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Local Initiatives Support Corporation

  1. 1. LOCAL INITIATIVES SUPPORT CORPORATION<br />Lending and Loan Monitoring Department (National) <br />Loan Portfolio Monitor<br />Background: <br />Local Initiatives Support Corporation ("LISC") is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation, headquartered in New York City. LISC provides financial and technical assistance to community-based organizations in thirty urban and rural programs nationwide. These organizations develop affordable housing, community facilities, and commercial projects, as well as undertake a wide range of activities to build sustainable communities that are healthy places for people to live, work and raise a family. LISC is the nation's premier national non-profit intermediary, providing comprehensive support for neighborhood revitalization and the strengthening of the community development industry.<br />Position:<br />LISC's Lending Department is seeking to hire a Loan Portfolio Monitor (LPM). The LPM will have responsibility at National LISC for the ongoing review and monitoring of LISC's outstanding loan portfolio. <br />The duties of this new position at LISC include: <br />Loan Monitoring Committees <br /><ul><li>Leading and managing operations of LISC's Loan Watch Committee (which meets monthly), Large Loan Review Committee (which meets quarterly), and Portfolio Monitoring Committee (which meets semi-annually), including taking the lead role during committee meetings
  2. 2. Ensuring that field staff understand National LISC's loan monitoring expectations, and briefing staff on an ongoing basis on the protocols and procedures needed to meet these expectations </li></ul>Loan Modification- Restructuring and Workout <br /><ul><li>Weekly focus, and active follow-up with field staff, on all portfolio loans having overdue payments, and management of LISC's delinquent loan sector, including participation in weekly Amendment Task Force meetings
  3. 3. Leading internal discussions on modifying , restructuring, and working out loans needing amendment and/or experiencing repayment delays, including flexibly applying LISC's existing underwriting guidelines to such loans
  4. 4. Taking a lead role - with the assistance of LISC's local program staff and LISC's Legal Department - in external negotiations of loans needing amendment and/or experiencing repayment difficulties
  5. 5. Working closely with LISC's Finance and Legal Departments on loan modification issues
  6. 6. Working closely with the Director of Underwriting, and Finance and Legal Department staff, to move amendment requests through internal approval processes expeditiously </li></ul>Coordination with Neighborhood Properties, LLC <br /><ul><li>Working closely with Neighborhood Properties, LLC (NP, LLC is a LISC affiliate holding real estate assets), including coordinating closely with NP on asset valuation and due diligence prior to loan transfer, and directly with NP after loan transfer and commencement of asset management
  7. 7. Assisting in discussions and meetings regarding property disposition strategies for assets held by NP</li></ul>Relationships with Debt Providers to LISC <br /><ul><li>Participating in team presentations and reporting (as-needed) about the condition of LISC's loan portfolio, risk-rating system and rating adjustment procedures, and ongoing monitoring practices </li></ul>*The LPM will report to LISC's Senior Vice President for Lending. <br />Qualifications: <br />Applicants should have the following qualifications: <br /><ul><li>Interest in the nonprofit and community development field
  8. 8. Bachelor's degree (required); post-graduate degree strongly preferred
  9. 9. Minimum five years of experience working at lending institution or financial intermediary (required); experience with loan modifications, restructurings and workouts strongly preferred
  10. 10. Excellent written and oral communication skills (required)
  11. 11. Ability to work effectively with numerous field offices, senior managers, and internal departments, and to manage multiple assignments simultaneously
  12. 12. Good interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively
  13. 13. Good organizational abilities and independent work capabilities
  14. 14. Ability to work in Microsoft Office suite </li></ul>Job Specifications: <br />The starting salary will depend on the applicant's experience. Excellent fringe benefits provided. The position will be located in LISC's New York City headquarters, and is available immediately. <br />Application Procedure For consideration:<br />Please forward a cover letter and resume to each of the following two individuals: <br /><ul><li>Pearl Jones, Diversity and Inclusion Director</li></ul>LISC, 501 Seventh Avenue, 7th floor<br />New York, NY 10018<br />pjones@lisc.org<br /><ul><li>Greg Maher, Senior Vice President, Lending</li></ul>LISC, 501 Seventh Avenue, 7th Floor<br />New York, NY 10018<br />gmaher@lisc.org<br />