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Arabianranta booklet

  1. 1. Content01/The five W’s of User Experience Design02/Problems with the student counter03/Mind map04/Navigation map05/The view of Entrying from main entrance06/Temporary solution for the distinction07/Pictograms08/Food sigange system09/Menu design10/Further suggestions
  2. 2. 01/The five W’s of User Experience DesignWho – We are trying to create a betterexperience of eating lunch in thenewly renovated restaurant for AaltoUniversity students. The place is called“Arabianranta restaurant” which serversstudent lunch as well as lunch forbusiness class people.What – We as students and designersidentified spatial and navigationalissues in the restaurant. Through thisproject we wanted to recommend possiblesolutions to the restaurant in order tocreate an enjoyable experience of beingin that space.Where – The restaurant is situated inthe Arabia Campus and there are 3 otherrestaurants that the students can goto have their lunch. We targeted thisparticular restaurant because it hasbeen recently renovated and though thespace looks really good, the navigationand signage system in the space is veryconfusing.When – The restaurant is open from10.30-13.30 hrs. Students and othersnormally crowd in the restaurant from12.00-13.00hrs. It is at this time webelieve that the place needs a propersystem in place. The restaurant becomesso crowded and confusing that it’sdifficult to navigate.Why – As students we feel that we aretaken for granted by these restaurants,but we are potential costumers as well.We, as students and designers, wantedto bring about a change in thought.We believe that small changes in thesystem add up to a huge difference inthe way users experience any space.Food is central to everyone’s life andtherefore we decided to make this changein a student’s life by recommendingchanges at this new restaurant. We wanteveryone to feel equal, whether studentor business people. We wish to break theidea of user experiences being valued interms of money.
  3. 3. 02/Problems with the student counterAs we entered the space with a focus to create a betterexperience, we realised that there are many areas thatneeds a change in the student lunch space.Here are a few problem areas that we mapped on the space. 01 Soup is hard to find 02 Gets really crowded near the 04 The sign for vegetrian food is 06 Card entry point too high and is often unnoticed machine on one side of the table 03 Carrying water in the beginning 05 Unnecssary gap between the causes spilling of water and food and the payment counter breaking of glass 08 Less space to slide the tray 09 The bread area has no place to and take food at the same time keep the tray and therefore balancing everything is a problem 07 No salad plates
  4. 4. 03/Mind mapWe began thinking about the problem areas that we as students face every time weenter the Arabianranta restaurant. This mind-map demonstrates the areas we triedto focus in order to give possible solutions to bring together the ultimate userexperience for both students and other regular customers. Arabianranta restaurant user experience (Student’s point of view) Feedback? Signage Paying system Students vs. Student cards Business people with credit separate buffet tables Color codes Menu Navigation Food presentation Signs Pictograms
  5. 5. CURRENT WALKTHOUGH IN ARABIARANTA RESTAURANT Students Others Student Food Tables Food Tables Tables04/Navigation mapWe walked through the space from boththe entries and mapped them into adiagram to understand different spacesin the restaurant and studied how peoplenavigate through the space.This visual map that clearly shows theareas explored by students and otherregular people coming in the restaurant.
  6. 6. 05/The view of Entrying from main entranceNo clear distinction between studentlunch and business lunch. Student Lunch Business Lunch ?
  7. 7. 06/Temporary solution for the distinctionWhen we created the signboard to makethe clear distinction between thestudent lunch area and other people’slunch area, we realised that creatinga visual vocabulary for the restaurantwould be an immediate solution for mostof our problems.
  8. 8. 07/PictogramsCreating a signage system using pictograms would not only make a friendlyenvironment in the restaurant, but will also ensure giving clear information topeople about the kind of food they are eating and the spaces they are entering.
  9. 9. 08/Food sigange systemWe used a visuals signage system to inform people about thefood they are eating.We propose a very simple idea of having magnets printed withthe designed signs for different kind of food available ona particular day. The idea was to have flexibility for therestaurant crew to change the magnets on a daily basis.
  10. 10. ArAbiAnrAntA rAvintolA - ArAbiAnrAntA restAurAnt Menu Maanantai /Monday Kalacurrya Fish curry VL Keitettyjä tilliperunoita Boiled potatoes with dill G, L, M Falafel L, M Porkkanariisiä Carrot rice G, L, M Tzatziki G, L09/Menu designWhile we were trying to create the previousmagnets with visual signs for food, it was Kermaista hernesosekeittoaimportant that we also train our users with Creamy pea soup G, VLthe visual language. Therefore, we decidedto re-design the menu for one day adding thenew signs and symbols designed.The aim is also to have more regular customerswho eventually don’t have to look into thesigns to understand the food. The visuals are Liharuoka Kasvisruoka Keitto VL = Vähälaktoosinen / Low lactosevery universal to understand, considering Meat option Veggie option Soup optionthat there are many international people L = Laktoositon / Lactose freecoming in the restaurant. G = Gluteeniton / Gluten free M = Maidoton / Dairy free
  11. 11. CURRENT WALKTHOUGH IN SUGGESTED WALKTHOUGH INARABIARANTA RESTAURANT ARABIARANTA RESTAURANT Students Students Others Others Student Food Tables Student Food Tables Food Tables Food Tables Tables i Tables i i
  12. 12. 10/Further suggestionsIntegrating the payment system into thestudent card – We want to have the paymentsystem integrated in the student card, as thiswill avoid the hassle of showing the studentcard separately every time students enter therestaurant. Introducing such a system willhelp students maintain the records of theirpayments and will ensure easy distinctionbetween students and other regular customers.Take away – To distribute the crowd and improvemore business opportunities, we suggest thatthe restaurant must have ‘take away’ options onthe menu. This might be helpful for people whowant to are in a bit of a rush and want to grabsome food or people who might not want to eatin the restaurant but want to eat somewhere ina peaceful environment.Information to students about the daily menu– The Arabianranta restaurant is not yet onthe list of restaurants on Aalto Universitywebsite Also, the restaurant’s website is We believe that these changes would create an improvedunder construction and therefore there is no user experience not only for students but whoeverway one can find out what’s on the menu for a comes to the restaurant. The space already has aparticular day. The restaurant does have an sophisticated environment and these small but crucialA4 sized leaflet of the weekly menu, but it’s changes would surely make better prospects for anot efficient for everyone to carry the paper sustainable business model for the restaurant.everyday. We suggest that until the website isin place, students should be informed about thedaily menu on the Aalto website and eventuallyhave the link to the restaurant’s menu.Have better quality and variety of breads –Taking into account our experiences in eatingthe restaurant as students, we suggest thatthe restaurant must have better quality andvariety of breads. The breads in the othersection (business lunch area) are of betterquality than the student area. Also, bettervariety of salad is a plus.Feedback – We suggest that the restaurant musthave a place where people can give feedback.Considering people’s opinion about therestaurant is a sign of a good restaurant.Currently, the restaurant has no such facilityand therefore it’s important that they askpeople about their experience of being in thespace. It would also be important for customersto receive a response to their feedback fromthe restaurants.