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Transforming Lean Organizations

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Dan perron lim

  1. 1. Transforming Services Organizations:“Lean” OfficeAn overall case study of the application of Lean principles, anda systemic approach, to transforming services organizations. 1 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Abstract• Transforming the business: - Applying “Lean” to a non-manufacturing environment• Never “just a system” project• Logical progression to transforming• Set the foundation• Design the solution; define requirements• Build the roadmap; align all elements - Goals, value, processes, people, tools and technology• Plan – Do – Check – Adjust 1:00 2 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Outline• “Lean office” examples• A review of Lean principles• A people-focused approach• Overview of Lean application to MB Immigration• Enterprise architecture evolution - Registration, Assessment and Employment solution: • Correlate: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)• Applying Lean to MB’s Provincial Nominee Program - PNP Online and Assessment Tool• Questions, Discussion 1:00 3 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. “Lean Office” examples• In immigration - Provincial Nominee Program – Application processing - Employment services: registration, assessment, referral, job coaching, employment - Academic Credential Assessment Services• Other “services” examples - Registration and renewal processing in regulated professions - Sales process (selling/quoting to order fulfillment) - Sludge inventory reduction; an asset disposal process - Application processing for various programs - Software development2:00 4 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Lean Principles (production/provision)from the providers’ viewpoint…• Value - Specify value from the customer’s viewpoint, and organize to deliver it• Value Stream (importance of seeing the BIG PICTURE) - Understand how activities that are linked together to deliver this value - See the waste and opportunities• Flow - Link processes and ensure a smooth flow, without stops and loop-backs, generating the shortest lead times. Minimize bottlenecks• Pull - Produce only what the next process needs, when it needs it• Perfection - Do things right, the first time! This is the magic wand, lean’s silver bullet, if ever there was one• People - Leadership - Engagement - Problem-solvers needed3:00 5 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Lean Principles (consumption) from the customer’s viewpoint…• Solve my problem completely• Dont waste my time• Provide exactly what I want• Deliver value where I want it• Supply value when I want it• Reduce the number of decisions I must make to solve my problems.Between consumption and production, Lean concepts offerastonishing opportunities for eliminating waste and improvingcustomer satisfaction Lean Solutions, Womack and Jones, FREE PRESS, 2005 4:00 6 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. The meaning of “Lean” for many: Applying tools…• Run charts, Pareto charts• Value stream maps• Variability analysis, identifying waste• Standard work• Poke Yoke (mistake-proofing)• Kan Ban, JIT• One-piece flow• Visual workplace, Andon boards…• 5S• Kaizen and kaizen blitz• A3 problem solving• Etc. But “Lean” is much more… 6:00 7 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. What does “Lean” really mean?• Term coined by North American business to describe what Toyota accomplished with its Toyota Production System (and much more)…• But Toyota never set out to be “Lean” or even to apply a specific tool or method except that of P-D-C-A, and respect for people. They were just being themselves…What is a “Lean” organization?• Lean is a way of life and requires long-term commitment to a set of values and behaviours, and a system of management that encourages these• Focused on value for the customer and the relentless elimination of waste: a real purpose• Employee as the main engine of improvements and value delivery through problem solving and P-D-C-A• Employees never discover a problem and side-step it, or assume that someone else will fix it 8:00 8 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Seven Wastes Waste: That which adds cost with no value provided to the customer For Manufacturing For Service  Defects  Errors in Documents  Transportation  Transport of Documents  Overproduction  Doing Work Not Requested  Waiting  Waiting for the Next Step  Processing  Process Steps & Approvals  Movement  Unnecessary Motion  Inventory  Backlog of Work Developed by Taiichi Ohno - Product & Process Innovation, Inc. classic Toyota Seven Wastes10:00 9 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved. David Hogg – High Performance Solutions
  10. 10. Protegra’s fundamentals of design forsuccess• “It’s about people! It’s about helping them change and succeed…”• Know what VALUE you’re in business to deliver to WHOM• Clear, realistic, non-optional TARGETS• Make process performance visible: MEASURE IT• MANAGE performance (process, performers)• Force short feedback loops: REFLECTION and LEARNING• Seek perfection/excellence. Eliminate RE-WORK!• Standardize the work; eliminate VARIABILITY• PROBLEM SOLVING! Not a mechanism for blame; engage people as the main engine for continuous improvement• Identify and optimize BOTTLENECKS• Focus on removing NON-VALUE work; replace it with VALUE work if possible 11:00 10 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Performance Map:approach for problem solving Results People Desired Results Desired Behaviours Goals and specific, Behaviours needed to ensure measurable outcomes Causal Link goals will be met and sustained  Metric 1  Behaviour 1  Metric 2  Behaviour 2 Results Gaps Behaviour Gaps   Current Results Current Behaviours List of current List of current performance metrics Causal Link observed behaviours  Metric 1  Behaviour 1  Metric 2  Behaviour 2 Factors Influencing Performance Causes explaining the Behaviour Gaps (Barriers and Enhancers)13:00 11 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Key elements for successful changeIt’s a proven fact that successful change – large or small – requiresthese three ingredients:• Executive (stakeholder) commitment - not a simple endorsement, but visible leadership for the initiative• Employee engagement - not simple participation, but a hand in developing the solution• Rigour and discipline of execution - usually the most difficult to achieve - for most organizations, this means radically changing how they do things… to get them done! 14:00 12 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Towards 20,000: Manitoba a destination of choice18,00016,00014,00012,00010,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Family class Federal economic Provincial nominees Refugees15:00 Borrowed from Ben Rempel’s, ADM Immigration, QNET and HRMAM presentations, April 2011 13 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Projects Summary• Coordinated Immigrant Skills and Job Matching - Future state design and roadmap for transformation - implementation of roadmap • requirement and prototyping • immigrant registration, assessment and employment services (IRAES) • LIM Correlate SaaS agreement• Provincial Nominee Program (Lean Redesign) - Future state design and roadmap for transformation - implementation of roadmap - PNP Online - Document imaging system design• Academic Credentials Assessment Services Review15:00 14 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Current value stream view Inquires Application Process Letter and PNP Application Welcome Package Applicant / Nominee Process VISA Application 6 – 18 month lag Application (Gov of Canada) Approved VISA Immigrant arrives In Canada Pre-Approval/Approval Process Clear Path Employer Settle Elsewhere? Arrival in Manitoba Employee Other Service Providers Employment Immigrant Settling in Manitoba Service Providers WELARC Employment Entry Manitoba Centre Integration Manitoba Government Funded Agencies19:00 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved. 15
  16. 16. PNP Immigrant Employment Future State Value Stream Inquiries System-wide Online / Self Assessment Inquiries Handling Mail Application (Answers) Skills and Credentials Applicant / Nominee RecognitionImmigrant Self-Directed Programs PNP Approval Inquiries Inquiries Skills (prior to arrival) Assessment / Upgrade Employer Relationships Job Matching and Follow-up Assign Advisor Job Matching Inquiries Initial Plan Creation Advisor Employer 100% Liaison Visa & approval Employment Objective Language Employer Met! assessment / upgrade ntre Employer Review itob a Ce Job Opp ent Ma n ym E mp l o Arrive in Manitoba Job Opp Job Opp Job Opp Readiness Registration WELARC Job Readiness Skills Upgrading Meet with Advisor Language Skills Language Assessment Assessment ... Entry 20:00 Immigrant Programs 16 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Final view of value stream21:00 17 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Future Architecture Solution Entry CM Web Site WELARC Advisor CM CM Web Web Site Site PNP AT ESPs CM Web Site PNP Integrated Case AT Management (ICM) Application Services PNP Online Application SP General Web Site PNP Online Employer LIM Skills Query Database Document Liaison (Correlate) Docs Management Job Matching Jobs Database23:00 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved. 18
  19. 19. Correlate Solution• Existing Protegra asset in use by some LIM-funded agencies• Highly configurable web-based platform• Used for prototyping/validating IRAES requirements - Instead of simply completing a requirements document - Builds on the CISJoM project momentum - Allow for real-time feedback from users - Provides high degree of confidence (requirements and solution) - Facilitates user buy-in immediately• Established the 1st SaaS agreement for Manitoba - Subscription fee based on user volume - Business continuity agreement mitigates risk to LIM - Passed a rigorous privacy and security assessment by MB• Deployed fully configured in less than six months• Standardized customer service processes• Provides for improved reporting• Improved integration throughout the value stream24:00 19 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. LIM Correlate platform (SaaS)• Open Source technology: JAVA and PostgreSQL• Modular design - Modules may be granted (and revoked) to allow individual agencies to access exactly the feature set that they require. - Pages may be configured according to specific agency needs • Field visibility • Field labels • Field position • Field marked as required • Lookup lists maintained • Many extra custom fields available• Multilingual - Available in English, French and Spanish - Additional languages may be added• Multi-platform, multi-browser - e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari - No special software - PC or Mac capable 26:00 20 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. Main LIM Correlate screens (samples)28:00 21 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Decision: Approved / Refused? (Reality)• The “decision” is the ultimate Applicant Should Be… objective of the process: quality Approved Refused and speed Type II Error• Must establish the parameters for the decision – what is most Probability = b Approve Correct important? What error must be MISSED DETECTION Application Probability = 1 - a minimized? impact system downstream…• After a point, more effort doesn’t Test-Based Costs later… improve the quality of the decision Decision Type I Error (diminishing marginal returns) Probability = a Refuse Correct• Must make full use of historical FALSE ALARM data and feedback loops / facts Application Probability = 1 - b Missed opportunity, Waste, from real experience to determine Re-work… performance of decision process• Assist assessors with Decision Assistant to improve speed and quality of decision• Identify activities that don’t move us closer to the decision (efficiency opportunities) 32:00 Law of diminishing returns 22 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. Executive Summary – Re-design • Focus on decision (Approve/Refuse) performance - Set objectives and parameters - Manage process performance: quality and speed - Recognize the point of diminishing returns; stop there! • Key changes (People, process, technology): Application of Lean Principles • People - Team structure, semi-specialized by applicant’s residence country - Move Pre-Assessors to Assessment - Increase manager count by 1. Implement Lean leadership, coaching, performance management - Training: Teamwork, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Communication, Leadership - Positive reinforcement performance management • Process - Streamlined processing and decision-making - Work on ONE file at a time; minimize interruptions, maximize level of effort - Contact applicant (more info) only at 1st assessment step - 1st Assessor is decision maker; 2nd Assessment is quality assurance review - Visual performance monitoring (Andon boards, performance reports) - Implement quality assurance and continuous improvement system • Technology - Automated work assignment routine - Simplified application kit: “Fillable” PDF on-line - Knowledge repository to reduce time-wasters (solve problem only once) - Document management system: scanning, imaging (authenticity), storage, retrieval, eliminate paper movement - Decision Assistant routine33:00 - PNP application re-write (e-submission capability) 23 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. PNP Online and Assessment Tool• Designed to provide several productivity gains identified by Lean PNP project, and improved customer service• .Net application• First application to use Manitoba’s software architecture standards• Leveraged Protegra’s JRS system (ETT)• Seven months to develop, test and deploy both applications - Working to a non-moveable deadline (Elections Act) - Go-live on June 30, 2011• Application maintenance services agreement in place• Uptake is exceeding expectations already (~2,500 applications submitted or in progress in 3 months)35:00 24 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. PNP Online and Assessment Toolfeatures• Uses the same feature set and architecture for both• 2 separate databases• Mistake-proofing logic incorporated in key areas• Intuitive user interface facilitates the completion of the PNP application• Bilingual• Electronic document upload• Data exchange to LIM Correlate reduces data entry duplication downstream37:00 25 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  26. 26. Daily stand-up meeting agenda• FACILITATOR, RECORDER, TIME KEEPER• Around the block (every team member) - What I worked on yesterday - What I’ll work on next (today) - Issues that prevented me from getting work done - Capture these on the Team Chart• Review planned actions / adjustments - Did we do what we planned on doing? - What were the expected results/outcomes from the actions?• Review actual results – Daily Report - Review daily targets: 1st, 2nd, Total for team and individual - Identify strengths, opportunities, gaps• Action Plan, Adjustments for next period - Who will do what… - By when… - What we expect to see… (results) 43:00 26 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. Questions? 27 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.
  28. 28. Thank you! For further information, contact: ________________________________ Daniel Perron Practice Leader Protegra | Business Performance Consulting Business. Technology. Solutions. Office: 204-487-5678 Fax: 204-477-9421 www.protegra.com 28 © 2011 Protegra Inc. All rights reserved.