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You tube adding title page and picture to your video


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Step by step instructions for adding a title page to your youtube video, or a logo at the end of it!

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You tube adding title page and picture to your video

  1. 1. How To Add A Title Page To Your Video Samantha Marshall Samantha Kay-Daleiden Kay-Daleiden Marshall
  2. 2. 1) Login To Your YouTube Account 2) Click on the Upload Button Next to Search Bar
  3. 3. Click on Edit Under Video Editor
  4. 4. Add a New Project and Name Your Project
  5. 5. Drag and Drop The Video You Want to Edit In The Dashed Box Next To the Little Video Camera
  6. 6. To Add Title Page Click on The “a”
  7. 7. 1) Choose the Type of Title Page 2) Drag and Drop in Front of Your Video Clip (next to the little video camera)
  8. 8. Now Edit Your Text 1) Change the Font 2) Bold or Italicize 3) Choose Small, Medium or Large Text Size 4) Change Color if you desire 5) Add your “Title” 6) Change color of the tile (change from black to another color)
  9. 9. Example of Text Change
  10. 10. Add a Picture or Logo At The End? 1) Click on the Camera 2) Upload a picture(s)
  11. 11. Drag and Drop Your Picture To The End of Your Clip
  12. 12. All Done. Publish!