Must Have Technology Tools for Student Success


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A presentation delivered by Dr. Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong and

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Must Have Technology Tools for Student Success

  1. 1. Must Have Technology Tools For Student Success Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, Ph.D. Assistant Processor of Fashion Merchandising Steve Yuen, Ph.D. Professor of Instructional Technology The University of Southern Mississippi
  2. 2. Impact of Technology• The world has become more diverse and competitive.• Industries have become faster pace and continue to evolve rapidly.• Employers have greater expectation for employees’ knowledge and ability to solve any problem.
  3. 3. Tools for Collaboration These technology tools allow individuals inany level of any organization to exchangeinformation and ideas, to communicate overdistances, to collaborate synchronously andasynchronously, and to maximize availableresources.
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  8. 8. Tools for PresentationThese technology tools allow users to takecontrol of every type of media, from photosand images, to sound files, to video, so thatthey can easily craft presentations withexpanded clarity and impact.
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  18. 18. Tools for Branding and Promotion Retail companies know that creating a brand identity is critical for success. A number of Web 2.0 applications allow both companies and individuals to link concepts and keywords to their names and reputations. These technology tools allow users to promote, market, communicate, and advertise their products, companies, concepts, and communities.
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  25. 25. Conclusion• Developments in technology over the last few decades have transformed the Internet from an obscure file sharing network between a few researcher’s computers into a robust and evolving virtual world of media and information.• Skills with online marketing, branding, and collaborative work are vital for the success of all modern businesses.• Mastering these technologies and skills will give students a strong competitive edge in the quick paced and rapidly changing industry.
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