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  • These are the three lesson plans that I came up with for my TPACK project. Language arts: The students are learning about concepts of print by making a digital book on photostory. Math: I am introducing geometric shapes. The students will have an opportunity to practice drawing and manipulating the shapes that we learned about through a program on Math Tools. Science: Students will learn and explore about the different kinds of movements and sounds that animals make. They will use Google Earth and YouTube to see how these animals move and act.
  • * As I was looking over the Math Tools website the pattern block applet was the best tool they had that matched the kindergarten curriculum for understanding shapes. The shapes are neatly displayed on the Math Tool website * The applet is a form of experimental learning because the children are allowed to explore making shapes with other shapes. Experimental learning reaches a wide range of learners, supports creativity, increases involvement, and enhances understanding. * The applet allows students to quickly represent the shapes they have learned about.  
  • * The standard went well with implementing technology. * There are multiple ways to practice becoming familiar with concepts of print with technology. * Grasping concepts of print is one of the main goals for Kindergartners. * A lot of the print that we read today is in digital form, creating a digital book allows children to become habituated with seeing print in this form. * Making a book provides a strong foundation for reading * Children gain further understanding of concepts of print when they are able to publish their own work * Class books create class unity * Students enjoy being able to watch their story multiple times      
  • It is time for us as teachers to start getting into technology. We need to implement it into our classroom because if we do not then our students will fall behind. It is out there and we need to use it to make our classroom richer learning environments.
  • This video gave me good ideas for using technology in my own classroom. I thought that the teacher explained why technology was useful in further exploring the poem that they were talking about in class.
  • 5 Ways Technology can greatly enhance the learning that takes place in a classroom.  Technology provides another way for children to express themselves.  For example children can create stories, draw pictures, or write poems using technology that allows them to do so faster and with more independent instruction.  It allows the knowledge that they are learning in the classroom to come to life in a different way.  Transferring information from a three dimensional classroom to a two dimensional surface helps young children to further grasp the concept of abstract thinking and representation.  When children are allowed to record the words to a story it helps them to connect that written print represents oral language.    When technology is implemented in the classroom it allows more learning to take place.  Inventions such as the computer have allowed instructional content to be obtained quickly.  As soon as a student is ready to learn the information is there.  Storing information such as grades and lesson plans on a database allows teachers more time for instruction.  Digital photographs and movie making programs allow children to see results of their work promptly and creates more time for editing and recreating.  L, L, and T * When people think about using technology in the classroom the first thing that comes to their minds are computers, but there are many other forms of technology that can be used to support learning. It is anything that helps a person achieve a goal or make a product more efficiently. (Learners, Language, and Technology: Making Connections That Support Literacy)
  • I really liked the idea that the southern kindergarten teacher had about sharing a class web page. I would really like to implement that into my own classroom. The kids will be able to collaboratively work on creating a web page that they can refer to and look at when they are at home. The web page would be on a topic that we are studying and once a week each student would contribute a sentence, photograph, drawing, sound clip, or some other form of information to the page. A student will have the daily job of checking the page to see if the other class added anything. If they did we could examine and discuss the information that was added. Through this distant communication my students can come to understand the similarities among different groups of people, and form a learning community with a group of kids across the country. In the preschool that I work at the children love to look through a couple of magnifying glasses that we have in the classroom. I think that they would find the digital microscopes we learned about in class to be fascinating. If we had a lesson on insects we could examine the different parts of the body underneath the magnifying glass, and then take pictures of each part. Once we have taken the pictures we could print them off and hang them up around our classroom.
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