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Présentation de la Fireface UFX RME.

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Fireface ufx - eng

  1. 1. Fireface UFX
  2. 2. 60-Channel high-end 192 kHz USB/FireWire audio interface. Fireface UFX
  3. 3. Fireface UFX . Overview RME 2010: The Fireface UFX is the new flagship of RME’s audio interfaces. • 60 channels of audio! • Digitally controlled high-end preamps, reference class converters • Complete 192 kHz operation.
  4. 4. Fireface UFX . Overview • Ultra-low latency operation with USB OR FireWire. • Legendary RME driver stability and maintenance. • Active jitter suppression technology. • Professional reference level support - up to 24 dBu. • Advanced stand-alone functionality.
  5. 5. Fireface UFX . Overview • RME´s unique DIGICheck metering and analysis toolbox. • Identical operation on Windows PC and Mac. • On top of it: TotalMix FX, the new digital high-end mixer and signal router with integrated EQ, Dynamics and Reverb/Echo effects up to 192 kHz plus built-in monitoring control.
  6. 6. Fireface UFX . Overview The full-blown feature set is backed up by extraordinary usability. The heart: a bright multi-functional color display with full front panel metering for all 60 channels plus effect bus, and complete control of all key features.
  7. 7. Features • 30 Input / 30 Output channels • 12 x Analog I/O • 4 x Mic/Instrument Preamp (digitally controlled) using Advanced Parallel Conversion • 1 x AES/EBU I/O • 2 x ADAT I/O (or 1 x ADAT I/O plus 1 x SPDIF I/O optical) • 1 x Word Clock I/O • 2 x MIDI I/O • FireWire and USB operation • TotalMix FX
  8. 8. The UFX provides 12 analog I/O. 12 Inputs . 8 balanced TRS on the back and 4 XLR inputs with Mic/Instrument preamps on the front. 12 Outputs . On the rear: 6 balanced TRS and 2 balanced XLR On the front: Two additional TRS stereo phones outputs. Analog I/O
  9. 9. Back Inputs 1-8 (TRS - balanced) Output 1-2 - Main Output (XLR – balanced) Output 3-8 (TRS – balanced) Analog I/O
  10. 10. Front Inputs: 9-12 (XLR/TRS Combo - balanced) Outputs: 9/10, 11/12 – Phones (TRS - Stereo) Analog I/O
  11. 11. Equipped with the latest A/D and D/A converter chips, all I/Os operate up to 192 kHz and reach 118 dBA dynamic range on playback - even both headphone outputs. Their high power technology delivers high volume no matter if high or low impedance phones are used. The balanced analog outputs based on RME's design from the high-end converters ADI-8 QS and M-32 DA guarantee excellent S/N and THD specs. Analog I/O
  12. 12. Due to its efficient jitter reduction, RME´s superior SteadyClock guarantees state-of-the-art AD/DA conversion, even when clocking to an external digital source. Analog I/O
  13. 13. Every input and output is individually switchable to all common professional studio levels: -10 dBV . +4 dBu . HiGain (equivalent to +2 dBV, +13 dBu and +19 dBu for digital full scale) - directly on the device or via TotalMix. The balanced XLR outputs even provide a level of up to +24 dBu. Analog I/O
  14. 14. The UFX provides a battery of four high- transparency preamps backed up by four stereo converters with RME´s new Advanced Parallel Converter technology. Mic / Instrument Preamps
  15. 15. Mic and Instrument preamps of the UFX use the core technology from RME´s Micstasy – a high-end preamp for supreme sonic demands and critical applications, like the professional recording of classical concerts. Mic / Instrument Preamps Micstasy
  16. 16. The fully symmetrical preamp design impresses with extremely low distortion, excellent signal to noise ratio and a perfect linear frequency response. The digitally controlled gain of up to 65 dB, adjustable in steps of 1 dB over a range of 55 dB, is individually set for every preamp by the display-supported controls on the front of the UFX. Mic / Instrument Preamps
  17. 17. The four inputs on the front use balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets and operate alternatively as Hi-Z inputs. Directly plug in up to four guitars or other instruments - it does not require any other hardware. Each channel can be individually switched to 48V phantom power or instrument level with optional “pad” damping. LEDs for signal, clip, and activated phantom power give a complete overview on the unit's status. Mic / Instrument Preamps
  18. 18. All four UFX preamps are feeding not only four, but eight AD converters. Every Mic-pre channel uses a double, parallel AD conversion on two AD converters at the same time to reach exceptional signal-to-noise values and a performance not available with a classic converter design. Advanced Parallel Conversion
  19. 19. AES/EBU: The UFX provides a AES/EBU I/O with 192 kHz support. ADAT: Two 8-channel ADAT I/Os expand the UFX and allow a connection of two additional AD/DA converters or the insertion of effects devices and mixing consoles. Both I/Os support sample rates with up to 192 kHz (S/MUX4). Using two external converters like the ADI-8 QS, the UFX will provide 28 analog inputs and outputs. SPDIF: The second ADAT I/O can be used as optical SPDIF I/O, making the UFX connections even more flexible. Digital I/O
  20. 20. The Display
  21. 21. In search of an exceptional usability experience for the huge feature set, RME integrates a high-resolution color display into the front panel. In combination with a trio of rotary encoders all important features of the UFX can be manually controlled directly on the UFX itself. TotalMix, connected PC or Mac, is synced to the interface controls and follows all changes automatically. The Display
  22. 22. TotalMix FX The DSP-based TotalMix mixer allows fully independent routing and mixing of all 30 input and playback channels to all 30 physical outputs. Up to 15 totally independent stereo submixes plus a luxury Control Room section offer unrivalled monitoring capabilities and unsurpassed routing flexibility.
  23. 23. TotalMix FX Internal DSP effects • EQ • Compressor • Expander • Auto Level • Reverb/Echo
  24. 24. Monitor Controller The UFX is not only a perfect desktop level controller, but a monitor switcher and source selector with integrated talkback function for modern Mix-In-the-Box studios based on software DAWs. As the UFX includes the usually externally added monitoring controller, it also preserves the original sound, as its hardware output stays directly connected to the studio monitors.
  25. 25. USB & FireWire . Made by RME The Fireface UFX combines USB and FireWire within one interface. USB 2.0 . The Fireface UFX has been uncompromisingly optimized for highest performance under Windows and Mac OS. Like other RME USB 2.0 interfaces, the UFX provides revolutionary ultra-low latencies even with multiple channels. The UFX achieves latency values down to 48 samples on Windows and 14 samples on Mac OS X. FireWire . The UFX provides RME´s FireWire technology and can be connected to any FireWire 400 or 800 port.
  26. 26. Fireface UFX A full-blown studio, packed in a 19” rack.