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Juan ponce de leon project


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Juan ponce de leon project

  1. 1.  Juan Ponce De Leon was born in Santervas, Spain in July 1474. He was born in a noble Spanish family and was well educated. He and his parents were Roman Catholic
  2. 2.  He was a young soldier starting out. He also sailed with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage. He trained himself to be a warrior so that he could take part in the daring adventures of the time. When he went with Columbus to the “New World” he stayed in the New World in Hispaniola.
  3. 3.  He discovered Florida while searching for the Fountain Of Youth which was told that if you drank from it would make you young again. He also found Puerto Rico He had to ask permission from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to go find the Fountain Of Youth.
  4. 4.  His relatives that historians know are Rodrigo Ponce De Leon, and Marquis of Cadiz. He also has a wife named Leonor Ponce De Leon. And a daughter named Juana Ponce De Leon.
  5. 5.  He discovered Florida and claimed it for Spain. He also fought a lot with the native Americans. And he got more information for maps too! He even started a settlement in the “New World” in Puerto Rico.
  6. 6.  Juan Ponce De Leon was fighting with the Native Americans when one Native shot him with a poisoned arrow and soon after died from his wounds at only 47. He died in Cuba, but was buried in Puerto Rico. A statue still stands tall for him in Puerto Rico.
  7. 7.  Juan Ponce De Leon was a tough explorer and young soldier who discovered the wonderful state of Florida searching for the fountain of youth.