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BarcelonaNow dashboard showcase


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Presentation of BarcelonaNow dashboard, developed by Eurecat's Data Science and Big Data Analytics research team as part of the DECODE project.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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BarcelonaNow dashboard showcase

  1. 1. BarcelonaNow dashboard showcase DECODE technical symposium April 25, 2018 - Barcelona
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Customized visualizations ● The tool allows users to: ○ Display data using markers or heatmaps ○ Display animations of temporal data ○ Display temporal trends graphs ○ Display information associated with a given marker ○ Aggregate data with different temporal and geo granularities ○ Filter data based on keywords and time ranges ○ Combine two or more data sources on different layers
  4. 4. Information associated with a given marker
  5. 5. Visualizing and comparing temporal trends Temporal trend of the noise sensors selected in the map
  6. 6. Geographical aggregation by district The dashboard allows to… ● Visualize data from diverse public sources: ○ Airbnb InsideAirbnb ○ Aplicatiu de Sistemes Integrats d’Atenció ASIA ○ Incidències, Reclamacions i Suggeriments IRIS ○ Open Data Infrastructure ODI ○ Sentilo ○ Smart Citizen ● Create visualizations customized by the user: ○ Display data using markers or heatmaps ○ Aggregate with temporal and geo granularities ○ Filtering based on keywords and time ranges ○ Combine two or more visualizations to discover patterns
  7. 7. Combining data sources on different layers Noise sensors (markers) and complaints about noise (heatmap)
  8. 8. Sharing and co-creation The tool allows users to: ● Create, combine and share visualizations: ○ Combine several visualizations (widgets) into a dashboard ○ Move widgets between dashboards ○ Share the link to a widget or dashboard → users can share and spread their results → other users can build on a visualization and modify it
  9. 9. Currently integrated data sources ● Open data from public sources: ○ City events: ASIA (Aplicatiu de Sistemes Integrats d’Atenció) ○ Citizen complaints: IRIS (Incidències, Reclamacions i Suggeriments) ○ Bikesharing data from the Municipality Open Data: ODI (Open Data Infrastructure) ○ Sensor data: Sentilo ○ CityOS (under development with IMI) ○ Decidim public data through the API (next step!) ● and from some external sources: ○ Sensor data: Smart Citizen ○ Scraped Airbnb data: InsideAirbnb
  10. 10. As-is infrastructure
  11. 11. Data record common structure ● A data collector for each data source ○ to turn data from the original data format into a common format ○ payload field includes data that are different for each data source
  12. 12. Data record location fields
  13. 13. Work in progress ● Improve backend ○ Revise data architecture to improve performance and scalability ● Improve frontend ○ Improve performance, widget customization ○ Show daily/weekly/monthly trends for time series ○ Introduce other kinds of visualizations ● Integrate other public data sources ○ CityOS ○ Decidim public API ○ More data from ODI (demographic data, housing price data...)
  14. 14. Crowd-sourced (public/private) data Integration with Barcelona pilots IDIGITAL / BCNOW PLATFORM BCNNOW DASHBOARD IOT PILOT INVOLVING #CITIZENSENSE Open Democra cy Citizen Sensing / IoT Privacy-aware personalized visualizations Petition count + validation Demographic information Data sovereignitiy DATA COMMONS
  15. 15. References Mirko Marras, Matteo Manca, Ludovico Boratto, Gianni Fenu, David Laniado (2018). BarcelonaNow: Empowering Citizens with Interactive Dashboards for Urban Data Exploration. In Proceedings of The Web Conference (WWW’18), Lyon, France, April 2018. Online demo: Contacts: University of Cagliari