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Countries languages people

  1. 1. ExercisesYou may need to ask a teacher or to use a dictionary to help you with some ofthese exercises - it is not possible to include every country and nationality on theleft-hand page. 36.1 In which continents are these places? 1 Mount Everest 1 Mount Everest is in Asia 2 The Sahara 2 The Sahara is in Africa. 3 The Amazon is in South 3 The Amazon America. 4 Wogga Wogga 4 Wogga Wogga is in Australia. 5 The Volga 5 The Volga is in Europe. 6 Mount Kilimanjaro 6 Mount Kilimanjaro is in Africa. 7 The Mississippi is in North 7 The Mississippi America. 8 Mount Fuji 8 Mount Fuji is in Asia. 9 Lake Titicaca 9 Lake Titicaca is in South America.
  2. 2. 36.2 Which countries are these? Write their names on them. Brazil Spain Russia China Sweden Thailand1 China 3 Thailand 5 Spain 2 Sweden 4 Brazil 6 Russia
  3. 3. 36.3 Where are these capital cities? Write sentences.1 Tokyo 1 Tokyo is the capital of Japan2 Rome 2 Rome is the capital of Italy.3 Canberra 3 Canberra is the capital of Australia.4 Bogota 4 Bogota is the capital of Colombia.5 Cairo 5 Cairo is the capital of Egypt.6 Vienna 6 Vienna is the capital of Austria.7 Edinburgh 7 Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.8 Ankara 8 Ankara is the capital of Turkey.9 Buenos Aires 9 Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina.10 Madrid 10 Madrid is the capital of Spain.
  4. 4. 36.4 Write down in English:1 the name of your country.2 the names of the countries next to your country.3 the names of any other countries which are important for your country in some way.4 the word for your language.5 the name for people from your country.
  5. 5. 36.5 Which country is different? (Think of the languages they speak there.) Write sentences.1 England, Canada, Iceland, Australia In England, Canada and Australia they speak English but in Iceland they speak Icelandic.2 Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Chile In Mexico, Spain and Chile they speak Spanish but in Brazil they speak Portuguese.3 Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland In Austria, Germany and Switzerland they speak German but in Italy they speak Italian.4 Morocco, Egypt, China, Saudi Arabia In Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia they speak Arabic but in China they speak Chinese.5 Switzerland, Canada, Scotland, France In Switzerland, Canada and France they speak French but in Scotland they speak English.
  6. 6. 36.6 What is the adjective for these countries?1 Cuba 1 Cuban2 Vietnam 2 Vietnamese3 Korea 3 Korean4 Thailand 4 Thai5 Iraq 5 Iraqi6 Germany 6 German7 Egypt 7 Egyptian8 Argentina 8 Argentinian9 Holland 9 Dutch10 Spain 10 Spanish11 Peru 11 Peruvian12 China 12 Chinese13 Britain 13 British14 Greece 14 Greek15 Australia 15 Australian16 Poland 16 Polish17 India 17 Indian