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5 Tips for Tackling Spring Cleaning


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5 Tips for Tackling Spring Cleaning

Published in: Health & Medicine
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5 Tips for Tackling Spring Cleaning

  1. 1. 5Tips for Tackling Spring Cleaning
  2. 2. RECYCLE Getting rid of stuff is a huge part of any successful spring cleaning. But remember, not everything belongs in the landfill. Make sure things like hard plastics, glass, cardboard, cans and even green waste are properly recycled.
  3. 3. MOSQUITO PROTECTION Spring cleaning is a good time to patrol the inside and outside of your home to get rid of any standing water where mosquitoes can breed. To help protect yourself from things like Zika virus, dump out standing water around your home.
  4. 4. WET CLEANING METHOD Wild mice can carry hantavirus that can be inhaled through contaminated dust, feces, and urine. If you have to clean up an area where rodents have been, be safe: do not sweep or vaccum. Use wet cleaning methods.
  5. 5. DEFENSIBLE SPACE As we’ve seen, San Diego County is fire country. Defend your home from fire by creating 100 feet of defensible space. Remove debris, including dry leaves, firewood stacks and trash. Trim away tree branches that hang and prune dried out bushes and plants.
  6. 6. HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE We’ve all got them - from old household cleaners, to paints, pesticides and batteries. Not only is it illegal to dispose of these in landfills or down storm drains, they also need special recycling attention.