Developing Leadership


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Developing Leadership

  1. 1. Developing Teacher LeadershipDeveloping Teacher Leadership so far…so far… Michigan Mathematics and Science Teacher Leadership Collaborative
  2. 2. • Leadership Qualities • Leadership Roles • Leadership Styles • STEPS to SUCCESS
  3. 3. • Leadership Skills o Facilitation of Professional Conversations o Agendas, Meetings, and Planning Presentations o Instructional Leadership (delivery of PD) o Evaluation / Goal Setting
  4. 4. Teacher LeadershipTeacher Leadership Continuums and ResourcesContinuums and Resources • Emerging Teacher Leadership • Leadership Hierarchy • Leadership Resources Session Topics:
  5. 5. Continuum of EmergingContinuum of Emerging Teacher LeadershipTeacher Leadership A. Adult Development B. Dialogue C. Collaboration D. Organizational Change
  6. 6. TASK: (1)Using a scale of 1-5 (5 indicating high level skills and understanding), rate your personal growth for each of the indicators described. (2)Discuss one section (either B or C) with your team using the following questions: a.With respect to the indicators in this section, where do your teacher leaders think they need to grow? b.How can the team members support the growth and development of the teacher in this area? c.Does the PD plan for the teacher(s) reflect this concern? d.What next steps can you take to move your teacher’s expertise to the next level?
  7. 7. Teacher Leadership HierarchyTeacher Leadership Hierarchy - Michigan Mathematics and Science Teacher Leadership Collaborative - Level (based on Collins’ leadership hierarchy) Description of Level Examples of Level Impact on Student Learning Impact on Teacher Colleagues Impact on MSC Region 5 Executive Builds enduring greatness through paradoxical combination of personal humility plus professional will  Coaching  Impacting culture educational 4 Effective Leader Catalyzes commitment to and vigorous pursuit of a clear and compelling vision; stimulates the group to high performance standards  Delivering professional development in a district 3 Competent Manager Organizes people and resources towards effective and efficient pursuit of predetermined objectives  Serving as curriculum committee chair 2 Contributing Team Member Contributes to the achievement of group objectives; works effectively with others in a group setting  Mentoring other teachers  Modeling an inquiry lesson 1 Highly Capable Individual Makes productive contribution through talent knowledge, skills, and good work habits  Implementing inquiry strategies in own classroom  Serving on committees
  8. 8. TASK: 1) How does someone at each of these levels impact student learning, teacher colleagues, and MSC services to region? 2)At what level are your teachers functioning now? 3)What are the issues and considerations for moving to the next level?
  9. 9. ResourcesResources • Books • Organizations / Publications • Other Electronic Resources • Networking / Facebook
  10. 10. Questions?