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Scale Presentation 3 3 09

  1. 1. SCALE COMPUTING Enterprise Mass Storage
  2. 2. What We Do Scale Computing offers enterprise mass storage through our Build-a-Grid storage module, a low cost, high availability, truly scalable, migration-less solution to scaling storage.
  3. 3. Addressing the Challenges: Delivering Fortune 100 features at an SMB Price Scale’s Build-a-Grid architecture delivers the best combination of capabilities across the storage spectrum that includes enterprise-class grid scalability with the simplicity of a cloud storage solution at a compelling price.
  4. 4. Disk Storage Market
  5. 5. Affordability & Scalability Storage Solutions Price/TB Initial TB Total Initial Cost Scalability (useable) requirement Scale SG 100 $3,834 3 TB $11,502 HPC Scale SG 200 $2,500 6 TB $15,000 HPC IBM XIV $11,250 80 TB $900,000 HPC Compellent $7,700 6 TB $46,200 Control Unit EqualLogic $24,286 .7 TB $17,000 Array LeftHand $6,882 5 TB $34,410 Grid EMC Clarion AX4 $10,000 1.7 TB $17,000 Array Understanding the storage market requires a review of the total solution entry price, not just a cost/TB comparison. Scale offers High Performance Clustering (HPC) scalability only found in the high-enterprise, highly expensive IBM XIV—for 1/100 of the price.
  6. 6. Two Customer Use Cases Key Needs Key Needs Log files, back-up, e-mail Using Virtualization to cut costs archive, images , video Conforming to VMWare Best Practices The challenge: create a low-cost, simple solution that addresses many challenges faced by archiving and virtualization practices.
  7. 7. Two Customer Use Cases Key Archiving Challenges Storage is growing at 60% per year and IT budgets are tightening Challenge: • Higher end capabilities are needed to backup, manage and expand storage systems. • Capacity planning becomes an art and leads to overbuying and inefficiencies. Fast Fact: In today’s economic times, budgets are tightening, storage needs are growing and thin budgets are stretched to meet enterprise demands and requirements.
  8. 8. Two Customer Use Cases Key Virtualization Challenges • Expensive VMWare Best Practices—No single point of failure • Performance bottlenecks increase as more nodes connect • HA and DR solutions need to be deployed, but are expensive • High performance requirements • May be overspending on high performance hardware Fast Fact: Many customers are attempting to build their own solutions in an effort to maximize capabilities and stretch their budgets.
  9. 9. Scale’s Core: Supercomputing Power 1 HPC Supercomputer storage technology 2. Off-the-shelf hardware 3. Supports: CIFS, NFS, iSCSI protocols 4. Easy to use UI Scale’sBuild-a-Grid architecture includes close to 80% of the most wanted enterprise features at nearly 10% of the entry price.
  10. 10. Products Storage Grid 100 1TB Storage Grid 200 2TB Througput Power Capacity & Throughput Scale’s Build-a-Grid architecture allows you to dial-in your performance needs with our flexible storage solutions.
  11. 11. Build-a-Grid Appliance Storage Grid 100 & 200 Features Key Features Key Benefits No need to over buy Incremental, as needed growth from 1TB Scales to more than 2.2 PB Virtually Unlimited scalability Enterprise-Class Grid Architecture Easy, automatic node-to-node scalability Migration-less No requirement to migrate data Uses HPC Core Trusted, stable, supercomputing core CIFS, NFS, iSCSI protocols Supports all at the same time The Build-a-Grid appliance can be used as both a SAN and a NAS at the same time.
  12. 12. Build-a-Grid Appliance Storage Grid 100 and 200 Additional Features Single, easy management UI Auto load balancing & self healing 50MB/sec/node – Dial in throughput No Bottlenecks or single point of failure Data is mirrored and striped across bricks The Build-a-Grid appliance is simple and easy to manage. With no single point of failure, it is the best HPC solution on the market for the price.
  13. 13. Thank You, Alan Hahn VP of Worldwide Sales