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Events July 23-1

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Events July 23-1

  1. 1. 1. The form has saved values from the earlier filled form. These should be made blank 2. On the registration page, we should include details like, name of the course, date and time of the course the person is about to register 3. The check availability button is enabled even if the phone number is not entered properly, and an error is shown… though it is not clickable
  2. 2. 4. If I choose start time after the end time, it is getting accepted 5. It is very difficult to search for a currency. It should be in alphabetical order, or should be searchable. 6. Price set to 50 can not be seen in the app side 7. Some of the events are not seen (event3) 8. Even though the price is changed in the setting side, and it gets displayed in the app side, when I open the setting side again, the value is shown to the earlier value. 9. The height is increasing for no reason 10. When I change the branch, all the event’s height gets increased. 11. In the screenshot above, the price is shown as only a number in some events, and with $ in some other events.
  3. 3. 12. Even if the currency is not USD, $ is shown 13. If the paypal merchant details are not provided, we are showing the message like below. This will be shown to the end user. I think we should change this message to – “ online payment can not be completed since the paypal account is not configured by the app user.