SyncShield Cross-platform MDM solution


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SyncShieldcross-platform MDM solution

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SyncShield Cross-platform MDM solution

  1. 1. The idea of mobile device management (MDM) SyncShield is an unrivaled cross-platform MDM solution in the cloud. Through centralised mobile device management the service provider or the customer company’s IT personnel can manage the company’s entire device fleet over-the-air without the end user involvement. The main benefits are: SyncShield©2011 Capricode |
  2. 2. SyncShield cross-platform MDM solution • The easiest tool for organisations’ daily mobile device management operations • Provides an efficient way of managing mobile device security, applications & settings • Supports more than 90% of smartphones and business PDAs (incl. Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and Android)©2011 Capricode |
  3. 3. Do you manage all your devices? • Smartphones are similar to laptops; you can connect to WLAN, send and receive email, run business applications etc. • With SyncShield you can manage your smartphones the same way as you manage other devices in your IT environment • Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HP...©2011 Capricode |
  4. 4. Mobile service life cycle management©2011 Capricode |
  5. 5. Typical cost savings Scenario: • 200 smartphones in the company • 60 phones in the office • 140 phones on the field • Tasks: • One back-up / month • Install Mail for Exchange • Update Mail for Exchange once in 12 months Return of Investment: • Approximately 50% a year Not to mention the value of the data you lose or which gets to the wrong hands when any of the smartphones gets lost or stolen!©2011 Capricode |
  6. 6. Value of SyncShield® to Enterprises Application & settings management Reduce mobile support Install, update, remove, start & stop, inventory costs > 50% Remote control Device diagnostics Client provisioning File system management Take control over all mobile devices Supports over 90% of smartphones sold today Symbian, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, etc. Safety & security Secure invaluable Backup, restore, device lock, data wipe information Antivirus updates, policies, settings Enable/disable functionalities Silent & automated operations Minimise legwork, Content and application transfer remotely maximise usability Scheduled tasks and remote control Operations don’t require end user involvement Devices management from one single server Efficiently manage Manage devices centrally mobile devices Uses trouble-free web based interface Is Over-The-Air (OTA) based Easily integrates to 3rd party IT systems©2011 Capricode |
  7. 7. Build and manage your complete mobile office with SyncShield®©2011 Capricode |
  8. 8. SyncShield® main features©2011 Capricode |
  9. 9. SyncShield Security Features SyncShield encrypts all data on the server and enables the enforced UI password. Security features for different platforms vary slightly. * iOS forces backups to iTunes, SyncShield can encrypt those backups©2011 Capricode |
  10. 10. Application management with SyncShield® With SyncShield® it is possible to administrate any third party mobile application, for example the following: • Microsoft Mail for Exchange * • Microsoft Active Sync mobile email * • Lotus Notes Traveller • Seven • Pointsec Mobile from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd • F-Secure Mobile Security * • Symantec Mobile Security • Trendmicro Mobile Security * SyncShield® enables also the remote and centralised application settings configuration through SCOMO (Software Component Management Object).©2011 Capricode |
  11. 11. Fast and easy to install and use • Consists of server and mobile clients • The server is located either at service provider’s or at customer’s premises • Simple web user interface for device management operations is accessed through secured connection • Device management operations between the server and mobile device are executed through data connection©2011 Capricode |
  12. 12. SyncShield® as a service SyncShield can be sold as: Hosted solution Service Provider maintains the SyncShield server and the (ASP) customer itself administrates the devices from web user interface (ASP). A monthly license fee per device is charged from the customer. Enables to effortlessly control the device fleet. Managed service Service Provider maintains the SyncShield server and also (MSP) manages the customer’s devices (MSP). A monthly service fee per device is charged from the customer. This is the easiest way to utilize device management. In-house solution Service Provider installs the SyncShield server to customer’s premises (In-house solution). Server fee and monthly license fee per device is charged from the customer. Enables companies to completely control their device management.©2011 Capricode |
  13. 13. Examples of SyncShield® Service Providers Logica Finland uses SyncShield as a tool with which to deliver productised device management services for its business customers over-the-air. Practically this means that organisations can outsource all their device management operations, ranging from applications installations to content backups, to Logica. Data Info resells Capricode SyncShield Mobile Device Management solution both as a hosted service (ASP) and managed service (MSP) - according to business customers needs. Data Info is part of TeliaSonera Finland and is the largest mobile phone and broadband reseller in Finland. Integrates SyncShield as a part of their comprehensive device security service in Scandinavian markets.©2011 Capricode |
  14. 14. Examples of customer cases Uses SyncShield to update mobile applications and ensure mobile safety Uses SyncShield to administrate mobile devices and their settings Uses SyncShield to administrate and secure the smartphones of the travelling personnel©2011 Capricode |
  15. 15. Examples of SyncShield® technology partners Capricode actively partners with mobile application vendors and other major industry players. SyncShield supports all 3rd party mobile applications such as Mail for Exchange and F-Secure, Symantec and Trendmicro mobile security©2011 Capricode |
  16. 16. Our customers say “Mobile devices and applications, such as mobile e-mail, have become a part of our employees’ standard toolkit. Even though these devices and applications are very beneficial especially for our personnel in the field, the administration and securing of smartphones has been very challenging. We chose SyncShield, because it offers a very cost-efficient solution to our problems. It has also proven to be very reliable in our evaluations we have ran.” Juha Skogster, Danske Capital "With centralised device management the organisations can achieve significant cost savings. We have calculated that the cost savings achieved with SyncShield Mobile Device Management can be easily even 50% compared to manual management." Mikko Huostila, DataInfo©2011 Capricode |
  17. 17. Our customers say “We have chosen SyncShield as our Mobile Device Management solution, because it is the best choice for us in terms of cost-benefit. It meets well our needs for MDM and is also light enough for companies of all sizes to start using it. Also from the end user perspective, the web user interface is one of the best we have seen. We have been very happy with SyncShield and its reliability.” Juha Saarikko, Fastems©2011 Capricode |
  18. 18. Our customers say “With mobile device management service TeliaSonera can provide its customers with both an easy way to control mobile services and significant cost savings: The IT administrator does not have to install the mobile applications to the company’s devices manually for example, but we can execute it centrally and over-the-air for them.” Jarno Onnela, TeliaSonera©2011 Capricode |
  19. 19. Our customers say “The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of SyncShield is the ease of use. In addition, we can install all the needed tools to the end user’s devices without wasting the end user’s time.” Ossi Kokki, Stora Enso Wood Supply Finland©2011 Capricode |
  20. 20. The company Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for business sector worldwide • Global technology leader in 3rd generation MDM, SyncShield installations since 2003 • Founded in 1995, renewed by serial entrepreneurs via a spin off and acquisitions in 2002 • Headquartered in Oulu, privately held • Strong emphasis on international expansion©2011 Capricode |
  21. 21. Key SyncShield partners and customersMemberships in: Device Management Forum, Forum Nokia Launchpad, Microsoft PartnerProgram, Open Mobile Alliance, Oracle Partner Network, UIQ Developer Community, iOSDeveloper Program, Android Market Program©2011 Capricode |
  22. 22. Identified the company’s pain? Get the prescription from us! SyncShield – your MDM pain killer!©2011 Capricode |