Week 4 Assignment


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Week 4 Assignment

  1. 1. Week 4 Assignment, Part 1: Development of an organization chart integrating technology School Board Superintendent of Schools Asst. Superintendent for Technology Coordinator Secondary Schools Curriculum Principal PEIMS Technology Network Facilitators Analyst Facilitators Specialist Teacher Instructional Technology Technician ORGANIZATIONAL CHART RESPONSIBILITIES School Board- Having been named school board of the year by Region One our school board is the body of representatives that have final authority to implement district policies that govern entire school district. They are leaders as it pertains to the area of technology. They can determine if adequate funding is provided for technology, and they control policies that effect technology throughout the district. Superintendent- Mr. Leonel B. Galaviz-The Superintendent is like the president of a university he runs the entire school district. He manages the day-to-day operations making sure that all schools are doing what they are supposed to be doing. All programs, much like the Technology
  2. 2. plan, is brought over to him and he signs the documents assuring that we are in compliance with state mandates. Assistant-Superintendent for Secondary Schools- Dr. Rosemarie Gomez- She make recommendations to our Superintendent. She assists in the area of curriculum and instruction and has played a huge role in incorporating a computer based programs with hands on activities for the entire math and science departments in our elementary, middle, and high schools. Technology Coordinator- Mr. Abraham Ramirez- He oversees the technology department and makes sure that the district technology is up and running. He also makes recommendations to our assistant superintendent about any professional development that will facilitate technology integration for teaching. Principal- Mr. Rolando Ramirez- Our principal Mr. Ramirez oversees the day-to-day operations at the high school. He allocates responsibilities with other administrators and makes sure that resources are available at all phases of the school. Through scheduled professional development he ensures that all personnel are incorporating proper use of technology in their classrooms to facilitate student learning. Curriculum Facilitators- They provide structure and support to all teachers with their expertise. They also bring in presenters to deliver helpful strategies we could use in our classrooms, specially when it comes to the area of technology. PEIMS Analysts- These are the hard workers who gather and report all district data and make sure that we are in compliance with the state. Technology Facilitator- Mr. Larry Reger- Aside from the man that does the dirty work in programming computers and assisting teachers he oversees the use of technology at the high school campus. Network Specialists- Mr. Moya He maintains the district network, and is able to open up educational websites that are accidentally filtered out for student use.
  3. 3. Teachers- We work with the technology available to us in our every day lives. Teachers make sure that their instruction is based on the TEKS especially in the areas of technology. Instructional Technology Technicians- They install needed programs in our computers and make sure that if technology fix needs to get done, they get the job done. Week 4 Assignment, Part 2: Professional Development Planning Staff Development Agenda
  4. 4. Session Purpose: To promote technology use in the classrooms and improve student achievement. In addition teachers must learn to implement web based and hands-on activities to make learning fun. Learning Objective to Be Addressed: Learning Objective 1: Go over AEIS report Learning Objective 2: Increase Technology awareness Campus: Facilitators: Location: Start Time: End-Time: Valley View High Principal/ School 8:30 AM 3:30 PM school Curriculum Cafeteria Coordinator/ Department Heads Learner-Centered Estimated Purpose Description Steps Activity Time Provide Pick up Come in to the 30 min. breakfast for breakfast cafeteria, have our staff and before breakfast, wait create an beginning for beginning Breakfast inviting statements statements. environment. from our principal. Briefly discuss Use Last year’s Show 60 min. Review Desegregated areas of AEIS results PowerPoint data concern for and CIP to presentation each harden the with last years department and need for data and be aware of the improvement charts to areas our for each illustrate the students are department. areas of lacking in concerns and knowledge so discuss that they can specific master it this populations of year. students to target. Soak in On Break On Break 15 min. Break information Technology Support Learn how to Organize Break into 60 minutes use and grouping by groups incorporate the departments to according to technology brainstorm each tools we have ideas on how department. purchased for to incorporate our students to these new
  5. 5. Week 4 Assignment, Part 3: Evaluation Planning for Action Plan EVALUATION PLAN Time Description of Schedule Activity Facilitators Participants Location Comments
  6. 6. 3:00-3:30 Evaluation of Principals/ All Teaching staff Teacher Teachers will be asked to pm Technology Staff PEIMS Director/ Classroom on take a web based survey Development Department their own on their professional Heads computer. development from their own teacher computers upon completion. The web link will be provided to them in the school email. Teachers will be asked to share their experiences and how they plan to apply the technology in their classroom. A blog site will then be set up for any teachers whom would like to post their responses of this staff development. This form of evaluation must take place shortly after today’s professional development. The process although convenient, it also provides teachers with a quick assessment to see how many learner how to access these links and process the evaluation. This form of evaluation lets us see if our teachers are up to the task on these technology acquisition exercises. For us students in the Masters program we are used to these evaluations at the completion of every class, this one will be no different. They are fast, simple and informative; I hope at the end we have all learned something from this.