How can i lower my credit card interest? PART 1


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Our eBook overview of how to get started negotiating credit card APR's called, "Credit Card Negotiations 101".

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How can i lower my credit card interest? PART 1

  1. 1. Credit Card Negotiating 101Credit Card and Personal Finance Coach takes you through the steps to lower interest rates and monthly payments.For full details and information on Credit Card Negotiating check out our eBook “How to Beat the Banks” Available at
  2. 2. Credit Card Negotiating 101Credit Card Negotiating 101 teaches all the steps involved in working with the banks and credit card companies.Our goal is to help you better understand your interest rates and the payments on your accounts.The following pages outline the steps that you should follow before calling any bank!
  3. 3. Credit Card Negotiating 101Get organized and prepared. Most people do not know what their interest rates are or where to find them. Our simple process explains how to get started right to achieve the best results. We help and teach you how to be more successful with your personal finances and credit cards.
  4. 4. Credit Card Negotiating 101Step 1: Document all your debtsWrite down each one of your creditors you have a credit card or line of credit with. Bank Name Account Number *(1234-5678-9876-5432) Interest Rate(s) *(15%,23.9%,29.99%) Balance, Payment and Available Credit
  5. 5. Credit Card Negotiating 101Step 2: Track and Write down all monthly expenses and incomeThis exercise will enable you to know exactly how much money you need to pay your monthly bills and expenses.Make sure to include the household monthly income from all people who help to pay the bills. Write down every bill - all monthly expenses (mortgage, auto, food, gas, utilities, phones, insurances, etc.). Total all expenses. Write all combined monthly incomes (job1, job2, pensions, retirement income, social security, etc.) Total all income. Monthly Income – Monthly Expenses = Debt to Income Ratio Example: $6k monthly income - $5k expenses = $1k available cash By completing this exercise you will determine whether you have available income or increasing monthly debt Full details available in our eBook:
  6. 6. Credit Card Negotiating 101After completing steps 1 and 2 the game planning starts!You will have a better understanding of your finances and will help to answer other questions that can come up. This part of the Financial Analysis helps to guide you in the right direction.If you have more expenses than income each month: Learn a game plan to reduce your monthly deficit Know what you want before seeking out help from the banks Budgeting, how much can you really afford to payIf you have more income than expenses each month: Work on additional ways to save money on your accounts Know what debt ratio you can comfortably afford Design a payoff timeline for your existing accounts
  7. 7. Credit Card Negotiating 101At this point you might be thinking ok, now I’m ready to call my bank for a better interest rate! If you did go ahead and call the bank, you “might” get a lower interest rate! You may also get declined for a lower APR!But do you really know why you got a lower APR or did not get what you are looking for? If you do get declined, what next?In the eBook we have listed everything that the banks look for when someone calls about lowering their interest rates. The banks will not tell why you did or did not get a better APR. Their computer will tell you “YES” or “NO” about lowering the interest. The eBook explains all the details. With the information provided, you will know who to call, what to do and say to the bank representative. For more information check us out at Email:
  8. 8. Credit Card Negotiating 101 Don’t wait any longer, get your copy now!
  9. 9. About SD Finch Consulting and eBook Hi, my name is SD Finch and for the past several years I have helped over 1,300 people lower interest rates on their credit cards. As a financial counselor and credit card debt negotiator for a Financial Advisory firm we have documented the success strategies to help people like you successfully negotiate lower interest rates. This includes the most effective techniques, all bank programs, bank phone numbers into direct departments and instructions on what the banks will and will not do. One on one personal coaching is available also!