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Final evaluation presentation part 5


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Final evaluation presentation part 5

  1. 1. All technology used in Draft 1 - Final Technologies used in the DRAFT 1/2/3/4/5 processMacQuicktimeYoutubeSony HandycamiMovieMicrosoft PowerPointUSB stickFreesound.orgBloggerSlide shareWikipedia – Opening credits
  2. 2. All technology used in Draft 1 - Final We used iMovie to edit all the footage from the drafts. As editing was a large proportion of our construction marks, we spent a lot of time editing our footage on iMovie. Throughout until the final draft our editing has increased in quality from practice and with feedback helped us largely improveWe used Quicktime during all ourdrafts. After finishing editing eachopening sequence. We converted it toQuicktime which enabled us to publishit onto Youtube, then to enable us toput it onto our media blog
  3. 3. All technology used in Draft 1 - Final was mostly a huge contribution to the creation in our opening sequence as it have amazing variety of sound effects and non-diegetic sound. Ithelped us create each different mood we were trying to put across to our audience including the thunder, sudden shocks, eerie sounds, scared breathing and many more.
  4. 4. Questions SevenLooking back at your preliminary task,what do you feel you have learnt in theprogression from it to the full product?
  5. 5. Preliminary Self assessment grade - 1c We gave ourselves this grade because we started off with no knowledge of editing, so we were unaware you could selectclips from one scene, so our continuity was minimal and also.. • Minimal variety of shots • Loads of background noise- can’t hear characters • Minimal shot distances • Poor shot reverse shots
  6. 6. Draft 1 - Opening Sequence Mark received - 2bWe received a 2b because…• Titles were very unsuited to conventions• Mise-en-scene was proficient• Titles transitions didn’t match to conventions• Confusing narrative• Bad use of special effects so that meaning is apparent to viewer• Bad use of flashbacks
  7. 7. Draft 1 - Opening Sequence What we learnt from filming and editingFILMINGWe learnt that it is difficult to film in public places –especially on Saturdays and that permission is needed ifyou want to film in these parks/areasEDITINGWe learnt how to play around with backwards wind andfast place so that we can change the sound of characterslanguage and voices to make them more creepy
  8. 8. Draft 2 - Opening Sequence Mark received - 2bWe received a 2b because…• The mise-en-scene was poor• The sound was improved, but not quite setting a mood• Shots need to be slowed• Needs a new beginning of sequence• Fonts were really bad• Needs way more variety of shots
  9. 9. Draft 2 - Opening Sequence What we learnt from filming and editingFILMINGFrom filming we learnt that you need to be careful whenfilming in dark tight spaces as the camera self focuses andto not move the tripod during a scene as it ruins thecontinuityEDITINGWe learnt how to detach audio onto another clip effectivelyand sound effect to emphasise something creepy andunusual
  10. 10. Draft 2 - Opening Sequence How did we improve since draft 1Since draft 1 we have improved on the…• Narrative• Plot/Story• Character representation• Location• Sound with imagesHowever, we did not improve on grade as we lackedin most areas
  11. 11. Draft 3 - Opening Sequence Mark received - 3aWe received a 3a because…• The beginning was good• Our sound with images improved and created some tension• Better understanding of thriller conventions• Better plot and story• More shots• Good titles
  12. 12. Draft 3 - Opening Sequence What we learnt from filming and editingFILMINGWe learnt how to film from awkward and difficult places toget better variety of shot distances. Also to always managelighting so it doesn’t change and become too darkEDITINGWe found a new website ‘’ which gave usmore effective sound effects to make it more scary and theblue colour effect throughout to create the cold feeling
  13. 13. Draft 3 - Opening Sequence How did we improve since draft 2Since draft 2 we have improved on the…• Titles• Plot/Story• Variety of shot distances• Sound with images
  14. 14. Draft 4 - Opening Sequence Mark received - 3bWe received a 3b because…• One less group member was there to help film when all 3 of us are in the shot• Improve sound with images• Improve titles into the right order billing• Better character representation• Better variety of shots
  15. 15. Draft 4 - Opening Sequence What we learnt from filming and editingFILMINGHow to film a scene – with a pan – when all 3 actors are inthe shot as a group member didn’t come, which wasdifficult and ruined our continuityEDITINGMore ways in overlapping the sound effects to make themextremely intense and how to crop the scene to get abetter shot and focus on something being shown
  16. 16. Draft 4 - Opening Sequence How did we improve since draft 3Since draft 3 we have improved on the…• Pace• Plot/Story• Conventions• Props• Costume
  17. 17. Draft 5 - Opening Sequence What did we learn from the final draft?From our final draft we learnt how to get to properly create a reallyeffective thriller opening sequence based on its forms, conventions, narrative. Also that fact that our opening sequence went over the 2:00 guild line, we realised that it is quite unique and unusual if a thriller opening sequence was done in such a short amount of time, if we had cut down out opening sequence it would go against the conventions of a thriller as, it is essential to begin calm, and thenbuild then suspense, thrill and tension up to a climax so that its most effective and exciting for our target audience. So therefore, if has been cut down, it wouldn’t be a successful thriller opening sequence
  18. 18. Draft 5 - Opening SequenceWhat did we learn from the final draft? FOR EXAMPLE,These are the timings for each thriller opening sequence Insidious – 2:53 Paranormal activity – 2:13 Devil – 2:50 The woman in black – 1:44 The bogeyman – 2: Dead Silence – 2:59 The sixth sense – 2:55 And many more…
  19. 19. Draft 5 - Opening Sequence If we were to complete another, how would we improve further?We would cut down some aspects of the opening sequence e.g taking the match out the box to be quicker, the character being more scared towards the end, and some continuity errorsAlthough we wouldn’t improve to drastically as we feel it portrays an excellent thriller opening sequence.