In-Ceph-tion: Deploying a Ceph cluster on DreamCompute


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Presentation materials for DreamCon 03AUG2013

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In-Ceph-tion: Deploying a Ceph cluster on DreamCompute

  1. 1. Deploying a Ceph Cluster on DreamCompute In-Ceph-tion
  2. 2. #DREAMCON2013 2 •Ceph in <30s •DreamCompute •OpenStack && Ceph •Deploying Ceph •Questions Wat?
  3. 3. #DREAMCON2013 3 On commodity hardware Ceph can run on any infrastructure, metal or virtualized to provide a cheap and powerful storage cluster. Object, block, and file Low overhead doesn’t mean just hardware, it means people too! Awesomesauce Infrastructure-aware placement algorithm allows you to do really cool stuff. Huge and beyond Designed for exabyte, current implementations in the multi-petabyte. HPC, Big Data, Cloud, raw storage. …besides wicked-awesome? What is Ceph? Software All-in-1 CRUSH Scale
  4. 4. #DREAMCON2013 4 Find out more! …but you can find out more Use it today Get Support That WAS fast
  5. 5. #DREAMCON2013 “DreamCompute is a highly scalable and cost-effective cloud computing service that is built to power everything from Web and mobile applications, digital media and ecommerce Web sites, big data analytics, and test and development environments. Using DreamCompute’s open source infrastructure-as-a-service platform that is powered by OpenStack®, customers can create and prosper in the cloud.” 5 Sexy OpenStack Goodness DreamCompute
  6. 6. #DREAMCON2013 6 NOM NOM NOM That’s a mouthful
  7. 7. #DREAMCON2013 7 Leave Amazon behind Spin up infrastructure in the cloud. Want 100 Ubuntu machines? No problem! No black boxes here Everything is Open Source tech, so you can see the guts or even help build them. Can’t stop me now! Tons of adoption and support from everyone from the huge-mongous to the boutique. GUI or API, you pick Whether you’re plugging in orchestration frameworks or spinning up a single machine. Distilled DreamCompute Your EC2 Open Momentum Easy
  8. 8. #DREAMCON2013 Storage / Compute Dell Power Edge 515s • Six Core AMD Processor • 32G RAM • Two on-board 300GB SAS drives (RAID- 1) contain the OS • H710 (LSI9260) controller • Storage is 12x 3TB drives, JBODs (RAID- 0, one drive per set) • Two 10G NICs for data (or a single dual- port 10G NIC) • One NIC dedicated to IPMI (10/100/1000Mbps) • One 1G NIC dedicated to management (isolated from IPMI connections) 8 Geek us out Non-Storage (mon/gateway/mgmt) Dell Power Edge R415s •Two on-board 300GB SAS drives (RAID-1) contain the OS • Two 1TB SAS drives on same controller (RAID-1) for logs • Single 10G NIC • One NIC dedicated to IPMI (10/100/1000Mbps) • One 1G NIC dedicated to management What about the guts?
  9. 9. #DREAMCON2013 9 Resilient Everything was designed for failure. Not for the feint of heart Capacity Optimized for throughput (NIC speed) Replication This means that replication within a pod can happen at very nearly the same rate as replication within a single rack. Networking
  10. 10. #DREAMCON2013 1 0 I have no clue what you just said Huh?
  11. 11. #DREAMCON2013 Just rest assured that the DREAMHOST guys are really taking their time to get it RIGHT. The system is designed to have VAST RESOURCES at the ready, be RESILIENT by design, and provide ENTERPRISE-CLASS data security. 1 1 Because the DreamHost guys are awesome! It’s Awesome
  12. 12. #DREAMCON2013 1 2 Good together OpenStack && Ceph
  13. 13. #DREAMCON2013 Cinder “Cinder provides an infrastructure for managing volumes in OpenStack. It was originally a Nova component called nova-volume, but has become an independent project since the Folsom release.” Cinder is able to boot a VM using a copy- on-write clone of an image stored in Glance. 1 3 Ceph’s best pals Glance “The Glance project provides services for discovering, registering, and retrieving virtual machine images. Glance has a RESTful API that allows querying of VM image metadata as well as retrieval of the actual image.” Ceph is able to store machine images for Glance in a block device. Cinder && Glance
  14. 14. #DREAMCON2013 1 4 Squash Hotspots Multiple hosts = parallel workload But what does that mean? Instant Clones No time to boot for many images Live migration Shared storage allows you to move instances between compute nodes transparently. Looks delicious
  15. 15. #DREAMCON2013 Swift “Swift is a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store. Organizations can use Swift to store lots of data efficiently, safely, and cheaply. Swift is currently a core project. 1 5 The artist previously known as Swift Why Ceph? Ceph allows you to do both object and block for OpenStack in a single cluster. Additionally you can use the Swift API natively via Ceph’s RESTful gateway. Performance, fault tolerance, and self- management advantages. Object Storage
  16. 16. #DREAMCON2013 1 6 Come for the block Stay for the object and file Ceph, it only takes once! Reduced Overhead Easier to manage one cluster File applications While not production ready, many are using CephFS for things like image distribution. Gateway Drug
  17. 17. #DREAMCON2013 1 7 Where the metal meets the…software Deploying Ceph
  18. 18. #DREAMCON2013 1 8 Procedural, Ruby Written in Ruby, this is more of the dev- side of DevOps. Once you get past the learning curve it’s powerful though. Model-driven Aimed more at the sysadmin, this procedural tool has a very wide penetration (even on Windows!). Agentless, whole stack Using the built-in OpenSSH in your OS, this super easy tool goes further up the stack than most. Fast, 0MQ Using ZeroMQ this tool is designed for massive scale and fast, fast, fast. Unfortunately 0MQ has no built in encryption. The new hotness Orchestration Chef Puppet Ansible Salt
  19. 19. #DREAMCON2013 1 9 Canonical Unleashed Being language agnostic, this tool can completely encapsulate a service. Can also handle provisioning all the way down to hardware. Dell has skin in the game Complete operations platform that can dive all the way down to BIOS/RAID level. Others are joining in Custom provisioning and orchestration, just one example of how busy this corner of the market is. Doing it w/o a tool If you prefer not to use a tool, Ceph gives you an easy way to deploy your cluster by hand. MOAR HOTNESS Orchestration Cont’d Juju Crowbar ComodIT Ceph-deploy
  20. 20. #DREAMCON2013 2 0 GUI or CLI Made to be drag-and-drop easy. My favorite flavor Step-by-step Don’t trust me There are lots of tools and recipes available. I use Juju because it makes sense to my brain. Use what works for you! Ceph && Juju
  21. 21. #DREAMCON2013 2 1 Get credentials OpenStack or EC2 Get to the action already Config Most are YAML Bootstrap Most need a machine to act as the air traffic controller. Drop this in to start spinning up infrastructure. Deploy!
  22. 22. #DREAMCON2013 2 2 Spin up MONs Quorum and auth MOAR Spin up OSDs Storage and replication Voila! Storage! You now have a functional Ceph cluster that you can use for OpenStack, raw storage, or your own nefarious plans for world- domination! Deploy MOAR
  23. 23. #DREAMCON2013 2 3 Sping up RGW RESTful gateway for object storage For the over achiever Spin up MDS Metadata servers for CephFS (beta) Second Cluster With incremental snapshots (RBD), gateway replication (RGW), and directory-level snapshots (CephFS) a second cluster can be set up for disaster recovery. Extra Credit
  24. 24. #DREAMCON2013 2 4 This Ceph thing sounds hot. What’s Next?
  25. 25. #DREAMCON2013 2 5 An ongoing process While the first pass for disaster recovery is done, we want to get to built-in, world- wide replication. Reception efficiency Currently underway in the community! Headed to dynamic Can already do this in a static pool-based setup. Looking to get to a use-based migration. The evolution of open This project is moving fast and we plan to continue moving with it! Hop on board! The Ceph Train Geo-Replication Erasure Coding Tiering More OpenStack
  26. 26. #DREAMCON2013 2 6 Quarterly Online Summit Coming up next week, this online summit puts the core devs together with the Ceph community. Coming to a city near you! Already planned for Santa Clara and London. Keep an eye out: Geek-on-duty During the week there are times when Ceph experts are available to help. Stop by Email makes the world go Our mailing lists are very active, check out for details on how to join in! Open Source is Open! Get Involved! CDS Ceph Day IRC Lists
  27. 27. #DREAMCON2013 2 7 Comments? Anything for the good of the cause? Questions? E-MAIL WEBSITE SOCIAL @scuttlemonkey @ceph