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CFO Training Programs: Reaching a higher level


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DS&H has built a number of training programs for small groups of participants:

1.Finance for small SMEs: When F&A must become more than financial accounting
2. Building outstanding CFOS: For young CFOs and aspiring Candidates
3.CFOs as co-pilots: Expert modules for the CFO

This is a quick way to learn new skills, manage your career and interact with peer CFOs.

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CFO Training Programs: Reaching a higher level

  1. 1. Juin 2011<br />Confidentiel et Propriété de DS&H <br />1<br />DS&H<br /><br />Raising the bar<br />CFO FOR THE 21ST CENTURY<br />DS&H CFOTraining Programs<br />
  2. 2. 01/05/2011<br />Confidential and Proprietary to DS&H <br />2<br />DS&H<br /><br />On becoming lean & strategic<br />CFO FOR THE 21ST CENTURY<br />DS&H CFOTraining Programs<br />FINANCE FOR small SME<br />1.5-day<br />Value added beyond accounting<br />DevelopOutstanding CFOs<br />3 days<br />The foundation for senior roles<br />The CFO as co-pilot<br />0.5-day modules<br />High level expertise & influence<br />
  3. 3. DS&H<br /><br />TRAINING PROGRAM 1<br />FINANCE FOR small SME<br />1.5-day<br />MODULE 1 (4 hours)<br />Finance in your business<br />Value added beyond accounting<br />Topic 1- F&A: An introduction<br />Topic 2- Accounting & reporting <br /> at your service<br />Topic 3- IT for finance & admin <br />MODULE 2 (4 hours)<br />Mastering cash flow<br />Financing your business<br />Topic 4- Improving margins &<br /> COGS<br />Topic 5- Handling cash flow<br />Topic 6- Meeting the bank<br />MODULE 3 (4 hours)<br />Company valuations<br />Preparing for tomorrow<br />Topic 7- The administrative <br /> Handbook<br />Topic 8- Your company’s value<br />Topic 9- Big transactions<br />Confidential and Proprietary to DS&H <br />3<br />01/04/2011<br />
  4. 4. DS&H<br /><br />TRAINING PROGRAM 2<br />DevelopOutstanding CFOs<br />3 days<br />DAY 1<br />Introduction<br />Topic 1- CFO for the 21st C<br />Topic 2- Fracture lines<br />Topic 3- Co-pilot example<br />Topic 3- Success in your future<br />Serving intelligence<br />Topic 4- Accounting & IT integration<br />Topic 5- Architecture & smart reports<br />Topic 6- Communication<br />Topic 7- Team building<br />DAY 2<br />Great international business<br />Topic 1- Partnerships <br />Topic 2- Negotiation<br />Topic 3- Managing from a distance<br />Topic 4- Foreign exchange<br />Clinching financing<br />Topic 5- Cash flow tools<br />Topic 6- Persuading the banker<br />Topic 7- Attracting the investor<br />Topic 8- Investments<br />DAY 3<br />Building strategic influence<br />Topic 1- Reading people<br />Topic 2- Relationships & power<br />Topic 3- Strategic planning<br />Topic 4- Boards of directors<br />Facing career transactions<br />Topic 5- M&A<br />Topic 6- Going public<br />Topic 7- Changing jobs<br />Topic 8- From CFO to CEO<br />Confidential and Proprietary to DS&H <br />4<br />01/04/2011<br />
  5. 5. 5<br />DS&H<br /><br />TRAINING PROGRAM 3 <br />CFO as co-pilot<br />Modular approach (1/2 day)<br />International treasury (FX...)<br />Successful M&A<br />Strategic planning<br />IT & business transformation<br />Risks management<br />CFO governance<br />CFO to COO/CEO pathways<br />Confidential and Proprietary to DS&H <br />01/04/2011<br />
  6. 6. June 2011<br />Confidential and Proprietary to DS&H <br />6<br />DS&H<br /><br />On becoming lean & strategic<br />CFO FOR THE 21ST CENTURY<br />DS&H CFOConferences<br />Pour plus d’informations:<br />André Du Sault<br />514 777-1538<br /><br />International finance<br />Mastering foreign exchange<br />Successful international partnerships<br />Doing business in Asia with no regrets<br />From great ideas to breakthrough innovations<br />Lifting strategy onto the board agenda<br />