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How to be a Kick Ass Client


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Things to do and Not Do to be a kick ass client

Published in: Business, Technology
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How to be a Kick Ass Client

  1. 1. How to be a Kick-Ass Client
  2. 2. Know What You Want
  3. 3. even better… Know what youDon’t want
  4. 4. LISTEN
  5. 5. Let them do their jobWhen you have a dog ,you don’t need to bark.Inspire, with a tight brief &let them loose to dreamThat’s what you hired them for
  6. 6. Feed-Inrather thanFeed-back
  7. 7. Feed-In rather thanFocus onthe Objective Feed-back
  8. 8. Feed-Inrather thanFeed-backComments must beLaser-sharp & Actionable
  9. 9. Salvage ideas before Killgreat ideas happen when someone says how can we make it work
  10. 10. Learn How its made?Understand how the agency operates, the creative process, development & production details
  11. 11. Be Realistic Keep context of the market realities, Competitors & Challengers , Budgets, Timings
  12. 12. Congratulations !you are now hereby entitled to be a KICK-ASS Client
  13. 13. Thank you. Suleman Abdullah Brand StrategistThat’s all fornow. @SCULEMAN