Chapter 24: Violence Against Women


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Chapter 24: Violence Against Women

  1. 1.  By Smbat Defterderian
  2. 2.  Sexual Violence, Intimate-partner Violence, And other abuse of women/children is growing problem. Majority of Violence against both men and women is inflicted by men Sexual violence can be more insidious because sexual acts are used ordinarily as a source of pleasure rather than pain
  3. 3.  Causes: • Psychological Problems • Sexual Frustration • Childhood Abuse • Unbearable Life Pressures • Drug/Alcohol Abuse Violence against women is about power and control exerted over another person.
  4. 4.  Women Who are at a greater risk: o Women of color o Young women o Older women o Illegal immigrants o Refugees o Lesbians o Transsexuals o Transgender o Women with disabilities
  5. 5.  Many survivors feel isolated because of a lack of support, and because of the shame that surrounds sexuality and victimization in our culture • Isolation is used by child abusers and abusive inmate partners Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Common Reactions to Violence: o Self-blame, Shame, Fear, Terror, Anger, Rage, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Grief, Loss, Loss of Control, Changes in Sexuality
  6. 6.  Recover is a multi step gradual process that requires much reflection to help move through the healing process. It requires the understanding that: o The violence was not your fault o You made the best choice you could o There is no right way to feel or heal o Healing takes time and there may be setbacks o You deserve support
  7. 7.  One of the most common forms of sexual assault During Rape survival is primary instinct. Women are often blamed for rape and attempted rape Due to the cultural views on women in society, many do not realize that they have been sexually assaulted until sometime after the incident Rape in a long-term relationship is a form of domestic abuse and can be difficult to find support for
  8. 8.  Campus Rape: o Rape is the most common violent crime on college campuses o Colleges are required by federal law to have a policy addressing sexual assault and rape that occurs on campus o Many college administrations downplay sexual assault to maintain positive school reputation Gray Rape Although majority of rapes are committed by men, rape by women does occur If you have been raped it is critical to gain medical attention immediately
  9. 9.  Intimate Partner Violence  What to do? or Domestic Violence are o Call National Domestic the most common crimes Violence Hotline yet the least reported o Build a Support Network crimes in the world o Teach your children how to call 911 for emergency Often follows a pattern assistance o Look online for recourses Devastating Impact onto o Learn computer safety children: o Prepare a safety plan o Live in constant fear o Study abuser’s patterns o Develop physical and emotional responses to violence.
  10. 10.  Legal system can help prevent many future cases via court ordered restraining orders Applying for and securing welfare benefits can help improve safety under a protection order Many hospitals have trained staff to deal with violence against women Many community programs help end intimate partner violence and provide a support system
  11. 11.  Both men and women are victims of stalking, but women are three times more likely to be stalked 3 out of 4 victims know their stalker 30 percent of stalking involves a current or former intimate partner who may monitor, follow, and track down their partner Many women who experience stalking feel forced to move residences, change jobs, or alter daily habits. Stalking is unpredictable and dangerous
  12. 12.  Sexual Abuse of Children: o Occurs when older or more knowledgeable child or adult forces, tricks, threatens, or pressures a child into sexual awareness or activity o Long term psychological consequences o Often at the hands of a trusted adult Sexual Harassment o Unwanted sexual attention o Not limited to the workplace or school
  13. 13.  Most important step is to stop people from using violence to get their way Self-defense through assertiveness training, exercise, and boxing/other sports that promote self- confidence, self knowledge, and self- reliance is possible.
  14. 14. “Violence against women is about power and coercive control exerted over another person in the context of a relationship, culture, or social and institutional system.”
  15. 15.  How do you think cultural stereotypes and predetermined notions of the roles of men and women contributed to violence against women becoming a health problem of “epidemic proportions”? And What can be done as individuals to change this culture of male dominance and move to put an end to the violence against women?