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Social Media Landscape


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Analyse the nature of social networks behind their form, from an different point of view by comparing the online social media with our real life networking place. The objective is to understand and categorize the social media and offer some advices to social media owner and marketers.

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Social Media Landscape

  1. 1. Social media landscape<br />-- Do you like bars?<br /> -- Which bar do you like?<br /> -- Really? I LOVE it too!<br />Hailong XIA – <br />
  2. 2. To be social, not online only<br />
  3. 3. You must have been here, here, and here…<br /> Which one(s) do<br />You like the most?<br /> The Street<br /> Exhibition<br /> Salon<br /> Party<br /> Conference<br /> Bar<br /> Blind date<br />
  4. 4. But online makes things easier<br />
  5. 5. You might have been here, here, and here…<br />
  6. 6. Or some of these places:<br />
  7. 7. Which one(s) do<br />You like the most?<br />
  8. 8. Before go to our point<br />Have you the answers? Remember them!<br />What? You have a bad memory? Write them on a paper!<br />You can’t find your pen? OK, use mine… but remember to give it back;-)<br />
  9. 9. Our point is…<br />Do you<br />LIKE<br />Bars?<br />Don’t look at the T-shirt, our point is: the social media landscape!<br />
  10. 10. Already lots of wonderful work, with lots of amazing charts:<br />Enjoy them, or skip them from slide XXX to slide YYY<br />Note: YYY=XXX+5<br />
  11. 11. I must say, I’m jealous of the one who did this <br />
  12. 12.<br />Well done!<br />
  13. 13. Make me imagine... What about U?<br />
  14. 14. The author must have lots of binders at home<br />
  15. 15. Do we need absolutely<br />a center?<br />
  16. 16. Our objective:<br />See something behind their form, and talk it out easy.<br />You too, take it easy!<br />
  17. 17. Social media landscape<br />Social media, it is about<br /> Relationship<br />Relationship<br />Relationship<br />Relationship, some interaction and some content… maybe some user experience too<br />So when we analyze the nature of a social network, let’s first dig into the relationship it promotes.<br />
  18. 18. Relationship<br />What are the differences between Facebook and myspace, between Youtube and Vameo?<br />What are the similarities between Digg and Flickr, between Dailymotion and Reddit? <br />
  19. 19. Let’s first define something:Three types of relationships between users<br /> Weak Relationship: relationship based on content, triggered by content; we see each other, we talk about, we desire, all (or 80%) is about content. It is content-centric. The key here, issharing<br /> Strong Relationship: relationship based on connection, triggered by connection’s connection. we see each other, we talk, we desire, all (or 80%) are because of connection. It is people-centric. The key here, isconnection<br /> …and something in the middle: it is about content and people, but neither is the support. Relationship is there, but it’s so fuzzy and noisy. Maybe it is event-centric. The key here, is discussion <br />
  20. 20. Finally, Our landscape – 1st level<br />Content Aggregator System<br />CAS: promote sharing<br /> based on weak relationship<br /> content centric<br />BBS: promote discussion<br /> the 1st generation social media, something in the middle…<br /> event centric<br />SNS: promote connection<br /> base on strong relationship<br /> people centric<br />Bulletin Board System<br />Social Networks System<br />
  21. 21. CAS vs SNS:<br />the users of CAS come for content: news, video, music, literature…they consume or they contribute; they act on others’ content, and react on others’ act on their or others’ content;they may know people, follow peers, and become friends…<br />the user of SNS comes for connection: friends, friends’ friends, recommended strangersthey desire to know the updates of their networks, and update theirs;they exchange within their networks, about EVERYTHING!<br />the connection in CAS is based on content;<br />the content in SNS promulgate along relationship;<br />Our landscape – 1st level - explanation<br />Examples: Digg vs Facebook Youtubevs MSNSpace<br />
  22. 22. BBS<br />1st generation social media, it can’t be neglected; but sadly, you don’t remember them <br />Maybe because it is much too focused on an “event”<br />Maybe because it lacks of virality<br />Something in the middle, neither very “contentist” nor very “connectionnable” <br />But you might be there, in a small group, for personal interest or for professional purpose, or when you get a question<br />It is a lively place! You can share content there, you can also make friends, but don’t dream it become structural. By the way, the only order there, nothing is in order!<br />Our landscape – 1st level - explanation<br />Examples: Some traditional fade with time or competition, Newborns are Yahoo Ask & Answer, Google Groups<br />
  23. 23. Our landscape – 2nd level<br />CAS:<br /> UGC Sharing (User Generated Content) is KING: Youtube<br /> UCC Sharing (User Created Content) is KING: Vameo<br /> Broadcasting is KING: Blogs<br />SNS:<br /> Closed Relationship: Facebook<br /> Open Relationship: Myspace<br /> Open Discussion: Twitter<br /> Meeting Site: Meetic<br />
  24. 24. Our landscape – 2nd level - Explanation<br />CAS:<br />UGC-based and UCC-based are quite different, not only from the content’s authority, but from the motivation of “contribution”; <br />while the former is to “recommend”, the latter is to “show”. <br />That is the main difference between Youtube and Vameo(according to me;-)<br />SNS:<br /> Closed Relationship: because we knew each other<br /> Open Relationship: because we like to know each other<br /> Open Discussion: do I know you? Never mind<br /> Date: to marry or to…<br />
  25. 25. I know, these words are pale and boring<br />"sy45","sy46","sy40"],"sy228",["b","a"],"sy229",["b","a","sy228"],"cc",["a","sy228","sy229"],"sy230",["b","a","sy16","sy36","sy40","sy44","sy45","sy228","sy97"],"sy232",["b","sy228","sy229","a"],"sy231",["a","sy229"],"sy234",[],"cw",["cc","cs","sy16","sy36","sy40","sy44","sy45","sy230","sy231","sy228","sy229","a","sy97","sy105","sy148","sy19","sy148"],"sy235",["b","a","sy228"],"sy236",["b","a","sy40"], "ch",["cw","mo","sy39","sy110","sy235","sy236","sy228","sy36","sy182","sy40","sy230","sy229","sy46","sy53","sy44","a","sy45","sy148","sy108","sy134","sy19","sy131"],"sy237",["b","a","sy45","sy228"],"sy238",["b"],"un",["cc","sy45","sy87","sy185","sy232","sy235","sy237","sy238","sy228","sy229","a","sy40","sy97"],"pp",["a","sy224","sy227","sy40"],"sy239",["a","b"],"sy240",["a"],"s",["ml","md","t","sy70", "sy72","sy228","sy229","sy231","sy236","sy178","a","sy97","sy40","sy16","sy1 worker.jsg",0],["",0],["",0],["",0]],"GAUSR","/mail","GoogleMail","GoogleMail","GX,/mail","",,"","?ui=2&view=jsm&mset=lse&name=lsjs&", "","?ui=2&view=jsm&mset=lsy&name=lsyjs&","GoogleMail",0,"GoogleMail"],"?ui=2&view=btp&ver=3b112d56l8f9",[69,356,363,386,402,411,420,452,518,520,521,523,562,564,566,592,625,651,811,814,850,876,880,896,916,928,931,934,940,944,958,976,980,1044,1066,1067,1086],1267483240357,["bg",[],"b",["bg"],"sy110",[],"sy16",[],"sy40",[],"sy19",[],"sy15",["sy16"],"sy24",[],"a",["b", "sy110","sy16","sy40","sy19","sy16","sy15","sy24","s<br />705966426482467",usg:"8f0a",obd:false};google.base_href='/search?qx3dLike+the+cross+of+eyes+on+the+streetx26hlx3dfrx26safex3doffx26rlzx3d1B3GGLL_frFR360FR360';google.njr=1;google.y.first.push(function(){google.Toolbelt.resetListeners();;google.sw({q:'Like the cross of eyes on the street',nn:'Jinqiu'});;,,'','Like the cross of eyes on the street','',{});google.riu={render:function(){window.setTimeout(function(){var a=document.createElement("script");a.src="/extern_js/f/CgJmchICZnIrMD84Aiw/5LoKV_YXDxE.js";(document.getElementById("xjsd")||document.body).appendChild(a);},0); }};;google.History&&google.History.ini<br />
  26. 26. Some photos<br />
  27. 27. What? You have already seen them? OK, My mistake…<br />
  28. 28. BBS<br />To animate a street, eye-catching event can bring crowed, but the long and healthy life of a street depends on its regulation and its theme there <br /><ul><li> BBS is like the street, you walk on them, frequent the ones concerning your life;
  29. 29. You cross people on the street, with or without an exchange of looks, before they disappear in the crowd;
  30. 30. There are so many exacting things on the street, you may be attracted by some of them, taking a photo or throwing some pennies; You stop and you go;
  31. 31. Your eyes are stuck on an elegant lady or a handsome guy quite often, but before you turned your head back, you forget them. </li></ul>The street maybe a good place to lead visitors to your store, a huge advertising panel is not bad, even though you don’t know how many people hate it; you can performing a super show on the right street, but not to off side. Doing nothing is not bad, just prevent yourself from being laughingstock. The issue is, on the street you can push something in passengers’ eyes, but difficult to establish relationship with them; it is not a good place to distribute your content neither – Except your get your own street and turn it to your corridor. <br />
  32. 32. CAS-UGC<br /><ul><li> The CAS promoting sharing everything is like the universal exhibition. Everyone are encouraged to share their own things, to recommend the things they like.
  33. 33. Quite often there are a lot more visitors than exhibitors.
  34. 34. People come for two purposes:
  35. 35. watching things they like, and sometimes talked about them with the owner or with someone who happen to stand on his/her side;
  36. 36. to show their things, or things they borrow, things they steal…
  37. 37. People only go to exhibitions that interest them.
  38. 38. When people exhibit something, most often they like to receive as many visits as possible, and hoping hearing comments.
  39. 39. On discussion, people may know each other, and begin to spare some more attention to their friends’ hall.</li></ul>To animate an universal exhibition, you provide the place, big enough and facilities completed. The number of exhibitors and the quality of their exhibits are keys of success. To make this, the theme, the entry fee and process, the participation of visitors are important!<br />Of course one can show himself in the exhibitions, but make sure your exhibit interests the visitor and not become trivial, and the event correspond to your class. If it is a trade faire exhibition, you can also consider sell something, by leading people to your store first. <br />
  40. 40. CAS-UCC Sharing<br /><ul><li> The difference with the precedent: the content are “created” by the users. CAS-UCC sharing is more like a solo exhibition.
  41. 41. The exhibits must be one’s own creation (or most of the exhibits must be).
  42. 42. The exhibitors and the visitors are most professional in the fields, or semi-professional.
  43. 43. The exhibitors would like to communicate with other professionals, or promote themselves in the field, even through ALL visitors are welcome.
  44. 44. Comparing to the universal exhibitions, the solo exhibitions are often graded higher and people there are sometimes arrogant facing fake art and commercial things.</li></ul>The quality of exhibits are king for a solo exhibition, the organizer must have a clear idea of the subject of the exhibition, make and apply clear rules for the exhibitors and the visitors. Qualified content assure the success. <br />This type of communities often have strict and clear rules for participation, and people there are often exigent and sometimes arrogant. Be careful when you try to present your chef-d’oeuvre; if you look for something noble or luxury, it could be a good choice. <br />
  45. 45. CAS-Blog<br />The subject and the quality of speech are most important; if you are not a super star, you personal life only interests your family and friends (but if you are, everything about YOU is interesting). The professional speech with original ideas and keep updating attracts people in similar fields. <br /><ul><li> Blog is like a conference, with one or more speakers (group blog).
  46. 46. The speakers are often considered as expert in their field, even they are not quite famous, always some people believe what they said.
  47. 47. A successful speaker has a lot of influence, not only enormous attendees, but also great media coverage.
  48. 48. The interaction there are often one-to-many, and relationship there could be concluded as followed-followers. Interaction of the audience are welcomed by the speaker(s). A small chance of discussion happening among speakers, or among the audiences. </li></ul>The speakers are influencers of their communities. They can give you a strong push and help your sales, they can also destroy your image by a personal opinion. It is wise to keep good relation with them, and attend their speech. Maybe you could give speech too, why not if you have something to tell? <br />
  49. 49. SNS-Closed Relationship<br /><ul><li> A SNS based on closed relationship is like a party at home, only your families and friends are invited.
  50. 50. But always prepare more beers, your friends probably bring their families or friends.
  51. 51. …thus it is also a way to make friends
  52. 52. However a completely stranger is difficult to be in.
  53. 53. In such occasion, people talk about life, talk about work, talk about interesting things, football, the girl next door, Michael Jackson, subprime…
  54. 54. the relationship are mostly real, the advices of closers are often considered.
  55. 55. “Hi Bro, you must try this, I get one for my birthday.”</li></ul>A well organized party make people happy. It is occasion for them to talk with each other, with more interaction than telephone or email. Keeping a party live, inviting more people is often a solution. As the host, prepare a great place, prepare the necessaries for talking, drinking, singing, dancing…depend on your plan!<br />Maybe you could sell some chips by knocking at the door, but a more important thing is to find a friend who bring you into the party, in order to enlarge your networks, knowing more about your friends. Make you known and become a hot positive topic. <br />
  56. 56. SNS-Open Relationship<br />Communication and connecting with people are crucial for a salon. An organizer must do everything to make it simple and easy, also try to make each one’s features clear for that similar people find each other quickly. <br />Basing on some clearly define subjects and promoting contribution and participation are good ideas to animate a salon.<br /><ul><li> A SNS based on open relationship is like in a salon, you can attract people with your tricks, talking with the strangers.
  57. 57. It is a place to connect with one’s friends, but it is more like a place to know new friends. You can say ‘hi’ to everybody there.
  58. 58. A great chance you receive ‘hi’ from people with something in common with you: the same hometown, the same school, the same profession, the same interests... Or just because you are in front of the same coffee distributor.
  59. 59. Real stuff could be something efficient to attract people in a salon.
  60. 60. Stars often catch lots of eyes here.</li></ul>Why not try to get a booth in a salon? Thus you can be found easily. You’d better propose something interests the community, and show an open attitude to communicate. Something stagnant or a pale advertising panel is not charming at all.<br />
  61. 61. SNS - Open Discussion<br /><ul><li> A SNS based on open discussion promotion “super open” relationship, like in a night bar.
  62. 62. Some one talk a lot and loudly, some one listen; quite little conversations. 99% words don’t have specific interlocutors. They just been spoken out, quite short, without any link between each other, and then come to the ones who pay attention.
  63. 63. The one who talks a lot and aloud like people listen to him/her; and people tend to listen to famous people, or bright words.
  64. 64. A typical bar is noisy, everyone talks, and only listen to their interested things.
  65. 65. If one talks too much, they may annoying the surrounded people, make them leave.
  66. 66. The relationship there is so open, everyone could talk and listen. But when turn back, few relationships are maintained, even the deepest connection turn out to be only one night stand. </li></ul>Managing a bar, if you can have Britney sing every night there, then you are half success. If not, the beer, the price, and after all, the atmosphere are crucial.<br />It is a great place to listen to people and find how they talk about you. You may also begin to talk: but not too commercial to annoying your audience; not too much to boring your audience; not too little to disappointing your audience. Keep a smooth rhythm and speak something making sense. Remember: in order to talk and listen, you need someone enter the bar!<br />
  67. 67. SNS - Meeting<br />In order to arrange a blind date, you must find person who fit each other. Human resource, especially female human resource is key; also a deep understanding of human’s emotion and efficient way of matching play an important role. A fraud-free environment and a high protection of people’s privacy are non-ignorable as well!<br /><ul><li> A meeting site is some kind of blind date agency. People there look for establishing the most serious relationship.
  68. 68. Their objectives are quite clear, and not like to be disturbed.
  69. 69. An online dating, if goes well, pass to an offline meeting.
  70. 70. The relationship there are between strangers, but quite simple. </li></ul>People don’t like to be identified or disturbed, however it might be a perfect moment to sell rose or diamond. Art needed to achieve the sale. <br />
  71. 71. If we consider social media as our Society<br />We promote <br />relationship<br />We deliever <br />content<br />We move <br />to the street<br />
  72. 72. -- Do you like bar?<br /> -- Which bar do you like?<br />-- Do you like social media?<br /> -- Which one do you like?<br />Email me at hailongxia@gmail.comConnect me on linkedin:<br />If you read chinse, here is my blog:<br />