What they are saying about santa clarita valley tennis aces


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What they are saying about santa clarita valley tennis aces

  1. 1. What they are saying about Santa Clarita Valley Tennis Aces: ----------------- January 15, 2013 “I finally found a sport that my 10 year old daughter loves, and really wants to spend time on. This is all thanks to Coach Jocel Alcedo from the SCV Tennis Aces, who really cares about teaching the correct fundamentals, and at the same time, making it fun and challenging. I am impressed with his teaching style and professionalism. I would most certainly recommend him as a tennis coach to anyone interested in learning the correct way to play while enjoying the sport at the same time. He is great with kids, inspiring them throughout the whole lesson. I truly saw amazing improvement from her first lesson to the next. We will most definitely continue with Coach Jocel for quite some time.” Dee-Dee Jensen Stevenson Ranch, CA ----------------- January 14, 2013 I seen a car advertisement and decided to call because the Parks and Recs, and other coaches around the Santa Clarita valley was a complete waste of time and money. My son has been taking lessons from coach Jocel Alcedo for about 2 months and I have seen a vast improvement in his game. His teaching methods are easy learn, and he doesnt hesitate to share his knowledge. I am looking forward to learning more about the DMAIC method he has created, and see nothing but great things in the future. I would suggest anyone whether your just starting out, or need to refine your skills to give coach Alcedo a chance, you will not be sorry. Ken W. Santa Clarita, CA -----------------PDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.pdffactory.com
  2. 2. December 22, 2012 Coach Jocel has done an amazing job with my son! He had never picked up a racket before his first lesson & after just a few lessons, he was really picking it up. I attribute this to Coachs style of teaching the fundamentals! He really cares about each student achieving greatness! Cherie Strickland Valencia, CA ------------------ November 30, 2012 Jocel is awesome. Hes been working with my 3 girlfriends and I for a month now and we are having so much fun. He is very knowledgeable and makes all the technical aspects of tennis seem doable! He pumps is up and gets us excited which makes it so much fun!! I would recommend Jocel to anybody looking to gain a basic knowledge or to improve your game! Denise Ballard Santa Clarita, CA ---------------------- November 12, 2012 I have been taking lessons with Coach Jocel and it has been so much fun! I have learned so much and I can now play tennis with my friends! Thank you!! Kimberly T. Saugus, CA --------------- October 30, 2012 Coach Jocel is a fantastic tennis coach. He cares about proper technique and that the kids are having fun. Lots of smiling, happy kids playing tennis here. My child really looks forward to playing. The courts are very nice too. Patti C. Santa Clarita, CA --------------------- Oct 18, 2012 Coach JocelPDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.pdffactory.com
  3. 3. Looking forward to continuing Reids lessons. I am confident in your teaching/training Reid will improve over the next six months. Julie Sprute Happy Valley, CA ----------------------- September 5, 2012 Coach Jo is one of the best weve had. My daughter started with the coach without ever having held a racket and today, shes playing her first tournament in two weeks. Hes accommodating with our schedule and very conscientious of his students needs. I can only say that I wish he was around when i was growing up playing high school tennis. Scott Yang Valencia, CA -------------------------- (July 19, 2012) My sons Neel and Vishaal both aged 11 and 9 years old,have started Tennis classes with Coach Alcedo.His knowledge and expertise in Tennis,love for the game and the interest and encouragement he gives my kids is remarkable.They are so proud of their coach and are always eager to play more and learn the game at the same time. I can definitely see the progress in every class they have attended. Brinda Nadamuri Tesoro del Valle resident Valencia, CA --------------------- (June 2012) "I met with Coach Jocel not to get lessons but just to pair me up with some local players at my level. Well he took some time to evaluate me to see who to pair me up with, and just in those few minutes he spent with me my game improved substantially. I couldnt let an opportunity like this pass so I got my wife and my friend Kevin to sign up with me. Well I am not the type of person to not share my results good or bad (especially bad)...but I just had to share my experience before even finishing the class because my achievements have already passed my goals! It was good that I didnt share my thoughts after the first class because I was honestly confused at why the coach was making me hold the racquet so "weird" and hit the ball in a motion and location that makes no sense to me. Well now it all makes perfect sense! I now dont get balls that have gone over the fence but instead feel I have a sniper scope on my racquet! My wife and Kevin could not make a class and Coach Jocel is so flexible and accommodating to have make up classes...unheard of, because you snooze you lose (forfeit) your lesson...not the case!PDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.pdffactory.com
  4. 4. If you want to be at the top of the game or just learn to play....Coach Jocel has the skills and tools to do it. Have no fear...take a class and if you dont like it, then dont continue. I was not planning to continue but I have learned so much that I have to continue. Once I feel that I am just sharpening my form or skills is when I will stop the lessons and be content and just enjoy playing with the athletes I have met. BTW dont show up without a sweat towel....Trust me! " Fahdi Ahad (Tesoro del Valle resident) --------------------------- (June 2012) Coach Jocel- “Everything about your summer camp is awesome. The girls have always looked forward to each day. We hope to put Kayla and MacKenzie back in your tennis camp when they come back from their vacation before summer ends.” Tara Chevalier Stevenson Ranch, CA ----------------------- (March 2012) Wow, where to begin I just recently met Jocel and I feel Ive known him for quite some time now. Jocel is extremely enthusiatic and has excellent knowledge of the game Tennis. Jocel incorporates drills into playtime which make the learning process much more fun. Jocel is definitely above and beyond a pro!! I recommend Jocel to anyone looking to improve their game or just go out and have a great time on the court!!!! I recently saw Jocel working with a young boy and he has captured the audience of the young just as well as the old folks like me! Keep up the EXCELLENT work Jocel. I now love Tuesdays lol!!! "Jocel Alcedo is an amazing coach!!! I experienced many different drills for Tennis my game has definitely improved> I highly recommend Jocel he knows his stuff!!!! " Kathleen Fritz --------- (November 2011) I have tried and have been taking classes with so many coaches before in the Santa Clarita Valley and I felt I wasn’t going anywhere with my tennis game until I met USPTA Certified Coach Jocel Alcedo of the Santa Clarita Valley Tennis Aces. In the last 3 weeks of taking classes with him, I believe that I have found the right tennis instructor to take my tennis game to the next level. I also like the fact he has competed at the highest level playing for 4 years in the NCAA Division 1 level for a major academic university and also that he is well respected in the local tennis, educational and non-profit communitiesPDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.pdffactory.com
  5. 5. such as the USTA, College of the Canyon and Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita which tells me he is honest and trustworthy. Coach Jocel has the right stuff so you can enjoy your game and compete to win. I am now more confident with my new forehand and serve and I can’t wait to get back in the courts with my girlfriends and show them what I have learned thus far. I know I am not wasting my time and money; I don’t know if you are. Grace Lee (Castaic Mom). Castaic, CA ---------- Hi Jocel, I wanted to let you know that my wife and I are extremely happy with the progress Natalie is having with your tennis lessons. Natalie looks forward to practice every time which is a testament to your approach of having fun and is important at her young age. As you know Natalie’s brother is a high level athlete so we have experienced first hand the ups and downs when practices and coaching are not fun, so needless to say that we are proud to see Natalie’s confidence for the game to continue to grow. Thank you for making her time on the court fun! John Tomljenovic Realtor REO & Short Sale Specialist Prudential California Realty DRE #01759858 Mobile: 818-281-7382 ------ I am a Mom in my 40’s and love the game of tennis since I was a kid. I unfortunately did not learn the sport with the proper instruction and executing the tennis strokes in the right form. Coach Jocel Alcedo goes through a systematic approach of dissecting each stroke into small parts to allow his students understand the proper form, delivery and technique so they can execute each stroke effectively and safely. His verifiable experience as a former NCAA Division 1 collegiate tennis player and one who has competed in the pro tour shows as he demonstrates the proper form of delivering each stroke so smoothly and easily and then have us do the same effectively at the end of his class. I am definitely signing up for the next session. Glynnis Christiansen (Professional Chef, Le Cordon Bleau) Valencia, CA ------------ (September 2011) Connor Schloemer, 8 years old, was born in Melbourne , Florida . He started hitting the tennis ball around with his parents when he was about 3 years old. He has since moved to California and is a child actor as well as a tennis player. He loves playing tennis and would play all the time if he could. Once he is on the court it is hard to get him to stop playing! Connor decided his goal was to play in tournaments and win trophies, so his parents went onto the USTA website to find the best instructors in the Santa Clarita Valley. They found USPTA Certified Coach Jocel Alcedo, who is also the director of the Santa Clarita Valley Tennis Aces. Connor met with him and loved him! Coach Alcedo’s love of the sport is obvious when you see his excitement when he teaches the kids. His knowledge of the sport is obvious when you see the improvement the kids are making with each lesson, class, and practice. Connor is proud to be a part of the Santa Clarita Valley Tennis Aces and will be representing the team and Coach Alcedo in his first tournament in November.PDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.pdffactory.com
  6. 6. (May 2012) My son, Connor (9y/o) had been wanting to play tennis for a long time. We looked a group class through the city, but found that the coach really didnt know how to teach the kids the right fundamentals and spent too much time diffusing the "drama" caused by the other kids/parents rather than just teach the students. We then went to another coach in the area and started privates, however, that coach spent more time letting my son pick up the balls while he talked on his cell phone. Clearly, that wasnt working either. With his experience as former NCAA Division 1 and former pro tour tennis athlete, Coach Jocel figured out how to get Connor to create more torque by touching his chin to his shoulder both on the preparation and follow through of his shots. This has not only created more power in his shots, but also more control in keeping it in the court. This gets him to "point" at the ball with his free hand and not even know hes doing it! Coach Jocel loves the game of tennis and loves coaching his students and it shows in every lesson. Whether hes talking tactics and strategies, feeding balls for drills, or just laughing with the kids you know that he is giving 110% to every lesson. Connor says Coach Jocel is his favorite coach ever! When your son can say that about his coach and is eager to get to every lesson, you know youve found the right place for him. Kelli Schloemer Mental Strength , Conditioning Coach U.S. Roller Skating Coach Stevenson Ranch, CA ------------- I personally like tennis and have been expecting my son, Gary Wu who is 7 years old, to have a chance to get early age tennis training. Were lucky to meet USPTA certified coach Jocel Alcedo and know he offers early age training. We signed in and found Coach Jocel is very responsible and has excellent tennis skills and knowledge. My son didnt know anything about tennis before he joined the program, now, he is practicing for tournament. Coach Alcedo emphasizes basic skill training and make sure his students to do it right at beginning, which is very critical for future growing. In addition to regular class session, he also contributes lots of extra time and effort s to practice with his team. I feel my son has lots of progresses which I dont think he could make it if I trained my son. Jocel has lots of tennis resources and he knows lots of latest tennis information which is very useful and fun. Coach Jocels charge is very fair. I think its worth and excellent opportunity for my son and maybe he can play very well as he grows. I believe this is a great gift I can give to my offspring. Frank Wu Businessman Tesoro Resident Valencia, CA -------------- I have been looking for a tennis instructor for my son and I; from Burbank to Northridge to Santa Clarita. I finally found Coach Jocel who has a detailed approach in teaching, perfect for us as beginners. He breaks the strokes down and make adjustments as we progressed. He explains the moves and its significance. It is a previlege to be his student. Gwen T. (Stevenson Ranch, CA)PDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.pdffactory.com
  7. 7. -------------- “I know from experience in teaching tennis with USPTA coach Jocel Alcedo, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School is in very good hands. The kids will have a blast! Please let me know if you have questions.” Diane Brooks USTA Tennis Service Representative Southern California Section --------- My kids have always been into tennis , but ever since we met coach Jocel of Santa Clarita Valley Tennis Aces, they have been more eager to learn to play the game. Coach Jocel has a unique approach of making tennis fun and easy to learn. My kids are always looking forward to their weekly tennis lesson with Coach Jocel. " thanks coach joe".. Lucky and Sheila Nadal Tesoro Resident Valencia, CA --------------- Hi Jocel We have already seen good progress in just 2 weeks! Thank you! Charlie is really enjoying his lessons and had great fun yesterday. What you are doing with the group is great, we are really pleased. Thank you. See you next week. Karen Hallett Tesoro del Valle Mom Valencia, CA ----------- “The Southern California Tennis Association (SoCal section of the United States Tennis Association) recognizes Mr. Jocel Alcedo (USPTA Teaching Pro) as a hard working, honest to his word and truly unselfish community advocate for growing tennis in the Santa Clarita Valley.” January 4, 2012 Diane Brooks, Tennis Service Representative, USTA, advised Scv at Loyola Marymount UniversityPDF created with pdfFactory trial version www.pdffactory.com