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vocabulary, communications, technology

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Exercises49.1 Have you got any of the things on the previous slide? Make a list. answerphone I have the following: address, letter, envelope, stamp, phone number, phone, mobile phone, computer, screen, disk, mouse, keyboard and e-mail address.
  2. 2. 49.2 What are the names of these things? phone box 4 ___________ mobile phone 7 ___________ address 8___________ mouse 5 ___________ stamps 2 ___________ envelope 3 ___________ post box 6 ___________ screen 9 ___________
  3. 3. 49.3 Complete this phone conversation. SALLY: 333091 MEENA: Hello. (1) ________ Meena here. It’s Can I (2) _______ to Amal, please. speak SALLY: Im (3) _______, hes at work (4) ___ sorry at the moment. Can I (5) ___________ take / give him a message? MEENA: Its all right. Ill (6) _______________ ring / call / phone back later. SALLY: OK, then. Bye. MEENA: Bye.
  4. 4. 49.4 Write down these numbers and addresses then read them aloud.1 Two telephone or fax numbers that are important to you.2 Two e-mail addresses that are important to you. Now practise reading aloud the examples in the key at the end of the book. 1 01223 240754: oh one double two three, two four oh, seven five four 0181441 7895: oh one eight one, double four one, seven eight nine five 01465 353607: oh one four six five, three five three, six oh seven 01954 345882: oh one nine five four, three four five, double eight two 2 Steve at stuff dot co dot U-K Tesl hyphen L at cuny V- M dot cuny dot edu (i.e. Tesl, cuny and edu are read as words while VM is read as individual letters)
  5. 5. 49.5 Answer these questions.1 Which is quickest - a phone call, a fax, an e-mail or a letter? a phone call2 Which is cheapest - a phone call, a fax, an e-mail or a letter? An e-mail is usually cheapest __________________________ (if you have the equipment).3 Have you sent all of these - a letter, a fax and an e-mail? Have you received all of them? Ive sent and received them all. __________________________4 Which is your favourite way of communicating with a friend? __________________________ to my friends Phoning, because I like to talk5 Which is your favourite way of business communication? E-mailing is quick and easy. __________________________