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Team sc slide

  1. 1. Let’s Discover how Words can help you!
  2. 2. Your presence in Internet helps youin… • Reaching out to people • Gaining customer trust* • Carving out a niche for yourself • In brand marketing • Gaining popularity • Expanding Business and maintaining profitO • Realizing what your customers really want
  3. 3. How can We help?! Create • To reach out to audience • To popularize your Articles products • So that Google Recognizes Create you more! Content • With Google, More people come to visit your website! • Gets more people to visit your site Create Blogs • Helps you have your own customer base
  4. 4. We make use of… SEO to bring in more traffic to your sites. Unique and quality content to woo readers. Strategic Approach to ensure maximum success. Online ethical methods to bring in more traffic.
  5. 5. Blogs and Articles Today… Help you keep a track of your customers Is an inexpensive way to connect with and build your customer base. Quality content always enthralls readers.
  6. 6. Are Blogs/Articles Suitable for yourbusiness?No matter what business you are in, reaching out topeople matter! Unless people know about you, they won’tbe able to reach you! • Reach out to people in an unconventional way, make them feel they are important. Our services are designed to your specific needs. • Make people come to your site through your blogs and articles!
  7. 7. What does it cost?We provide the best of services at the most affordable cost$1 per 100 words of content for articles and blogs, all SEO optimized .$2 per 100 words for designing your web pages.We help you distribute the articles too and also guide you through the entire process.We GUARANTEE increase in web traffic to your site in 1 MONTH!We can get a total site done within $100!!!
  8. 8. BEWARE! We are one of the most cost effective teams you will ever find. Unless articles and blog content are original it can seriously harm your site and your company’s reputation in effect. People can promise to write at a much lower price, yet the output is often SPUN CONTENT, PLAGIARIZED CONTENT or Inferior Quality Content! It is always better to focus on quality as quality and SEO, both drives home the traffic.
  9. 9. How to Contact Us: We are happy to help you!To know more about SEO, Plagiarized Content, how to increase your online presence or to have any of your questions answered, shoot us a mail at or reach out to us at +91- 9646804139.* We will guide you for free. You could also avail a small 100 word write up from us for free or ask us for samples, which we will be happy to provide.
  10. 10. All this Translates to…
  11. 11. SUCCESS(!!!) For You…