2011 Wsi Capabilities Overview


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2011 Wsi Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. Introduction Contact us today to learn more: (224)-433-6026 SdeLuca@wsiebizgrowth.comMr. Steve de Luca is the Managing Director of the Libertyville office of WSI Services OfferedSteve was a highly successful sales, marketing andgeneral management executive and consultant in theconsumer and B2B packaged goods industry for over We are a full service marketing20 years. His roles included the head of marketing for consulting agency that offersa $450 million beverage business unit of Fortune traditional and internet marketingBrands for 10 years, other client-side VP/GM and services and solutions, including:consulting positions across various health and wellnessindustries. Steve has been hands on with Internet • Search Engine MarketingMarketing since 1997, when he was part of the • Social Media Marketingexecutive team responsible for redefining Fortune • Marketing Planning and BrandingBrands’ beverage division go-to-market strategy from • Mobile Marketingtraditional to Internet Marketing based. • Email Marketing and RemarketingOver his career, Steve has worked with several hundredsmall and medium sized business to help them growtheir revenue even in a tough economy by:• Defining their differentiated value proposition Who is WSI?• Making them more visible online• Attracting more qualified prospects to their business • The largest Internet Consulting• Converting those prospects into clients Network in the world• And maintaining profitable lifetime relationships • 1500 offices with them • 88 countries• Our approach is to identify your business • Central resources and access to objectives, and then use the optimal a global network of expertise combination of internet marketing and traditional marketing techniques to enable you to achieve your objectives. Get your company’s revenue and beat out thecompetition, even in a tough economy. Call us today at (224)-433-6026
  2. 2. Our ServicesIntegrated Marketing Strategies Contact us today to learn more: (224)-433-6026 SdeLuca@wsiebizgrowth.comWe bring to bear the optimal combination of traditionalAnd Internet Marketing techniques to help yourcompany achieve its business objectives. Ourcross-media marketing solutions combine branding,design, and technology into a unified effort and can be Benefits customized and scaled to meet your needs.Branding / IdentityCreate a new identity, or transform one that is • Compelling brand imagetimeworn. Whatever the need, we offer a range of • Consistent messagingIdentity Packages from a simple logo or a new product • Competitive differentiation name to a complete brand identity and style guide. • Increased pipeline Creative / Design • Significant revenue growth We offer creative problem solving expertise to • Lifetime profitable relationshipsconceptualize, design and produce all the communication with your clients elements youll need for a single campaign or a long-termcross-media program.Web Design / Web DevelopmentWebsite development requires big picture thinkingabout business strategy, brand, technology and Our Approachdesired outcomes. WSI can design and develop a websitecustomized to your needs and ready to capitalize on thelatest internet techniques. • Discovery-objectives & needsOnline Lead Generation • Plan-steps & requirements toYour website wont achieve its maximum potential achieveuntil your target audience knows where to find it.WSI connects you with your audience through Search • Create-brand, plan, website, etc.Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, • Implement-plan, marketing Social Media and Mobile Marketing. programsCross-Media Marketing • Measure-activity, progress, resultsWe help you shape your story and tell it across a variety • Manage / Adjustof media platforms, building important linkages betweenyou and your audience. Every communication - onlineand offline - is designed with triggers that inspire youraudience to respond and engage with your business.
  3. 3. Our Services Search Engine Optimization Contact us today to learn more: (224)-433-6026 SdeLuca@wsiebizgrowth.comRanking on the first page of the search engines foryour keywords is critical if you want to grow yourbusiness. 94.7% of all traffic goes to the 10positions on the 1st page of the search engineresults. Those positions are highly sought after and What exactly is SEO?very competitive.Your success depends on working with a firm that Search Engine Optimizationtruly understands how to move small and local focuses on ranking yourbusinesses to the top of the search engines. company at the top of theThe WSI SEO Approach search engines for targeted keyword phrases thatOur approach is specifically geared to get you represent your goods &results fast for your keywords in the communities services. We do this byyou serve. Our SEO projects include: building Relevance and• Analyzing and understanding your target market Authority.• Analyzing and understanding your competition• Structure, conversion, and user experience improvement recommendations for your website Benefits• Creating SEO optimized content and meta tags for your website• Adding analytics tools to provide ongoing • Increase traffic to your business measurement of website activity • Generate quality leads naturally• Off Page SEO—Link building to increase Authority • Reach your customers where & when they are searching for youGet your business to the top of the search enginesand grow your revenue, even in a tough economy. • Increase conversions by Call us today at (224)-433-6026 optimizing your website • Building brand awareness for your business
  4. 4. Our Services Pay-Per-Click Advertising Pay-Per- Contact us today to learn more: (224)-433-6026 SdeLuca@wsiebizgrowth.comPay Per Click advertising (PPC) is the easiest andfastest way to get first page visibility on the majorsearch engines with a tailored offer to your targetmarket, exactly when they are ready to make apurchase decision. BenefitsA Pay Per Click campaign can be initiated quickly,with a reasonable up front investment andimmediately provide a new flow of qualified leads • Increase your salesto your website. • Lower your cost per salePPC is enormously powerful. You only advertise to • Get more visitors, leads, salespeople who are looking for what you have right and customersnow, and you only pay when they respond by • Maximize your Google Adwordsclicking through to your website. The price is budgetdetermined by an ongoing real-time bidding process • Professional brand promotionthat is based on true market values.Our 5-Step Plan for Pay-Per-ClickStep 1: Create an informative webpage• Ensure there is a compelling call-to-action Campaign ManagementStep 2: Generate a list of keywords• The words and phrases that potential buyers use to search for your goods and services Our campaign managementStep 3: Build your campaign services will track and measure• Write your Google AdWords advertisements the effectiveness of your ads on• Research bid prices on Google a monthly basis. Well work withStep 4: Monitor your results you to determine the most• Which ads are getting more clicks appropriate and effective goals• Which keywords are getting more clicks for your PPC landing pages and• Click through rate trends and opportunities advertising campaigns.Step 5: Improve your performance• Rewrite ads to improve click through rates• Optimize landing pages to improve conversion rates• Improve you ROI by adjusting bid prices
  5. 5. Our Services Social Media Marketing Contact us today to learn more: (224)-433-6026 SdeLuca@wsiebizgrowth.comBreak into the world of social media and create,brand and manage your online presence. WSI willshow you how to leverage the social media frenzy Benefits Social Profile Setupto your advantage and capture the attention of thelargest growing audience online.Whether your goal is to establish your brand, •• Provide customers& LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter with relevantcapture additional market share, or conduct real-time • business and industry news Personal and group profilesmarket research, social media should be part of any •• Stay connected with your clients Import contacts from Outlookserious online marketing strategy. •• More effective response rates Join groups, populate group, than other marketing tactics addition of applications • An inexpensive way to get moreSocial Media Services • Banner and text advertising prospects to read about your • business setup as well as campaign• Social profile creation and management—Facebook, management LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube• Create a branded Facebook business landing page integrated to your website Our Objectives Benefits• Create a Blog and add blog posts on a regular frequency• YouTube – optimize and upload videos • •Capture the attentionof your Improve the quality of the largest growinglist current email online audience• Social Media reputation monitoring & management • •Conduct real-time market Increase brand recognition •research Drive repeat traffic to your• Social bookmarking links in top social networks business • •Interact and update easily Build long-term relationships• Monthly review detailing account activity and growth • •Build affordable brand awareness Increase overall sales• Social Media training and coaching
  6. 6. Our Services Email Marketing Contact us today to learn more: (224)-433-6026 SdeLuca@wsiebizgrowth.comEmail marketing is a proven method of keeping intouch with prospects and existing customers.It is a cost-effective solution to creating top of mind Benefitsbrand recognition and increase sales.Our Services • Provide customers with relevant business and industry news• Import existing email database into a leading-edge • Stay connected with your clients Email Marketing system• Integrate a subscribe form on the website to build • More effective response rates than the list other marketing tactics• Create email marketing campaigns by providing • An inexpensive way to get more content ideas that can be sent to your database prospects to read about your• Develop an email marketing graphic template business• Track and measure the open rate, click through rate, and order rate• Apply content and provide drafts for signoff of all email distributions Our Objectives • Improve the quality of your current email list • Increase brand recognition • Drive repeat traffic to your business • Build long-term relationships • Increase overall sales
  7. 7. Quick Start SolutionsOur Quick Start Solutions enable you to grow yourrevenue and gain a competitive advantage even in atough economy. We: Contact us today to get started: • Make your business more visible online (224)-433-6026 • Attract more qualified visitors to your website SdeLuca@wsiebizgrowth.com • Convert those visitors into customers • Convert those customers into Revenue Benefits • Provide customers with relevant business and industry news • Stay connected with your clients • More effective response rates than other marketing tactics • An inexpensive way to get more prospects to read about your business Our Objectives • Improve the quality of your current email list • Increase brand recognition • Drive repeat traffic to your business • Build long-term relationships • Increase overall sales WSI E-Biz Growth | (224-433-6026 | LSdeLuca@wsiebizgrowth.com | www.wsiebizgrowth.com