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Technology innovation award oct 29


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Published in: Technology
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Technology innovation award oct 29

  1. 1. Admin Operations from the Cloud Volunteers of America Chesapeake, Inc. Technology Innovation award presentation October 29th 2010
  2. 2. Volunteers of AmericaChesapeake  Faith-based, non-profit organization founded in 1896  Geographic area: Mid-Atlantic region, from Baltimore, through Maryland, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach.  Employ: more than 600 full and part-time staff members.  Serve: more than 8,000 people each year.  Operate: 26 programs for individuals and families serving the: homeless, mentally ill, intellectually disabled, elderly, those in need of affordable housing, those recovering from substance abuse and community corrections.
  3. 3. Our Pain points  Poor document retention and retrieval  missed/delayed reimbursement from funders  Multiple audit findings & accreditation problems
  4. 4. Why CloudComputing? Sources: “A Break in the Clouds: Towards a Cloud Definition”, 2009; Vaquero, Rodero-Merino, Caceres, Linder "Above the Clouds: A Berkley View of Cloud Computing", 2009; UC Berkley Reliable Adaptive Distributed Systems Laboratory “Clearing the air on cloud computing”, 2009; McKinsey & Company
  5. 5. KnowledgeTreedocument management  Accounting AP, Invoices, cash receipts, document storage and archival solution  Hosted on Amazon Webservices  Eliminated 2 audit findings related to document management with this $4000/year solution (20 users/100 GB capacity)  Improved workflow with contract billing and timely cost reimbursement  Collaboration is finally happening!!  Expanded to HR, Development BU’s and program services
  6. 6. KnowledgeTree
  7. 7. OnlineEditing
  8. 8. Roadmap Cloud Based Apps planned to be rolled out: 1. Case Management - Social Solutions 2. Spend Mgmt- Coupa 3. Integrated HR/Finance IS-