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Melody adams imkt120 ip 1

  1. 1. • What is Social Media?• Social Media Sites and Facts• Benefits of Social Media in the Corporate World• Conclusion
  2. 2. Social media refers to the means of interactions among people inwhich they create, share, exchange and comment contents amongthemselves in virtual communities and networks.Social media employ mobile and web-based technologies tocreate highly interactive platforms via which individuals andcommunities share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generatedcontent. It introduces substantial and pervasive changes tocommunication between organizations, communities andindividuals.
  3. 3. Monthly active users now total nearly 850million.488 million users regularly use FacebookmobileA whopping 77 percent of B2Ccompanies and 43 percent of B2Bcompanies acquired customers fromFacebook80 percent of social media users prefer toconnect with brands through FacebookMore than 1 million websites haveintegrated with Facebook in various ways
  4. 4. 69 percent of online consumers who visitPinterest have found an item theyvebought or wanted to buy, compared with40 percent of Facebook users.25 percent of Fortune Global 100companies have Pinterest accounts.43 percent of people prefer Pinterest toassociate with retailers or brands; 24percent chose Facebook.
  5. 5. 48 percent of fortune global 100companies are now on Google+.Google+ pages appear in search resultsfor 30 percent of brand term searches forbrands with G+ pages, up from 5 percentin February 2012.625,000 new users on Google+ every day.Google+ is expected to attract 400million users by the end of 2012
  6. 6. 32 percent of all Internet users are usingTwitter.In 2012, 1 million accounts are added toTwitter everyday
  7. 7. Increased awareness of the organizationIncreased traffic to websiteGreater favorable perceptions of the brandAble to monitor conversations about the organizationAble to develop targeted marketing activitiesBetter understanding of customers perceptions of their brandMarketsIdentification of positive and negative commentsIncrease in new businessIdentification of new product or service opportunities
  8. 8. What Social Media is and its benefitsFacts and statics about Some of the biggest Social Media Sites of today’s economy .The Benefits of Using Social Media in the Corporate World.
  9. 9. Bullas, Jeff. "12 Major Benefits of the Social Media Revolution."N.p., 14 Feb. 2011. Web. 12 Jan. 2013.Honigman, Brian. "100 Fascinating Social Media Statics andFigures from 2012." N.p., 29 Nov. 2012. Web. 12 Jan. 2013.