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iPad / Apple TV Presentation

  1. 1. iPad and Apple TVA Powerful Communication Tool
  2. 2. Plan for the • Why iPad and Apple TV? • How iPad / Apple TV WorksSession • Are there other options available? • General ideas for how to use iPad and Apple TV • Getting AirPlay working between iPad and Apple TV • Looking at apps for use with iPad and Apple TV from across the curriculum
  3. 3. Why iPad and After iPad 2 / Apple TV 2Apple TV? •New iPad 2 / 3 / 4 with improved performance A5 / A6 / A6S chip •New Apple TV 2 changed to be based on iPhone / iPod / iPad technology with a lower cost / higher performance •New iOS 5 introduced capability of “AirPlay” – wireless mirroring of everything of connected iPad 2 / 3 / 4 and iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 and iPod Touch (some apps) •Ability to see everything on iPad (no need for VGA-capable apps) •iPad can still be tethered to projector using VGA connector cable •New possibilities for uses of iPad with or without Apple TV (and vice-versa) with learning begin
  4. 4. Why iPad and After iPad 2 / Apple TV 2Apple TV?
  5. 5. How iPad and What’s Needed Apple TV Apple TV Side Works •Apple TV 2 / 3 / 4 •Connection to network •HDMI Cable •HDMI to VGA Adapter * •Speakers * •Video Projector iPad Side •iPad 2 / 3 / 4 / iPad Mini •iOS 6.1 or above (latest iOS is always recommended) •Wireless connection to network Connecting the Apple TV & iPad •Solid wireless connection Source: http://www.iear.org/iear/2011/10/17/apple-tv-may-revolutionize-the-use-of-a-teacher-ipad-in-the.html •AirPlay Mirroring
  6. 6. Are ThereOtherOptionsAvailable?Yes! https://sites.google.com/a/gwaea.org/gwaea-ipad-project/projecting-ipads
  7. 7. General Who Can Use the iPad and Apple TV?Ideas for •TeachersHow to Use •StudentsiPad and •Anyone!Apple TVIndividualIndividual User User Small Small Large Large Group Group Group Group Consume // Consume Collaborate Collaborate Produce Produce Acquire Acquire
  8. 8. General Ideas for How to Use iPad and Apple TVSource: http://cagelessthinking.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/SAMR.jpg
  9. 9. General How Can iPad andIdeas for Apple TV Be Used? •Document CameraHow to Use •Interactive Whiteboard *iPad and •Student Polling / Quizzing / Exit TicketsApple TV •Video Presentation •Drawing / Mindmapping •Group Reading •Notetaking / Word Processing •Mathematics •Mapping •Photographs •Interactive Games •Writing •Team Teaching •Anywhere in the curriculum and in any activity as you see fit Not all apps need to be on every device – the Apple TV allows sharing of most apps with the entire class.
  10. 10. General What Does the iPad andIdeas for Apple TV Allow?How to Use •Allows iPad to work anywhere iniPad and classroom wirelessly (no cords)Apple TV •Bring the device to the user rather than the user to the device •High level of portability / flexibility •Use of any app / website within iPad (600,000+ apps) •Brings the natural touch interface to everyone •Multiple iOS devices can sequentially connect and use the Apple TV to present content * •Turns the iPad from a “me” (individual user) to a “we” (whole group) device •Allows maximum use of iPad / iPod to enhance student and teacher learning
  11. 11. Getting Steps to Getting AirPlay WorkingAirPlay Step One - Apple TV on and connectedWorking to network / projector is onBetween iPadand Apple TV Step Two – iPad (or iPod / iPhone) on and connected to same network as Apple TV Step Three – Press “big button” at bottom of iPad twice to reveal extra hidden iPad controls
  12. 12. Getting Steps to Getting AirPlay WorkingAirPlay Step Four – Using the AirPlay buttonWorking visibile select the Apple TV and turn onBetween iPad mirroring – iPad should now be visibleand Apple TV on projector – you’re done! MO61-120-ATV MO61 – Site # 120 – Room # ATV – Apple TV
  13. 13. Apps – ABrief Primer
  14. 14. Apps – A Brief PrimerSource: http://blog.appsfire.com/2012-a-year-in-app-store-infographic/
  15. 15. Apps – A Brief Primer Source:http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/edtechresearcher/2012/12/breaking_res
  16. 16. Apps – A Brief Primer Source:http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/edtechresearcher/2012/12/breaking_res
  17. 17. Looking at App Selection Criteria Do select apps that:Apps for Use •Have been used by me or has beenwith iPad and recommended by othersApple TV •Have reasonably high app storeAcross the ratings and comments * •Allows knowledge creation as well asCurriculum knowledge acquisition •Allows students to use multiple intelligences to explore / express •Focus on enhancing learning rather than just exchanging one for other •Are reasonably priced •Are easy to learn and use •Allows easy transfer of completed projects
  18. 18. Looking at App Selection CriteriaApps for Use Don’t select apps that: •Need further in-app purchases (toowith iPad and much $ / too much time) - unlessApple TV base app has extensive functionalityAcross the and is not impacted significantly byCurriculum in-app purchases •Need students to register for accounts (student privacy) •Do not enhance instructional time
  19. 19. Looking at iOS Apps ListingApps for Use in LiveBinderswith iPad and http://goo.gl/u8ts9Apple TVAcross theCurriculum
  20. 20. Looking at When Searching for Specific AppsApps for Use •In App Store use the CATEGORIESwith iPad and section and the search tool in the topApple TV right corner •Spelling is very importantAcross the (e.g. Note Shelf vs. Noteshelf)Curriculum •Some apps are not available in Canada •If all else fails – use Google to locate the app (it finds Apps that the App Store search sometimes cannot) (e.g. Noteshelf app site:apple.com)
  21. 21. Looking at Notetaking AppsApps for Use •Noteshelf ($0.99)with iPad and •Penultimate (Free)Apple TV •Side by Side (Free)Across theCurriculum
  22. 22. Looking at Classroom CommunicationApps for Use Apps - Presentationwith iPad and •Jot (Free)Apple TV •Stage (Free)Across the •Explain a Website ($0.99) •McTube (Free)Curriculum •Skype (Free) •Blackboard Collaborate (Free)
  23. 23. Looking at Classroom CommunicationApps for Use Apps – Class Pacingwith iPad and •Sign Up (Free)Apple TV •Not it (Free)Across the •Red Light / Green Light (Free)Curriculum
  24. 24. Looking at Primary Reading AppsApps for Use •Collins Big Cat (Free)with iPad and •McGraw-Hill ($1.99)Apple TV •Chimp Story (Free)Across the •The Wrong Book ($3.99)Curriculum
  25. 25. Looking at Intermediate / Middle /Apps for Use Secondary Reading Appswith iPad and •iPoe / iPoe 2 ($1.99)Apple TV •New York Public Library BiblionAcross the Frankenstein (Free)Curriculum
  26. 26. Looking at Literacy AppsApps for Use •Dictionary by Farlex (Free)with iPad and •Word Mover (Free)Apple TVAcross theCurriculum
  27. 27. Looking at Digital Storytelling AppsApps for Use •NFB PixStop (Free)with iPad and •Camera (Free)Apple TV •Postcards by Butlins (Free)Across the •Story Dice ($1.99)Curriculum
  28. 28. Looking at Science AppsApps for Use •Carolina Chemistry Formulawith iPad and Practice (Free)Apple TV •Nuclear (Free)Across the •Chemist ($9.99)Curriculum
  29. 29. Looking at Mathematics AppsApps for Use •Oh No Fractions (Free)with iPad and •Teaching Tables ($2.99)Apple TV •Algebra ConceptsAcross the ($0.99 or $1.99) •Measure the Length (Free)Curriculum
  30. 30. Looking at Social Studies AppsApps for Use •National Geographic Worldwith iPad and Atlas ($1.99)Apple TV •New York Public Library BiblionAcross the World’s Fair (Free)Curriculum
  31. 31. Looking at Fine Arts AppsApps for Use •Art Circles (Free)with iPad andApple TVAcross theCurriculum
  32. 32. Thank You!