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E rate


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Susan Martin ET8040

Published in: Education, Technology
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E rate

  1. 1. Schools and Library Program of Universal Service Fund E-Rate10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  2. 2.  Overview of USAC – E-Rate Katy ISD Long-Range Technology Plan Overview Technology Funding Allocations Computer Ratios Technology Planning Meetings Katy ISD Long-Range Technology Plan Objectives and Goals Optional: Click Summary Agenda Item for Direct Page Access10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  3. 3.  Government funding for Schools and Libraries Administered by Universal Service Administrative Company – division of FCC Application requires the submission of a technology plan to obtain funding  Katy ISD has submitted the Katy ISD Long- Range Technology Plan10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  4. 4.  2009-2012 (3 year plan) Katy ISD Goal of Technology  Support teaching and learning for all children  Increase impact on student achievement Technology Planning Committee created Needs based on technology assessments per campus utilizing the Texas Teacher STaR chart10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  5. 5. 60000000 Teaching & Learning $7.7 million5000000040000000 Professional30000000 Development $4.8 million20000000 10000000 Admin/Support $26.3 million 0 Infrastructure $52.5 million Total $91.4 million 10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  6. 6.  Computer/Student  3 students for every computer Computer/Teacher  1 teacher for every computer 10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  7. 7.  Weekly  Superintendent’s meeting, Teaching and Learning Department, Instructional core teams and department meetings Monthly  Tech Leadership, Parent Roundtable, Faculty Roundtable, Construction Finance, Work Study (w/board), Board Meeting, Katy ISD Leadership, Principal Meetings Annual- Tech ePlan Update Committee10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  8. 8.  KMAC (Katy ISD Management of Automated Curriculum) aligned with Tech Apps TEKS Offers high school technology applications classes Utilization of instructional coaches on campuses Teaching and Learning staff to align technology solutions in curriculum10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  9. 9.  Require all District employees, students and others that access the Katy ISD computer/network/internet system to acknowledge their understanding of the Katy ISD RUG (Responsible Use Guidelines). Promote personal safety, cyber-security and digital citizenship trainings10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  10. 10.  Conducted through Campus-level instructional coaches  Provide electronic just-in-time training opportunities for district staff  Scheduled half day and full day training throughout the year10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  11. 11.  Plan to ensure effective use of technology throughout the district Enhance transportation system Strategic Planning for integration of technology into campuses Provide teacher web, eNews, telephone notifications and Parent digital information system10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  12. 12.  Use of virtual school and online classes Explore Distant learning Online training Web conferencing10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  13. 13.  Improved telecommunication phone system Digital security systems with digital recording and imaging Centralize photo copying and printing center Help desk technology assistance Wi-Fi open to all campuses with cyber- security filtering ID badge and identification system10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040
  14. 14.  Technology integration is interwoven throughout the Katy ISD Mission statement and all curriculum alignments with the State The Texas Teacher STaR Chart Assessment from every teacher is used to monitor the impact of technology at the campus level. Katy ISD will endeavor to improve form and function of the technology system throughout the district.10/13/2011 Created by Susan Martin ET8040