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Media Kit 2013


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Review all the advertising solution we are proposing on

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Media Kit 2013

  1. 1. What is ? /2 Advertising offer /3 •  Banners /4 •  Special offers /5 •  Sponsored Listing /6 •  Sponsorships /7 Ads location per page /8 Rates summary & conditions /13 Contact information /14©  David  Botelho   2012 MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. What is ediving?All divers need to plan their dive trip Diving Destinations Content •  Coverage of 100 countries •  Dive operators & reviews •  Exclusive search tools •  Hotels and special offers Why being on ? •  Attract & convert new customers at no cost : Dive Operators -  70% of travellers prepare & book their trip on the Internet Special Offers -  60% of travellers reviews other travellers opinions before booking -  Free full business listing •  Increase your exposure on the Net •  Improve your service level Hotels Why advertising ? •  Highly qualified users…just divers preparing their next diving trip •  Cost-effective advertising offer •  A set of various advertising options Media  kit  /2  
  3. 3. Advertising offerA set of tailored made solutions SPONSORED BANNERS SPECIAL OFFERS SPONSORSHIPS LISTING Get more visits on Get new customers Get your ediving’s The best of ediving your web site profile exposed DESTINATION OF THE MONTH Full cover on ediving mixing Define coupons for divers. Be top listed on your sponsored listings and ads for theSkyscrapers, vertical best resultsbanners…on the whole Will be promoted on country page to increasesite or on specific pages ediving, social media and your exposure   190 USD   Per month newsletters Unlimited impressions   Limited spaces available SPONSPOR OUR NEWSLETTER To take advantage of our database Starting at Starting at Starting at 20 USD 20 USD 15 USD 250 USD Per month Per month Per month Per issue LAUNCHING OFFER Be the 1st dive operator of your Get 3 months of country to be listed FREE ADVERTISING*   on *  Does  not  apply  on  sponsorships   Media  kit  /3  
  4. 4. BANNERSGet more visits on your web site We opted for Google AdSense, the most used advertising management system on the web. It offers the best solutions designed to maximize your exposure. We defined a whole set of solutions with various exposures & ad formatsSee  “ad  loca=on  per  page”  sec=on  to  see  where  your  ads  will  be  displayed.   -­‐  Minimum  3  months   -­‐  For  a  6  months  subscrip=on,  get  1O%  off  &  -­‐20%  for  a  12  months  subscrip=on     Media  kit  /4  
  5. 5. SPECIAL OFFERSGet more customers •  Attract new customers with attractive discounts •  Fill-up your boats during low season •  Use it as a launching offer 20 USD per month and per special offer How does it work? It works like a coupon : a diver gives it to you (printed or via email) and you grant him with his discount. What types of offers can I create? You can define your own special offer by setting the following 3 criterias : Type (group rates, free rented gear, discount of dives), Redeem period & Starting date Where will my Special Offer be promoted? One month before the starting date & during the redeem period, it will be widely spread through out different media such as: 1. 1.  Home Page 2.  Special Offer Page 3.  Continent & Country page 2.  Newsletter : all subscribers receive a monthly update featuring all the coupons available on 3.  Social Media: your coupon will be promoted on & 4.  Your website or emailings: You can promote it yourself directly on your web site or on your emailing inserting a widget of your promotion See  “ad  loca=on  per  page”  sec=on  to  see  where  your  ads  will  be  displayed.   Media  kit  /5  
  6. 6. SPONSORED LISTINGGet your ediving’s profile highly exposed & visited •  50% of users just focus on the first top 3 results •  Being new on ediving, it will take you some time to be highly ranked Country Page Be top listed right now & get more leads on your profile’s page and web site •  Locations for only 3 Dive Operators in the Sponsored area are reserved at the top of the country page •  Your business résumé is highlighted on the ranking list Monthy Prices & sponsored area list 1st 25 USD 2nd 20 USD 3nd 15 USD -­‐  Minimum  3  months   -­‐  From  6  months,  you  will  get  1O%  off  &  -­‐20%  from  12  months     Media  kit  /6  
  7. 7. SPONSORSHIPGet the best of edivingSponsor aDESTINATION OF THE MONTH Sponsor a NEWSLETTERAn extended solution bringing you a full Take advantage of our divers’ databasecover on the entire site•  Homepage : a box will be promoting your country Every month, our subscribers will receive a newsletter to share with them :•  Continent page : your operation is first on the list of Dive Operators & your country has a special square •  News about scuba diving, ideally located on the page •  Latest updates on ediving,•  All country pages (50 pages): direct link to your country page •  Special offers available  •  On your country page : - your logo + name in a special area - your business résumé highlighted in the ranking list•  And 4 other 1st level pages 190 USD 250 USD per month per issue   See “ads location” section to visualize where it is displayed Media  kit  /7  
  8. 8. ADS LOCATIONHomepage 1 Banners “Instructor” offer only 2 Destination of the month 2 3 1 Your country is promoted on the Homepage 3 Special offers Your Coupon right on the Homepage Media  kit  /8  
  9. 9. ADS LOCATIONContinent page 1 Banners “Instructor” & “Advanced” offers only 2 Destination of the month Your Business first on the list of the dive operators on your Continent page 2 3 1 3 Special offers Your Coupon displayed on the continent page Media  kit  /9  
  10. 10. ADS LOCATIONCountry page 1 Banners “Instructor”, “Advanced” & “Openwater” offers 2 3 Destination of the month 3 2 Sponsored listing 3   -  A sponsored area reserved with : 22   -  your logo & description -  direct link to your profile page 1 3 -  Your business résumé is highlighted on the list 3 2 Media  kit  /10  
  11. 11. ADS LOCATIONDive Operator’s page 1 Banners “Instructor”, “Advanced” & “Openwater” 1 offers Media  kit  /11  
  12. 12. ADS LOCATION4 other 1st level pagesDive Trip Finder 1 Banners “Instructor” offer only Depending on the 2 solution that you 2 Destination of the month choose, your ads will Your country is promoted on all also be displayed on these 4 pages 1 highly visited pages 3 Special offers A specific page for Special OffersDive Operator Special Offers HotelsFinder 2 2 2 1 3 1 1 Media  kit  /12  
  13. 13. RATE CONDITIONS & PAYMENT METHODSPricingYou decide for how long you want to run your ad on for all advertising solutions are only monthly fees.If advertising longer with us, you will be granted a 10% off for a 6months period of time and 20% off for a yearly subscription. Do themath !A simple ordering process… …and a secured payment platform  We prefer first to get in touch you before you issue your order. This is using the most used paymentway, we would be able to better address your needs. platform : PayPal.How does it work? We only accept that type of paymentEMAIL US : use the standard forms on the advertising section of Not a single banking information will be storedthe site or from your OwnerCenter to send us your request. You can on our servers nor communicated to usalso contact us through : With PayPal you can pay with Credit Cards orWE CONFIRM : We will check your request & you will receive a through your PayPal Accountconfirmation email with the detailed offer, final price and a directlink to the PayPal platformYOU PROCEED WITH THE PAYMENT : use your Credit Card oryour PayPal account and both of us receive your paymentconfirmationWE DELIVER : your ads, special offers or sponsorship will be Media  kit  /13  displayed on
  14. 14. Don’t forget to get your business listed •  Attract & convert new customers at no cost •  Increase your exposure on the Net •  Improve your service level Free full business listing -  Introduce your team & services -  Direct link to your website & booking email -  Social media & Google Maps integration -  Upload your pictures & videos -  Hotels recommendations -  Manage your account with your personal OwnerCenter Rating & customer service -  Know your diver’s opinion -  Check our rating evolution -  Compare your business with your competitors -  Improve your offer   eDIVINGdotCOM Media  kit  /14