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January 5, 2010


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Published in: Education
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January 5, 2010

  1. 1. Downtown Optimist Club Newsletter A periodic Newsletter of the St. Petersburg - Downtown Optimist Club North Florida District, Zone 9, Club #60447 January 05, 2010 Editor: E. Gardner Harshman, telephone 592-0243 or email: It’s a New Year and The Beat Goes On ..... A Walk for Hope Remember last May when we had as our guest speaker our Respect For Law recipient Sgt. Tracey Schofield of the Pinellas Park Police. Tracey told us of his plans to walk across Florida raising funds for the Boys & Girls Club of Pinellas Park and for Project Hope, the tent city for homeless. Funds were to be divided between the two projects. Well, Tracey is back! That is, a very successful Tracey is back! Lee Warnock and Gardner attended a function on December 31st wherein Tracey presented checks to both organizations for $11,750.00 each. Wow! What one person can do when they decide to make a difference. Tracey began on December 13th and walking 20 to 33 miles per day for a total of 181 miles, he walked 335,000 steps from Pinellas Park to Ft. Pierce. He even walked his way across the Skyway by walking to and fro on a bus as it drove him from Pinellas to Manatee County. E3 J.O.O.I. Club ... The second meeting of our new J.O.O.I. club took place today (01/05) and officers were elected. The club is still working on increasing their membership, but today’s primary function was to elect officers for the coming year. They successfully did that. It was great to hear the nominating speeches and then the candidates talk about why the others should vote for them. We could have some candidates here for our annual oratorical contest! Meeting dates are being changed from first and third Tuesdays to second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Next meeting is set for January 26th. Flyers about an upcoming skating party were distributed to the kids... Skating party ... Instead of the usual bowling party for the foster children at Salvation Army Children’s Home, arrangements have been made to co-sponsor with Breakfast Club a skating party at Astro Skating Rink on Saturday, January 16th, from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon for the members of the new J.O.O.I. Club and for the foster children. The kids will be treated to skating, a snack and a drink. Our members are encouraged to attend the party as chaperones. We do need your help to do so. Today’s meeting at Tick Tock ... A decent turnout for our first meeting of the new year. We did miss a few regulars --- Chuck and Vi, both under the weather but getting better; Roseanna and Bob Costa who were traveling; and Harry Neal. Of course, we miss any and all absent members but we know schedules sometimes conflict. I mention the above because
  2. 2. they’re usually always at the regular meetings. If you haven’t been, please try to join us. Besides getting our regular business handled, we do have a good time! It was an informal meeting --- no speaker. We chatted about the holidays, personal activities and Optimist plans for the coming month or two. Tonight is the night we would have fed Ronald McDonald House, but that has been put off until April 20th. The new Gigi’s Restaurant on 4th Street has been checked out by several members and does not appear to be a good candidate for regular meetings — no private area. Scott reports that you can start accumulating eggs, candy, baskets and whatever for the Zone annual Easter Egg hunt which will probably take place on April 3rd. It’s never too early to start preparing for this event. Tick Tock is working out well. Interference and noise from other patrons did not bother us. No formal action was taken, but it appears that we may continue to meet at Tick Tock for the winter months. We have not written off Po’ Folks, but the crowds there during the winter months generate noise pollution for our meetings. Potpoouri..... Zone Yard Sale. “Governor Ric” has offered the zone clubs the use of his and Betty Jo’s parking lot (Club 28) for a zone Yard Sale. The date would be the latter part of February, 2010. Actually, if all the clubs participated, it would be more like a Flea Market. It would be a one day event. This is a large parking lot, so each club could have a section to set up their wares, and act independently of each other. Please discuss this with your club members and let me (Vi) know if you are interested.” We discussed this to some degree but came to no conclusion. We have our own yard sale scheduled for Saturday, March 15th, and there is concern that two sales in two months might be too much for us. A Zone meeting is scheduled for January 21st and I’m sure that this will be discussed then. Thank You from Brookwood. “I want to thank you for inviting me to the Downtown Optimists holiday dinner on December 15th, and for giving me an opportunity to speak about Brookwood. And, on behalf of our foster teens, I want to thank all those who donated holiday gifts for the girls. The gifts will help our residents have a happy and memorable Christmas!” On behalf of Brookwood, I wish you and all the Optimists a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Thank You from Optimist International. “On behalf of President Bill Teague and the Members of the Board of Directors of the Optimist International Foundation, I want to acknowledge receipt of your Club’s recent gifts ..... Your gift is given in memory of Eleanor Sandridge. We have made the family aware of your memorial tribute. .... You have designated $37 of your gift for the Childhood Cancer Campaign. We thank you. Your gift helps provide for an important program of Optimist International.....Yours in Optimism, Judi Smith, CFRE Executive Director. Upcoming Activities ... January 16 1:00 PM Skating Party at Astro Skating Rink January 19 6:30 PM Regular meeting at Tick Tock January 21 6:30 PM Zone meeting at Gigi’s Restaurant in South Pasadena January 26 4:15 PM J.O.O.I.. meeting at Morgan Fitzgerald School January 29 10:00 AM Communication Contest for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH) Pinellas Park High School February 2 6:30 PM Regular meeting at Tick Tock February 5 - 7 — 2nd Quarter Conference in Jacksonville
  3. 3. Board of Directors Meeting ... BIRTHDAYS!! The regular meeting was followed by a Board meeting. Lee Warnock, Secretary-Treasurer, January 10 Jane E. Ridings presented minutes from the last Board meeting and a January 24 Brett R. Paul Treasurer’s Report indicating that the Club was in good financial shape. Both the minutes and the financial report were approved as presented. Lee introduced a topic that had not been included in the budget for the coming year — 50/50 Drawing materials for the Student of the Month Club which is Viki drew the winning number in an attempt to used at Sexton Elementary School on a monthly win the 50/50 amount of $153.00. She was unable to basis. Lee explained that we usually purchase a locate the Joker, though, drawing the Jack of Spades supply of 500 which carries us for 2-1/2 years. This instead. Keep trying Viki! presents a savings over a 1 year supply. Following discussion regarding our financial standing and the fact that the supply wasn’t budgeted, a motion was made to take advantage of the savings and go with Pretend this the larger supply. Motion carried. is the Jack Thanks to everyone for their attention and of participation. Spades
  4. 4. Downtown Optimist Club of St. Petersburg th 3558 100 Terrace Pinellas Park, FL 33782-4100 The Optimist Creed Promise Yourself - To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. CLUB OFFICERS President Gardner Harshman . . 592-0243 Vice Pres. Scott Kaplan . . . . . . . 535-6939 Essay Contest . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jean Rutan Vice Pres. Vi Hayworth . . . . . . . 527-2656 Programs/Speakers . . . . . . . . Rick Rutan Sec/Treas. Lee Warnock . . . . . . 577-7159 Fellowship . . . . . . Vi Hayworth/Viki Pena Sgt-At-Arms Jim Sirrianna . . . . 392-2718 Poster Contest . . . . . . . . . . . . Jean Rutan Chaplin Rick Rutan . . . . . . . . . 522-6143 O.I. Foundation Rep . . . . . . . Jane Ridings Respect for Law . . . . . . Gardner Harshman Directors Youth Appreciation . . . . . . . . Lee Warnock Jim Sirrianna (1) . . . . . . . . . . . 392-2718 New Community Dev. . . . . . . Vi Hayworth Viki Pena (1) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 421-3721 Get Away Raffle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chuck Hayworth (1) . . . . . . . . . 527-2656 Easter Egg Hunt . . . . . . . . . . Scott Kaplan Jean Rutan (2) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 522-6143 Bell Ringing . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vi Hayworth Rick Rutan (2) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 522-6143 First Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lee Warnock Judy Warnock (2) . . . . . . . . . . . 458-8278 COMMITTEE CHAIRS Oratorical Contest . . . . . . . . Lee Warnock