Costa Rica Map by Small Distinctive Hotels


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Costa Rica Map by Small Distinctive Hotels

  1. 1. To Cartago Curridabat Cartago Sabanilla Turrialba Cartago Turire 3 Casa 63 km 5 Tips for Responsible Travel - Do your part to be a responsible traveler when visiting Costa Rica: San Francisco de Dos Ríos Moravia COSTA RICA HOTEL - RESTAURANT - BAR - AMPHITHEATER Inst. Costarricense de Turismo / Costa Rica Tourist Board CENTRAL PACIFIC COAST Ph.: (506) 26 37 06 06 - 26 30 30 00 Boulevard Ave. Central / Central Av. Boulevard • Look for sustainable hotels certified by Costa Rica´s Ministry of Tourism (CST). Visit: for more information ro Tribunal de Elecciones / Tribunal of Elections Fax: (506) 26 37 03 03 Algunas atracciones de San José / Some tourist attractions in San Jose n Ped Museo de Arte Costarricense / Art Museum • Be mindful of the amount of water and energy that you use while on vacation. Take advantage of linen and towel reuse programs. Mall Sa Parque de la Sabana / La Sabana Park Correo Nacional / National Post Office & SAN JOSE Museo Nacional / National Museum Parque Nacional / National Park Parque de la Paz / Peace Park • When visiting natural areas, make sure not to leave trash behind. Participate in recycling programs whenever possible. La Casona / La Casona El Pueblo / El Pueblo MAP OPY FREE C 21 22 18 12 17 20 15 16 19 14 13 22 Desamparados for more information Asamblea Legislativa / Legislative Assembly Centro Nacional de la Cultura / Culture Center Aserrí A luxury boutique hotel inspired by Tropical Victorian Architecture with a touch of Neo Classical influence, prized by Biblioteca Nacional / National Library Museo del Niño / Children’s Museum Templo de la Música / Music Temple Plaza de la Cultura / Culture Square • Practice your Spanish! It is a great way to get in touch with local cultures and customs. Edificio Metálico / Metallic Building Condé Nast Travel 2008, not only for its location, design and décor, but also for its outstanding facilities and first class Teatro Nacional / National Theater • Offset your carbon emissions caused by your international flights to Costa Rica. Visit: • Let hotels and tour operators know how they can improve their sustainability policies. Museo del Oro / Gold Museum service. A truly unique combination of mountain and seaside resort with its 45 comfortable accommodations, this exclu- Casa Amarilla / Yellow House • Support Costa Rica’s impressive national park system by organizing a visit or tour Serpentarium / Serpentarium 16 21 sive hotel offers 360-degree panoramic views, lush tropical gardens and infinity swimming pool. Enjoy World Cuisine 6 9 17 • Reduce your ecological footprint by using public transport, biking or walking. with a Costarican influence and a French flare in the elegant Mirador or the Greek style Amphitheatre Restaurants. 12 N CIO 7 11 A LA 13 UNV 4 5 • Buy local produce and support locally-run hotels and tour operators IRC 10 EC AD ENID 4 AV 1 10 3 11 2 2 3 6 7 9 1 4 5 8 Desamparados Eight very special hotels, each unique and different in style, 20 SANTA TERESA character, experience. Each committed through quality 18 Ph.: (506) 26 40 02 32 - Fax: (506) 26 40 02 26 19 8 and service providing truly unforgettable memories. San Rafael Arriba San Rafael Abajo Ph.: (506) 22 58 01 50 - Fax: (506) 22 58 01 53 w w w. d i s t i n c t i v e h o t e l s . c o m PERIMETER AVENUE 10 unique villas on 7 acres of white sand beach and the Pacific beyond, as well as our special eco-oriented Reserva. The Santa Teresa area is an ecologists´ dream, plus the surfing is truly world class here. The hotel was designed for all guests; anyone wanting to experience the amazing natural beauty of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. While at Florblanca you will experience and be surrounded by sheer elegance, fine gourmet dining, and unmatched personal service. Our villas, ocean front dojo, five star spa, cascading swimming pool and a beautiful gift shop are just a few of our wonderful amenities. Printed on paper: Elementary chlorine free - Acid free - Long life ISO 9706 - Neutral pH. 1 5 Alajuelita 14 HOTEL RESTAURANTE TURRIALBA SAN JOSE 1 Ph.: (506) 25 31 11 11 - Fax: (506) 25 31 10 75 Ph.: (506) 22 55 33 22 - Fax: (506) 22 21 27 82 15 © Design CARACTER S.A. Ph. +506 88 27 18 56 - - 12/2008 Located in Tobias Bolaños Airport in Pavas, 5 km from downtown San José On a quiet street in San José, Hotel Grano de Oro is an oasis in the heart of the city. In this converted mansion, our Casa Turire recalls the gracious charm of a colonial plantation home. This beautiful estate is enfolded by the Angostura 3 suites and 37 guest rooms maintain the warmth and comfort of a private home, each unique, no two alike. The lake with the imposing presence of the Turrialba Mountains forming a dramatic backtrop. The hotel features twelve deluxe restaurant serves continental cuisine in an intimate atmosphere. Service is paramount and the smiling staff of the rooms and four suites as well as a charming restaurant. A myriad of tours, nature hikes and excursions abound. Grano de Oro will welcome you home time and again. World-class white-water river rafting and kayaking are just at the doorstep and horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking, and bird watching are also available. 2 6 7 8 TAMARINDO BEACH VARA BLANCA MANUEL ANTONIO SOUTH PACIFIC Ph.: (506) 26 53 00 75 - Fax: (506) 26 53 02 92 Ph.: (506) 24 82 21 00 - Fax: (506) 24 82 10 94 Ph.: (506) 27 77 27 77 - Fax: (506) 27 77 27 77 Ph.: (506) 27 87 80 12 - Fax: (506) 27 87 80 15 Hotel Capitan Suizo is an oasis where discrete elegance blends with an informal and joyful atmosphere and where it “When you think about Costa Rica, you probably imagine lush tropical rain forests, flowing white rivers, spectacular Located on the beach next to Manuel Antonio National Park, the hotel offers a spectacular experience of nature Cuna del Angel (cradle of Angel) is the result of careful planning to create an exclusive and cozy Boutique Hotel is implicit that animals and nature are integrated with love and respect. Situated DIRECTLY on the beach in a primary waterfalls, birds, butterflies and flowers. At the Peace Lodge, you will experience all of that and more. Each of our and sustainability combined with the highest levels of comfort in a local Costa Rican setting. Nestled in eleven acres in midst of exuberant tropical forest with boosting wildlife. Our Gourmet Restaurant “La Palapa” and our Spa, location of the Tamarindo bay, one km outside of town lays this classy 30-room boutique Hotel ideal for a relaxing seventeen extraordinarily unique rooms boasts a Jacuzzi tub and stone fireplace along with showers that transform into of rainforest with private trails and two tree-shaded sandy beaches, Arenas Del Mar is the perfect base from which to together with Cuna’s Salon, are specialized in a very personalized service to make your stay a unique feeling home and soothing tropical holiday. waterfalls with the turn of a knob. Lodging includes unlimited access to La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park. Guests explore the area. The resort features 38 guest rooms and suites offering spectacular ocean views, an upscale restaurant, experience. Ideal for romantic weddings and honeymoons and special for adventurous guests: sport fishing (3 own will delight in local tours of canopy, whitewater rafting, “Poás” volcano, coffee plantation and horseback riding. a beachfront bar, two swimming pools, a luxurious spa as well as a gift shop featuring local art and souvenirs. boats), diving, horseback riding, surfing, quad tours, biking, climbing, wildlife and birdwatching...