natural Graphite 2012 In the business of owning the raw materials that make up the chemistry of new technologies The Kearney Mine is Production & Exploration the largest confirmed mineral resource of any North American graphite prospect Simon Moores, Commercial & Sales, Ismene Clarke, Advertising Manager, TSX-V: FMS | OTCQX: FCSMF | GR: FKC Industrial mineral Skaland Graphite Prominvest Traelen, Norway Karelia Production: 8 Resource size MT: 1.5supplier focusing on Capacity: 12 Flake: 2.8-9.2% Flake: 85-99% Graphite and mica Flinders Resources Ltd Kringlegruvan mine, Sweden Northern Graphite Focus Metals Russia Bissett Creek, ON Formerly Woxna Graphite Lac Knife, QC - Flake Graphite/Macrocrystalline Graphite Status: Care & Maintenance Resource size MT: 7mt @ 9%C Canada Resource size MT: 80+ Flake: 1.5-2.5% Resource size MT: 8.1 Flake: 16.7% 80 - 99,5 % C Capacity: 13 Ontario Graphite Focus Metals isn’t Kearney, ON Portland Graphite Flake 10-15% Grafitove doly Stare Mesto - Amorphous Graphite 40 - 98 % C JSC Uralgraphite Resource size MT: 48 Portland, ON Czech Republic Flake: 6% Koh-i-noor Grafit Taiginsky Flake: 2.5% - Expandable Graphite Production: 3-5 your traditional S. Bohemia, Czech Republic Production: <5 Consolidated Thompson Mines Capacity: 10 Mega Graphite - Synthetic Graphite Flake Capacity: 5 Krasnoyarskgraphite Lac Gueret, QC Flake Kenora, ON (2 properties) Flake: 85-99.97% Kureiskoe Resource size MT: 2.6 Fortune Graphite Resource Size MT: 1 - Graphite Profiles and Foils mineral explorer. Graphite Tyn spol Zavalyevsky Graphite Complex Capacity: 8 Kootenay Mtns, BC Flake: 8.9%, 8.2% Flake: 15-40% S. Bohemia, Czech Republic Zavalye, Ukraine Amorph. - Graphite Dispersions Capacity: 40 Resource size MT: 6.7 Timcal Carbon & Graphite (Imerys) Flake Flake 7% Lac-des -Iles, QC - Carbon Products/Carbon Black Flake: 85-99.97% Production: 20 Graphit Kropfmuhl - Muscovite Mica Myeongji Mining Co/ Kores Flake: 94-99.99% Passau, Bavaria, Germany Jeongchon-gun, North Korea Eagle Graphite Greenlight Resources Flake Production: 40 Nelson, BC Golden Grove, Saint John, NB Capacity: 70 Production: 1.2 Flake: up to 32% Grafitbergbau Kaiserberg Flake Capacity: 8 Orocan Resources Corp. P.O. Box 1139 Styria, Austria Production: 26 Capacity: 45 Baia de Fier Turkey Kagansky Graphite Kyong Gi, Lyung Pak, South Korea Resource size MT: 2.5-3.0 Flake: 93-99% Mega Graphite Renfrew County, ON, Flake We are a developer, a China Vilcea , Romania Taskazganskoye, UzbekistanD-65331 Eltville am Rhein/Germany Amorph: 40-99.5% Flake: 30% Est Production: 3 Amorph.: 75% Grafitos de Asbury Kingston, ON (2 properties) Resource size MT: 1 technology solutions supplier, Tel.: +49-6123-70373-0 Flake Chungnam, Kang Won, South Korea Flake: 3.8% Fax: +49-6123-70373-17 Oysu Graphite Mining Co. Kutahya Various deposits Resource size MT: 1.0-1.5 Hermosillo Capacity: 25 Grafito de Mexico and a business innovator. Production: 5 Afghanistan Flake: 80% Telixtlahuaca, Oaxaca E-Mail: Capacity: 55 Resource size MT: 1 Amorph.: 65-85% Amorph. Amorph: 70-85% Flake Grafitos Mexicanos India Lourdes Amorph. Grafito Superior Sonora Mexico We own the best quality, Capacity: 25 Mothballed lowest-cost-to-produce KGLL Kurunegala Amorph: to 88% technology-grade graphite Resource size MT: 0.5 Sri Lanka RS Products in the world. Madipola Merelani Focus: China & India Bogala Graphite Lanka Tanzania Bogala To us, being our own best Resource size MT: 1 Capacity: 5 Heilongjiang Grafite do Brasil Flake Vein/lump: 90-99% Flake (Extractive Metaquina) Shanxi Inner Mongolia Zimbabwe German Graphite Mines Grafites de Ancuabe 9 majors Bahia Karoi, Zimbabwe Production: 4 Ancuabe, Mozambique Resource size MT: 5.6 Flake 2 majors Flake 2 majors Production: 250 Capacity: 250 Brazil Production: 30 Capacity: 30 customer for graphite means Mega Graphite Production: 50 Production: 20 assuming a leading role Capacity: 15 Flake: 6.3% Flake: 99.98% Palamau, Jharkhand Capacity: 60 Capacity: Flake Capacity: 5 Heibei Flake Magnesitas Refratarios SA in the coming graphene Flake: 89-99% 1 major Almenara, Minas Gerais Production: 10 Nacional de Grafite Start up: End-2012 Etablissements Izouard Agrawal Graphite Industries Temrimal, Dudkamal, Beharamunda Capacity: 10 Minas Gerais (3 mines) Production: 72 Target Capacity: 40 Flake revolution. Shandong Capacity: 72 Australia Moramanga, Madagascar Capacity: 5 Swakopmund Flake Flake: 87.7-99.9 Capacity: 2 Flake: 70-98% Grafita MG Namibia 3 majors Flake Minas Gerais Resource size MT: 36 Production: 75 TP Mineral Industries No output in 2010 & 2011 Flake: 4.3% Capacity: 90 Sambalpur, Phulbani, Koraput Capacity: 20 Capacity: 18 Flake: 65-85% Flake: to 98% Henan Jonkelkoza Minerals Flake Steamboat Graphite 1 major GR Graphite Industries Limpopo, South Africa Production: 15 Orissa Resource size MT: 3.5 Esperance, W.Australia Think Graphite today. Capacity: 10 Capacity: 15 Flake: 8.8% Resource size MT: 1.4 Flake: 70-97% Flake: 18.2% Lakshminarayan Makhanial Bolangir, Orissa China’s 2011 graphite output Mega Graphite Uley, S. Australia Production: 8 Archer Exploration Ltd Sugarloaf, S. Australia Capacity: 20 Flake: 85-95% Hubei Hunan Think Graphene for the future. Capacity: 16 Flake Flake Amorphous Legend Flake: 88-99% Tamil Nadu Minerals 2 Majors Capacity: 28 Luhe Taiqing mining area (Lutan) Sivaganga 45% 55% Graphite Producers Capacity: 5 220 mines Production: 550 Flake Amorphous Flake: 96% Graphite Exploration Projects Capacity: 700 All production and capacity figures in tonnes/year Lowest graphite production Highest graphite production Total:1,000,000 tonnes Luh Wall Chart v2 28.11.11 14:53 Seite 1 Mobile Engineering Polymers Lubricants for Refractories & Energy Materials Hot Metal Forming Metallurgy