Getting Friendly with the Web


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Get familiar with some tools you can use on the web that will help you administer and communicate, especially if you are a nonprofit organization

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  • Video Conferencing: Google Hangouts/Skype/FacetimeHave you ever thought about how How does your office staff communicate with your monitors? Do the monitors have to drive into the office for meetings? Ever consider video conferencing? Does your r&r have several campusesScreensharing Tools:Go-To-Mtg/Skype/Google Hangouts. Providers having a hard time understanding what you are talking about when you try to explain an error that they aren’t getting paid for? Maybe you can show them with screensharing tools. Bookmarking, Link Sharing: DIIGO,, PinterestDo you ever want to send out a bunch of information for one topic? For example you want to focus on nutritional education for fruits and veggies for the month. You can bundle it up or group it together with bookmarking sites. Diigo and are great and easy ways to do this! Of course, pinterest is a good one too but diigo and are a bit more functional to consistently return to. Social Media: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, Google+You can use these mediums to communicate internally/externally or both! We won’t go into detail about these in this class but if you’re interested in really talking about them come to my social media classes tomorrow!Forums/ListervsDo you use forums/listservs from Team Nutrition or one of the associations that you are a member of?Team Nutrition has a listserv for CACFP Administrators…. Some Memes or Infographics,,, ideas of how you can use these different tools to communicate inside and outside of your office?
  • Share! What do you use?What have you heard of?What is valuable?I really want to share with you google for non profits. I know most of us use MS suite but, especially if you are single source, I wanted to share a free alternative for non-profits. Let’s watch a quick video.EmailGoogle for nonprofitsOrganization: google drive and MS SkydriveDocument creation/sharing and storage…google drive and MS Skydrive…Leads for provider/center outreach? Might be worth checking out for a free option if Outlook isn’t working for you – Google Alerts, Topic Specific such as Food Nutrition Services or newsletters….Google ReaderGoogle For NonProfits want to make you guys aware of the tools that google has available to nonprofitsEmail – get a gmail account with the Less than 3,000 people in your organization it’s free. You get access to all of the other google business apps as well which are extensive! – Premium branding capabilities on YouTube channels, increased uploading capacity, the ability to select custom thumbnail images, and Call-to-action overlay on your videos.Google Earth – special access to google earth and maps to show people how you positively affect your community or other ways you might be able to use it…Google Grants for Adwords - Free AdWords advertising to promote your website on Google through keyword targeting.You can get email for free…all you have to do is sign up and end up with an email address to your specific url. You can have a personal email address for free right now. For instance, mine is BUT you can get access to all of the google apps for business for free or at a large discounted rate. I think most of you have less than 3,000 people in your organization. If you do you can get an email that says: instead of suzysunshine.4ccalifornia@gmail.comYou get FREE adwords! That is incredibly valuable. Businesses spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on adwords campaigns because it really ramps up your exposure. You can make them targeted to your area or types of people you want to click on the ads. Very powerful tool and SUPER worth it when its free!An example of the $$ that is being spent on googleadwords: Lego Activity table cost $3.02. If 15 people click on this one keyword ad that the company is paying $45 for it. Now this is worth it because it brings in new business. For you as a non-profit it provides exposure to your organization and purpose…maybe even driving up donations….Childhood Obesity and child food insecurity is a hot topic right now. People don’t know how CACFP postiviely affects this…get on googleadwords and advise them! IT’s free!Lets chat about how you can use the different google resources to help your organization and CACFP….Microsoftskydrive doesn’t have free business solutions for non profits but it is a really interesting and great way to access your documents from anywhere and share them with anyone…and you don’t even need to email document after document after document….Pretty cool…best part…all of the functionality you are used to in your word products are still applicable in the web app.
  • – curates new content and many of the websites that are out there. Focuses on all things childcare including Nutrition and wellness’s Move Child Care - Focuses on child care environments to give suggestions for healthy eating environments and movement. Good for parents and providers. Let’s move has more ideas specifically for parents but geared toward older children and Veggies More Matters – Champions – Choose a character…put in the child’s name and get games for the children to play to teach them about nutrition and Veggies More Matters – Recipes also their twitter handle is super activeHead Start Body Start – provides ideas, trainings, grants, news and other great items. Want to guide your providers to creating a healthy playspace and environment, this is the website that can help you help them. Also, they have an easy-to-implement daily activity calendar to encourage daily movement in the day careChildren & Nature Network – making the importance of nature in a child’s life a hot topic and at the forefront of conversations. There are campaigns to get a lot of people involved at once or simply get news and information. Different ways to learn about children and nature. Another puzzle piece to the healthy child. of the Nation : an impact by using the weight of the nation screenings for provider/parent outreach. Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI) – we all know a great deal about this but definitely worth the reminder. Their mealtime memos are fantastic…the videos are a little cheesy but still good and informational is what Head Start’s I am moving, I am learning initiative used to visit their programs and uses their products saved my two favorites for lastFooducate– This is a blog/website and a mobile app that grades foods for you based on the nutritional ingredients and labels! Super cool…just scan the barcode and Fooducate tells you if its bad for you or good for you AND gives you alternatives! Amazing….So let me ask you…what do you think about getting a mobile app like this made to help everyone with the impending meal pattern changes to help you train providers on what qualifies and to help providers understand what works and what doesn’t! If you wouldn’t mind filling out this survey to see if it might be worth exploring, that would be great!Team Nutrition – not just team nutrition but THIS part of team nutritionFruits and veggies more matters: kids interactive website – Color Champions. Recipe search is super cool and you can even search by fruit color!ChildCareInfo accumulates this information for you – cacfp specific or simply nutritional informationLooking for fun things for the kids to do to learn?What do you use?
  • Team Nutrition gives out millions of dollars in grants every year and now you have a way to benefit from the hard work other states have done! I know regulations may change from state to state, however, you can modify and change what these states have done to suit your own needs!For example to encourage water consumption, you might find the State of California’s Potter the Otter book on there.This webpage is brilliant and makes extremely accessible the valuable work that states are doing across the nation to make our children healthier
  • Try something new and if you tell yourself you don’t have time…think of Michael Phelps and Rule #76 (from the Wedding Crashers)…
  • Getting Friendly with the Web

    1. 1. Getting Friendly with the WebSamantha Kay-Daleiden MarshallFall 2012
    2. 2. What Are We Doing? Getting Friendly! 1. GET INTO GROUPS BASED ON YOUR CARDS • Communication, Business Admin, Healthy Resources 2. ANSWER THE THREE QUESTIONS BELOW 3. TAKE 5 MINUTES What do you What have Why is it use? you heard of? valuable? 2
    3. 3. Communication 3
    4. 4. Business Administration 4
    5. 5. Healthy and Nutritious Tools and Websites 5
    6. 6. State Grant Map and Resources - 6
    7. 7. Questions 7
    8. 8. Remember Google For Non-Profits – Free organizational tools! Microsoft SkyDrive gives you an opportunity to use MS Suite for Free! Google Alerts – Let the Information Come to You! Video Conference – Screen Share - Chat Healthy Resources – Team Nutrition State Sharing Bookmarking – Retain Websites You’ve Found. Share with others Free (easy to use) website tools – and 8
    9. 9. I Leave You With This… 9
    10. 10. Thank you… Samantha Marshall Enter the drawing and get resources here: p 972.671.5211 x0218 and Social Media Manager Minute Menu Systems, LLC 10